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It has been a busy and crazy week. I got to connect with some friends I haven't seen in quite a while, and some I see almost every week. I attended a funeral and a visitation (seems to be a trend these days) and attended some social events with others. We laughed, we cried, and we connected. Connecting with people is an important part of my life. The world lost several good souls with the passing of Gene Wells, Milo Shults, and Lynn Zoldessy. Gene was the husband of Faulkner County MG Mary Wells for 58 years. Gene traveled with Mary

and I to Alaska several years ago when we sponsored the International MG conference on an Alaskan cruise. He was not a man of many words, but he was a devoted husband, father, and grandfather and a kind and gentle soul. His visitation and service were in Conway on Saturday. Milo was our Vice President of Agriculture for many years in Arkansas.

A staunch supporter of the land grant system and extension, he also loved the Master Gardener program. He leaves behind his wife Ann who is a Faulkner County MG and a dear friend who now lives in Texas. A memorial service is planned in Conway soon. Lynn was the mother of our friends' daughter, so we went to support her on Thursday. One of the attendees commented that life has cycles, we first attend a lot of weddings, then baby showers, then graduations and then funerals. I have been to three out of the four the past month, so I am a hybrid!

In addition to some sad times, I also got to laugh and celebrate life with friends over dinners and lunches. One night a group of us tried our hand at making homemade gnocchi

and then eating them.

Another night friends came and enjoyed a nice meal with me.

Then it was a party with fellow travelers,

a celebration for women's suffrage

and then game night with the family. It was a frenzied pace, but I loved every minute of it.

In between, I found time to water, since I have not had any measurable rain in quite some time. My sprinkler system has a leak, so I have been dragging hoses in one section of the yard. Sprinkler repair is supposed to be tomorrow, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. The mild weather was nice early in the week, but it was darn hot and humid today.

Life is good!

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