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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded June 17-June 21:

Bailey Properties, LLC to And Mark Waterford Apartments, LLC, Pt S/2 SE 33-2N-13W, $18,150,000.

Bailey Properties, LLC to And Mark Bowman Heights Apartments, LLC, Ls1R, 2R, 4-5, 7 & 10-11, Markham Mesa Phase II, $4,000,000.

Regal Properties, LLC to Lyndle E. and Heather D. McCurley, 4530 E. McCain Blvd., North Little Rock, L3B B2, Springhill Development, $1,525,000.

Bottin Family Real Estate, LLC to Bear Den Real Estate, LLC, L8 B92, Chenal Valley, $1,300,000.

Waterview Estates Phase III, LLC to Dr. Prajwal Chevireddy and Dr Silpa Maram, 36 Orle Circle, Little Rock. L17 B113, Chenal Valley, $1,180,000.

Kristen L. Lienhart and Chad H. Gossett to Brian McGee, 20 Bella Rosa Court, Little Rock, L17R, Bella Rosa Estates, $1,030,000.

Adam Scott Melton and The Adam Scott Melton Revocable Trust to Charles A. Hays Jr., and The Charles A. Hays Jr., And Gladys Ann Hays Joint Revocable Trust, L29, Rockwater Village Phase 2, $830,000.

Kenneth Taylor and Sarah Bussey Adams to David and Laura Hum, 8901 Beck Road, Little Rock, Pt W/2 SW NE 7-2N-13W, $825,000.

Christopher Cori and Christy Lynn Catlett to Plateau Vue, LLC, Pt N/2 SW NE 36-2N-13W, $763,750.

Justin T. and Jennifer L. Hamrick to Robbie Lynne Cash, 7302 Ruth Ann Lane, Little Rock, Pt NE NE 18-2N-14W, $750,000.

MTGLQ Investors, LP to MTGLQ Investors, LP, 58 Vigne Blvd., Little Rock, L54 B83, Chenal Valley, $709,000.

J & T Custom Homes, LLC to Kevin and Jenna Wong, 217 Ensbury Drive, Little Rock, L18 B101, Chenal Valley, $652,341.

Hardy L. Winburn V., to Mary Ross Taylor and MRT Management Trust, L2 B13, Newton's- Pulaski Heights, $600,000.

Amir Qureshi and Fariha Shamsi to Samy Mamdouh Mohamed Heshmat and Radwa Kholeif, 52 Maisons Drive, Little Rock, L17 B118, Chenal Valley, $600,000.

James H. Barre, The Barre Revocable Trust and Ann D. Shollmier to Elmscourt Apartments, LLC, 623 Sherman St., Little Rock. Ls4-6 B2, Stevenson, $590,000.

Harrison B. and Kathryn Starnes and The Starnes Living Trust to Julie Ann Wilkins and Jason Glover, 44 Winthrop Point, Little Rock, L21 B15, Woodlands Edge, $510,000.

Thomas L. and Helen C. (Kasia) Williams and The Williams Living Trust to John Burris and Katherine Vasilos, 392 Valley Club Circle, Little Rock, L1 B14-A, Pleasant Valley, $510,000.

Robert H. and Sharon Blair to Fig Tree Investments, LLC, Ls4-6 B431, DuVall, $500,000.

Cedric and Adama Pratt to Hongchuan She and Xiaoqing Guo, 10 Catlett Lane, Little Rock, L61 B23, The Villages Of Wellington, $470,000.

Reddy Innovative Builders, LLC to Anil and Ramya Bachu, 85 Clervaux Drive, Little Rock, L2 B77, Chenal Valley, $451,000.

J. Martin Homes, Inc. to Maria Aurora C. Godoy, 94 Clervaux Drive, Little Rock, L22 B71, Chenal Valley, $445,900.

Daniel J. and Jacqueline V. Riley to Alvin L. and Harriet E. Lambert, 36 Bellegarde Drive, Little Rock, L3 B37, Chenal Valley, $437,500.

Morgan Leigh Coleman to Mark E. and Tonya R. Thomas, 1615 N. Tyler St., Little Rock, L19 B3, Englewood, $435,000.

Jeanne R. and Charles M. Quick Jr., to Randall Carrol and Sarah Woodall, 107 Noyant Drive, Little Rock, L114 B36, Chenal Valley, $409,000.

Kirsten Fredrich and Kirsten Carlton to Dr. Keith Morris and Dr. Bishawn W. Morris, Pt SW 25-2N-15W $400,000.

