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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded June 24-28:

RCS- Little Rock, LLC to Glen Una Holdings Little Rock, LLC, 104 Champs Blvd., Maumelle, L1, Kinney Shoe, $20,750,000.

D&D, Inc. to Balaji Hotels, LLC, 3925 McCain Park Drive, North Little Rock, L5DR B1, McCain Mall Replat, $2,345,000.

Cynthia Ann Hubach and The Cynthia Ann Hubach Trust to Dora Oudin Flesher, L57, Edgehill Replat, $1,550,000.

CJK Apartments, LLC to Los Gallos Taqueria, Inc., 8703 Geyer Springs Road, Little Rock, L1, Hamra, $1,225,000.

Estate Of Jane McGehee Wilson(dec'd) to Stephen Richard and Barbara Ann Holt Bova and The Bova Joint Revocable Trust, Apt. 5E, Riverbend HPR Phase V, $975,000.

Arbor Construction, LLC to Rebecca Lee Jones and Robert Scott Lemeres, 301 Eagle Pass Cove, Little Rock, L13 B31, Woodlands Edge, $970,000.

Edwin Cromwell Levy and The GWC Revocable Trust to Floyd M. and Patricia D. Dodson, 5400 Country Club Blvd., Little Rock, L14 B9, Newton, $895,000.

J. Steven and Norma Jo Hoffmann and The Steve And Norma Hoffmann Joint Revocable Trust Number One to Jennifer and Spencer Andrews, L1R, Canal Pointe Replat, $828,500.

Bruce Hanson Roberts and The William H. Roberts Revocable Trust to Wrenetta L. and H. E. Austin Jr., and The Wrenetta L. Austin Living Trust, 2801 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, L5R, Cook-Alworth Replat, $750,000.

Judith K. Tenenbaum Revocable Trust and Judith K. Tenenbaum to Lisa C. and George W. McKeown Jr., 134 Hickory Creek Circle, Little Rock, L22RR, Hickory Creek Phase VI Replat, $699,000.

Spencer O. Andrews, Jennifer Purvis Andrews and Jennifer M. Purvis to Meraj Siddiqui, 1906 Canal Pointe, Little Rock, L5, Canal Pointe, $640,000.

RTR Investments, LLC to Craig Evans and Ellen Garrett Simpson Thalheimer, L37, Cliffewood, $632,500.

Mark and Jennifer Mcham to Nathan Kyle and Melissa Elizabeth Darby, 23919 Mills Mountain Road, Little Rock, L24, Mills Mountain Estates Replat, $631,500.

David E. and Mary Ann Eusanio to Rick and Heather Gunther, 27 Maisons Drive, Little Rock, L22 B120, Chenal Valley, $615,000.

JRJ, LLC to Andy L. Smith, 48 Hallen Court, Little Rock, L29 B96, Chenal Valley, $588,750.

Lynn Baker and The Lynn Baker Trust to John William Goodman, 5123 Country Club Blvd., Little Rock, L7 B17, Newton, $585,000.

Collins A. Andrews IV, Spencer O. Andrews and The Jeanne G. Andrews Revocable Trust to Betty Richards, L2, Riversedge, $550,000.

KG Carwashes, LLC to James Chung Jr., L1A, B & M, $550,000.

Mike Kuhn Construction, Inc. to Aaron and Natalie Owens, 404 Ensbury Drive, Little Rock, L3 B102, Chenal Valley, $540,000.

Lisa C. and George W McKeown Jr., to Peyton Davis and Kasey Moore Card, 33 Pebble Beach Drive, Little Rock, L10 B7, Pleasant Valley, $475,000.

Chenal Valley Construction, Inc. to Olivier Gerard and Alexandra Blue Sanroma, L10, The Village At Ison Creek Phase I, $454,000.

K. L. Akana and The Akana Living Trust to Amber and Jeremy DeLaTorre, 51 Marcella Drive, Little Rock, L84 B51, Chenal Valley, $420,000.

Michael Jay and Kay A. Clevenger to Russell Allen and Amanda Lynch Jackson, 143 El Dorado Drive, Little Rock, L201, Longlea, $402,000.

Angela and Troy Rhodes to Mei Chin Chuang, 231 Epernay Loop, Little Rock, L47R B71, Chenal Valley, $375,000.