Jonathan G and Hillary H. Looney to James C. and Nancy H. Haskins, 4001 N. Lookout St., Little Rock, Ls1-2 B16, Hillcrest, $390,000.

Michael Jack and Donna Denise Long to Joseph and Lydia Cole, 1 Picayune Court, Little Rock, L751B, St. Charles, $372,500.

5600 JFK, LLC to Clay Properties, LLC, 5600 John F. Kennedy Blvd., North Little Rock, L34 B200, Park Hill NLR, $340,000.

Robert H. Blair and Sharon Welch-Blair to Fig Tree Investments, LLC, Ls4-6 B13, Fulton, $325,000.

Antonio Figueroa to Robert H. Blair and Sharon Welch-Blair, 1620 S. Main St., Little Rock, Ls7-9 B166, Original City Of Little Rock, $325,000.

David and Karen Whitford to Rebecca Aleck, 17026 Edinburgh Drive, Little Rock, L74, Lochridge Estates, $320,000.

Tracy Griggs to Leon C. and Cecelia F. Hays, 9501 Millers Gardens Cove, Sherwood, L15, Millers Gardens Patio Homes, $315,000.

David T. and Clara Z. Brickler to Andrew and Holly A. Martin, 112 Bayonne Cove, Maumelle, L810R, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $310,000.

David A. and Laura E. Hum to Bruce and Diane Hum, L1, Honey Hill, $300,000.

Daniel E. Magee to Sandra D. Hansel and Cynthia A. Chambers, 8606 Jansen Drive, Sherwood, L11, Pine Valley Estates; L33, Pine Valley Estates Phase I Replat, $300,000.

Lana Susan Snell to Brant Snell, 50 Montgane Court, Little Rock, L23, Montagne Court Phase IV, $300,000.

Chris Nelson Construction, LLC to LaTecia N. and Damian Allen, 9100 Rapid Water Drive, Sherwood, L14 B12, Creekside Phase 6, $299,328.

Joseph D. and Tiffany Paige Womble to Carlos and Megan Pagan, 2108 Glenn Arbor Court, Sherwood, L8 B2, Glenn Hills, $299,000.

Patrick E. and Laura E. Driver to Jared and Jamie Deason, 1400 Napoleon Road, Little Rock, L237, St. Charles, $299,000.

Randy Wiggins Co., Inc. to Richard D. and Shea Sisk, 7724 Garden Way Drive, Sherwood, L9 B4, Gap Creek, $289,000.

Cory and Jacob Grummer to Helen O'Keefe King, 405 N. Spruce St., Little Rock, L19 B3, Elmhurst, $289,000.

Alexandre Jean Barou to Christopher E. Otts and Dannis Ledy Armikarina, 1723 Golden Pond Road, Little Rock, Pt NE 36-2N-15W, $287,000.

Louise and William M. Hartmann Jr., to Walid Alkam and Izdhar J. Deeb, 3008 Mossy Creek Drive, Little Rock, L20 B6, Woodlands Edge, $285,000.

Sharon K. and James A. Lain And The Sharon K. Lain Joint Living Trust, to Lana M. and Mason W. Clifton III., 10123 Panther Mountain Road, North Little Rock, L15, Maumelle Heights Unrecorded, $285,000.

Hongehuan She and Xiaoqing Guo to Ghulam M. Khaleel, 44 Kanis Creek Place, Little Rock, L22, Kanis Creek, $280,000.

Debora R. Campbell to Sarah Bussey Adams, 15501 Heatherstone Point, Little Rock, L3, Heatherbrae Phase II, $279,000.

Tim and Elaine Baxter to Scott A. and Michelle Shields, 7300 Glenn Hills Drive, Sherwood, L4 B4, Glenn Hills, $275,000.

Paul A. and Nancy E. Selman to Carol Lynn Tilley, 205 Trelon Circle, Little Rock, L12 B50, Chenal Valley, $270,000.

Refreshing Homes Real Estate Investments, LLC to Randall Ray and Haley Nicole Townsend, 49 Ouachita Drive, Maumelle, L108, Edgewater Phase II, $270,000.

Urbnrstr, LLC to Brian W. and Martene L. Campbell, 1624 West 21st St., Little Rock, L12 B8, Fleming And Bradford, $265,000.

Rich Homes, Inc. to Erin N. and Jan M. Musgrave, 2009 Glenn Arbor Court, Sherwood, L29 B1, Glenn Hills, $264,000.