Sabrina Denise and Gay Bo Lacy IV., to Steve Woodall and Teresa L. Carpenter, 28 Bayonne Drive, Little Rock, L17 B31, Chenal Valley, $369,000.

Robert C. and Dionne L. Colbert to Eric and Kristen Searls, 137 Challain Drive, Little Rock, L21 B61, Chenal Valley, $357,000.

Ramon Ramos and Nancy Rodriguez to Todd Jakely and Sarah Elizabeth Dunn, L30 B1, Wildwood Place, $343,000.

Richard L. and Anita L. Vaughn and The Richard And Anita Vaughn Revocable Trust to Andres Alejandro and Krista Punto, 14415 Jerome Drive, Little Rock, L5 B9, Secluded Hills Estates Section B, $340,000.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Debora Roblee Campbell, 220 Summershade Loop, Little Rock, L14 B5, Wildwood Ridge Phase III, $329,900.

Lucas B. and Amanda G. Philyaw Perez to John F. and Mary Colleen Jayroe, 19 Nob View Circle, Little Rock, L206, Leawood Heights 3rd, $318,000.

Mark T. McDonnell and Jan L. Gibson to Charles W. and Michelle L Willoughby, 158 Ridge Road, Little Rock, L429, Kingwood Place, $316,200.

Meredith L. Oakley to 5130 Crestwood Drive, LLC, 5130 Crestwood Drive, Little Rock, L87, Prospect Terrace, $310,000.

Roy L. Dellinger Construction, Inc. to Jerry and Brenda Pritchett, 1440 Creekview Drive, Sherwood, L12 B12, Creekside, $305,000.

Mark Baker Custom Homes, Inc. to Joshua Mannis, 836 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock, L8 B8, Wildwood Place, $300,000.

Bevan and Kira Keating to Cedric and Sophia Jackson, 2412 Broadway St., Little Rock, Ls13-14 B2, E. W. Gibbs, $299,000.

William P. and Linda A. Ross to Lucas and Amanda Philyaw Perez, 29 Rocky Valley Cove, Little Rock, L8, Pleasant Valley Manor, $294,000.

Kenton Buckner to Charles S. Rudder Jr., and The Charles Samuel Rudder Jr., Revocable Trust, 2320 Crossover Road, Little Rock, L1 B2, Wildwood Ridge Phase I, $285,000.

TerraForma, LLC to Ryan and Laquetta Summons, Terrance Holley, Pamela King, Arelius Summons, Bryan Howard and the Greater Love Community Church, Blk 21, John L. Arkins School, $285,000.

Rachel K. Kremer to Dawood Salem Hermez Rassam and Zena B. Ghazala, 7 Wildwood Place Circle, Little Rock, L16 B2, Wildwood Place, $282,000.

Wesley Portis, Clayton Portis Allen, Ernest B. Portis Jr., and the Estate Of Ann Burton Portis(dec'd) to Signal Media Of Arkansas, Inc., L18R, Woodbridge Townhomes Replat, $280,000.

Jennifer K. Freeman to Franklin Adam and Catherine Elizabeth Westmoreland, 52 Masters Place Drive, Maumelle, L39, Masters Place, $280,000.

Marc and Holley White to Brent Q. and Ann C. Lauer, 11 Nob View Circle, Little Rock, L209, Leawood Heights 3rd, $273,600.

JEA Investments Limited Partnership, LLLP to Elizabeth H. Harmon, 2020 N. Garfield St., Little Rock, L6 B2, Altheimer, $270,000.

Steven L. and Beverly A. Casteel to Sharon Schales, 4 Spring Drive, Maumelle, L140, Edgewater Phase II, $269,900.

V. Michelle Martin and V. Michelle Morgan to James Benjamin Gonzalez, The JBG Revocable Trust, Lauren Watson Gonzalez and The LWG Revocable Trust, 14105 Napoleon Road, Little Rock, L229, St. Charles, $269,900.

Jon Callahan Construction, Inc. to Kyle Peterson, L12, The Porches At Rockwater Village, $267,500.

Justin and Shauri Phillips to Kimberly R. Pace, 509 Pleasant Valley Drive, Little Rock, L22, Fawnwood, $267,500.

Raymond F. Hodges and Marcia L. Atkinson to Christy Properties, LLC, L23 B15, Pleasant Valley, $265,000.