Brent K. and Nina S. Reiss to Mital and Swati Patel, 2301 Gap Creek Drive, Sherwood, L20 B4, Glenn Hills, $262,000.

Chris and Amber Haugen to David R. and Teresa M. Stalnaker, Lot G, Lisawood Townhomes, $260,000.

Jerald Hugh and Charlotte Patricia McClain and The Herald Hugh McClain And Charlotte Patricia McClain Trust Number One to Andy C. Smith, L407, Indianhead Lake Estates Section C, $260,000.

Dana C. Compton to Lindsey Burnette, 101 Indian Trail, Little Rock, L507, Kingwood Place, $260,000.

Flagship Homes, LLC to MSN Altamesa, LLC, 601 Mimi Lane, Little Rock, L5, Park Ruby, $259,900.

Jonathan David and Abria Renee Vansandt to Amy E. and Johnathan Hathorn, 5656 Citation Drive, Scott, L319, Ashley Downs Phase I, $251,000.

Glen R. Slobig to Arthur and Betty Guerra, 5404 Jim Hall Road, Jacksonville, Ls1-5, Macon Heights Unrecorded, $251,000.

Rebecca A. and John J. Pugh to Lawson H. Hornor, L82-R, Sheraton Park Section C Replat, $250,000.

Christopher M. and Amanda T. Lee to Amanda L. and Mitchell D. MacIntire Jr., 4 Cortez Cove, Maumelle, L97, Diamond Pointe Phase II, $244,800.

Russell T. and Kathleen M. Plog to Tawonna Anuli and Nickolas Surenius Pullen, 7600 Toltec Drive, North Little Rock, L12 B63, Indian Hills, $239,000.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Houston Robert Hale, L26 B3, Parkside At Wildwood, $235,063.

Greg and Vicki J. Johnston to Blake and Stormie Carter, 7 Sugarloaf Circle, Maumelle, L347, Edgewater Phase II, $232,000.

Edward and Linda S. Inmon to Joseph S. and Danielle E. Brown, 8001 Beechfield Drive, North Little Rock, L7 B4, Windsor Valley, $229,000.

Carmen and Lisa Dunbar to Leah Lanford, 13910 Saint Michael Drive, Little Rock, L927, St. Charles, $228,000.

Lindsey D. Burnette to Sheryl W. McKelvey, 1119 Pine Valley Road, Little Rock, L107, Kingwood Place, $225,000.

Mangan Properties, LLC to Orion Federal Credit Union, L4, University And H. Street, $225,000.

Jan and Elsie Marie Crosby to Airine M. and Gary E. Mailhiot Jr., 14318 Westbury Drive, Little Rock, L4, Westbury Phase I, $223,000.

Maria A. and Rolando Godoy to Frances Nicole Apura, 20 Westglen Cove, Little Rock, L15, West Glen, $220,000.

Cartus Corp to Michael Shawn and Michelle Renee Cool, 2104 Airborn Drive, Jacksonville, L269, Base Meadows Phase IV, $219,900.

Bentley Court, LLC to Tekesia and Aljernado Baker, 94 Bentley Circle, Little Rock, L73, Bentley Court Phase V, $219,900.

Leon C. and Cecelia F. Hays to Nanny Nordin and Terri Lynn Bresnahan, 7101 Park Meadows Drive, Sherwood, L77 B2 , Gap Creek, $219,500.

Judy Logan and Bobby and Linda Myers to Richard Brandon and Melinda Michelle Harris, 5909 Cypress Creek Drive, North Little Rock, L8 B5, Overbrook, $218,000.

Dana Langley and Dana M. Hodges to The Griffin-Gracy Educational Retreat & Historical Center, Inc., Ls205-205, Brookfield Section 5, $217,000.

BOE Acquisition Co., Inc. to Bismeet, LLC, Pt Spanish Grant 2417 & Pt Sections 11 & 12-1N-11W, $215,000.

Louis T. Vance to Cartus Corp., 2104 Airborn Drive, Jacksonville, L269, Base Meadows Phase IV, $211,500.

Greenfield Environmental Multistate Trust, LLC and The Multistate Environmental Response Trust to Robert David Mitchell and Stephen E. Whitwell Sr., Pt NW NW 27, Pt SW SW 22 & Pt Ne NE 28-2N-11W, $211,392.

Talisa Camille Owens to Zachary and Isabell Ephgrave, 4200 Community Cove, Sherwood, L10, Community, $210,000.

Adam Scott Melton and The Adam Scott Melton Revocable Trust to Charles A. Hays Jr., And Gladys Ann Hays Joint Revocable Trust, L30, Rockwater Village Phase 2, $200,000.