Jared and Jamie Deason to Alicia J. Handy, 4 Pontalba Drive, Little Rock. L81, St. Charles, $264,602.

Glen R. Slobig to Arthur and Betty Guerra, Ls1-5, Macon Heights Unrecorded, $255,000.

Jason and Julie Bane to Rhona C. Field, 208 Maranes Circle, Maumelle, L1121, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $249,900.

Riviera Partners, LLC to Sally Ann Craves, Unit 804, Riviera HPR, $249,000.

K-Pow, Inc. to William Todd and Carrie SueAnne Vick, 1307 Starfield Road, North Little Rock, L17 B76, Park Hill NLR, $245,000.

Elizabeth Marrero, Elizabeth M. Dover and Rafael Marrero to Taylor Randolph Smith, 5200 G. Street, Little Rock, L5 B43, Pulaski Heights, $245,000.

Joe and Paula Volpe to Gabriel and Ilya Stiritz, 1509 S. Spring St., Little Rock, Ls2-3 B192, Original City Of Little Rock, $242,500.

Van H. and Mary K. Davis to Paige K. and Ryan C. Lott, 6 Lilly Court, Little Rock, L166, Secluded Hills Phase IV, $238,500.

William C. Hirst and Patricia C. Harrelson to Thomas and Margaret Gretel Smith, 6 Scouts Point, Sherwood, Ls146-147, Indianhead Lake Estates Section B Replat No.2, $235,000.

Stanley L. and Pamela L. Warrick to Sung M. and Yong H. Kim, 6907 Park Meadows Drive, Sherwood, L41 B2, Gap Creek, $232,000.

Porches At Rockwater, LLC to Edward J. and Shannon D. Hoey, L4, Rockwater Village Phase 4, $230,000.

Connie Sifford and Connie Brown to Megan E. and Marion S. Hairston, 11905 Jacksonville Cato Road, Sherwood, Pt NW 24-3N-12W, $230,000.

Melvin R. Garrison Jr., to Eloise T. Choice, L25, North Hills Club, $229,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA to Sharon M. Hall, 11 Dauphine Place, Maumelle, L1142, Sologne Phase XVII- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD, $227,575.

Mary Ellen Nevins and Warren W. O'Leary to Dennis and Lisa Skultety, 1217 Jennifer Drive, Little Rock, L141, Marlowe Manor Phase II, $223,000.

Fong Gin Chang and Shao Qi Ma to Courtney F. Sanders, 6021 Silver Oak Drive, Sherwoodm, L4 B2, Silverwood Phase I, $220,000.

Village Capital & Investment, LLC to Village Capital & Investment, LLC, 3413 Lakeshore Drive, North Little Rock, L102 B203, Park Hill NLR, $219,830.

Todd and Christopher Todd Green to Nickolas S. Jovanovic, 315 Rock St., Apt. 705, Little Rock, Unit 705, River Market Tower HPR, $218,500.

Sharda Singh and Chhanda Bose to Douglas R. and Tera Johnson, 2002 Cherrybend Drive, Little Rock, L18 B5, Cherry Creek, $215,000.

Reeda R. Williamson and The Reeda R. Williamson Revocable Trust to Brian Z. and Renee D. Casto, 20900 Roland Heights Road, Roland, Pt S/2 NE 4-2N-14W, $213,000.

Allison Vanderford to Vincent Andrew and Makenzie Rae Long, 140 Apple Blossom Loop, Maumelle, L49, Diamond Pointe Phase I, $212,900.

Kevin J. and Lesley Joanne Tipton to Mary Kathryn Bartnik and Daniel E. Johnson, 36 Victoria Circle, Maumelle, L18, Victoria Place, $209,000.

Brandon L. and Jessica Pope to Mary Lynn Dickey, 204 Nantucket Loop, Maumelle, L40 B1, The Village Of New Bedford, $208,000.

Rebecca Isabel Campalans and The Manuel Campalans Living Trust to Terra Firma Project, LLC, 20 Robinwood Drive, Little Rock, L20, Robinwood, $200,000.

Joseph Christopher and Rachel Logan Hritz to Ashley G. Fleming, 615 Gamble Road, Little Rock, L8 B10, Gibralter Heights, $199,000.

Invest America, LLC to Matthew Reed and Jaimee Loraine Blasingame, 18 Club Road, Jacksonville, L116, Foxwood Phase V, $195,900.