Laurence John Naeyaert to Richard E. Harper, 70 Bentley Circle, Little Rock, L70, Bentley Court Phase II, $200,000.

Ken and Narina Grove to Dennis Gene and Michelle Faye Dewitt, 4011 Sugar Maple Lane, Little Rock, L414, Pleasant View Phase VII-B, $199,000.

Mona L. and Darren Burris to Sullivan Investment Property, LLC, 512 Burntwood Court, Sherwood, L8 B8A, East Meadow, $199,000.

Garth Development, LLC to Bowman Pointe Phase IV, LLC, Pt NW 16-1N-13W, $198,000.

Michael T. Phillips and Ashley E. Dumas to Leo Smith Jr., 7410 L St., Little Rock, Lot E, Murphy's Replat- Riffel & Rhoton's Forest Park Highland, $197,500.

Kathleen and Ward Hillegas to Timothy Michael and Jane Tilman Boehm, 2200 Andover Court, Unit 1001, Little Rock, Apt. 1001, Andover Square HPR Phase II, $195,000.

Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC to Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC, 8516 Trail Creek Drive, Sherwood, L32 B4, Creekside, $192,547.

Russell J. L. and Sonia V. Henry to Ronnie W. Jones, Ls139 & 139RF, Northlake Phase III-A, $184,000.

RH Catering & Events, LLC and Pinnacle View Farm, LLC to Joel Anthony and Jessica Diane Villa, 27007 Kanis Road, Little Rock, Pt SW SE 25-2N-15W, $180,000.

Richard W. and Juliette Ann D'Alessandro to Gregory M. Hamblock and Emily C. Trower, 3743 Lakeshore Drive, North Little Rock, L132 B203, Park Hill NLR, $180,000.

Bertha M. Ruiz to Scott and Aziza Carroll, 7508 Evergreen Drive, Little Rock, L29, Glenwood Heights, $175,000.

George A. and L. Kathleen Glover, The Roy Henry Glover Jr., Revocable Trust and The Rosemary Campbell Glover Revocable Trust to The Clifton Family LLLP, Ls1-5 B29, East Argenta, $175,000.

George A. and L. Kathleen Glover and The Rosemary Campbell Glover Revocable Trust to The Clifton Family LLLP, Pt S/2 Section 31-2N-11W; Ls1-7 & 11-12 B29, East Argenta, $175,000.

Brittany N. and Kevin Adam Taylor and Darrel Dewayne and Gina Eddy to Blakley Mobile Home Park, LLC, 1400 Stanphil Road, Jacksonville, L12 B3, Vancil's Unrecorded- Hemphill; Pt S/2 SE 29-3N-10W, $173,000.

Thomas Leon Brock to Carl Wayne and Terry Rae McCormack, 8209 Crystal Valley Cove, Little Rock, L21, H. B. Henderson, $169,900.

Robert Clifford Noirot to Bart M. Scivally, 17 McGovern Drive, Little Rock, L27 B5, Breckenridge 1st, $167,000.

Donnajean Richter to Mara Michelle Esentan, 7 Crownpoint Road, Little Rock, L143, Colony West 2nd, $166,777.

Margaret B. Gremillion and The Margaret B. Gremillion Revocable Trust to John H. and Kendall Pickens Jacobs, 816 N. Cleveland St., Little Rock, L53, Ridgecrest Manor, $166,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Wendolyn Annette Robinson, 6741 Red Oak Lane, North Little Rock, L702, Trammel Estates Phase V, $165,675.

Abdul H. and Arjumand Butt to Hung Anh Huynh, Pt NE NE 29-3N-11W, $165,000.

Helen Grace King to Robert Scott and Lorrie Beth Bouchard, 100 Indian Trail, Little Rock, L512, Kingwood Place, $163,000.

REI Nation, LLC to Willow Pond Capital, LLC, L6 B16, Success, $159,900.

Dianna L. McMillan to Indigo HLC Properties, LLC, 10700 Bainbridge Drive, Little Rock, L39 B6, Walton Heights, $152,900.

Kathleen A. Lambert to Leigh Thomas, 2200 Andover Court, Unit 1003, Little Rock, Unit 1003, Andover Square HPR Phase II, $152,000.

Quapaw Development Co, Inc. to Taneka Chauntelle Jackson, 2218 Moortown Drive, North Little Rock, L9 B7, Stone Links, $150,000.

George A. Glover to The Clifton Family LLLP, Lot B, Capitol, $150,000.

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