Austin Bryan to Joanna Elizabeth Fureigh, 6700 Brentwood Road, Cammack Village, L7, Cammack Woods, $195,000.

Xiu Ye to Greg Campbell, Unit 51, Round River HPR, $195,000.

Patricia Erickson and Patty Jones to Corey and MaryAnn Pope, 9717 Acorn Cove, Sherwood, L38, Overcup Ridge, $189,900.

Lisa Eisele to JoBeth Casados, 1101 Winnebago Drive, North Little Rock, L4, Indian Hills West, $188,000.

Allan D. Wade Revocable Living Trust and Allan D. Wade to Debbie and Dustin Eligh, 1708 Circledale Road, North Little Rock, L14 B2, Overbrook, $185,000.

Richard L. Stanley to Allison L. Stephens, 8714 Boulder Lane, Little Rock, L95, Leawood Mountain 2nd, $183,000.

Brett H. and Kristen R. Lile to Bradley Phillip and Nicole McKenzie Gore, 6701 Hawthorne Road, Little Rock, L77R, Westover Hills, $180,430.

Brenda Rhoads to Cary White, L7, Turtle Creek Phase I, $180,000.

Dorothy L. and Terry L. Johnson and The Terry And Dorothy Johnson Living Trust, to Stephen L. Arnett, 2516 Grist Mill Road, Little Rock, L346, Ludington Heights, $179,900.

Adam Bingman to Reginal N. Grant, 52 Park Ridge Drive, Maumelle, L45, Park Ridge, $179,900.

Michael Francis and Stephanie Michelle Urbanowicz to Alan and Lola Thomas, 6 Brickton Place, Little Rock, L6 B1, Brickton, $177,500.

Belew Property Investment, LLC to Ginger C. Beck, 1516 W. 19th St., Little Rock, L19 B2, Fleming & Bradford, $175,000.

Secretary Of Veterans Affairs to Roger Bradley, 12817 Saint Charles Blvd., Little Rock, L51, St. Charles, $175,000.

Gloria S. and John C. Faircloth to David and Michael Cole, 10840 Rocky Creek Drive, Sherwood, L70, Hidden Creek, $174,900.

Thomas Gay to Kathy Lusk, 117 Dickson Drive, Little Rock, L405, Kingwood Place, $174,000.

Jesse W. Lucas Jr., to Scott Francis, 8707 Evergreen Drive, Little Rock, L195, Leawood Manor 2nd, $170,000.

Robin Barnett and Robin Harper to Trevor Scott and Brittany Louise Pringle, 34 Bradford Drive, Little Rock, L95, Lindenwood, $170,000.

Brian Z. and Renee D. Casto to Delois Wilson Lorings, 6 Silver Ridge Cove, North Little Rock, L1, Silver Ridge, $169,900.

Betsy S. Branton Revocable Living Trust and Allen Branton to Edwin Bradshaw, 1 Brennan Lane, Little Rock, L22, Brennan Lane, $169,000.

Jon Phillip Giese to MyKeya P. Henderson, 19 Courtside Place, Little Rock, L15, Courtside Place, $168,000.

Donna K. and James A. Kroskey Jr., to Bounleut Phanavanh and Susana Granell-Bellmunt, 4210 Sam Peck Road, Little Rock, L402, Pleasant View Phase VI-D, $164,000.

Forward Properties, LLC to Emily E. and Tracy L. Moran, 1409 Twin Lakes Drive, Little Rock, L46, Twin Lakes Section A, $160,000.

Becky G. and Leslie Willis Jr., to Xiaolin Xu, 13205 Pleasant Forest Drive, Little Rock, L250, Pleasant View Phase V, $159,000.

James B. Gonzalez and The JBG Revocable Trust to Ted P. and Kimberly Kristen Fredrich, L274, Pleasant View Phase V, $158,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Teresa Henderson, 6817 Red Oak Lane, North Little Rock, L705, Trammel Estates Phase V, $157,400.

Joann Curry to LaJoya T. Jones, 100 Westfield Loop, Little Rock, L127, Westfield Phase I, $157,000.

Charles D. and Myra M'Lis Long to Matthew and Maygie Stallings, 2505 Fairway Ave., North Little Rock, L8 B60, Lakewood, $157,000.

Steve L. Arnett to Meredith L. Oakley, Unit 63 Bldg. 16, Foxcroft Woods HPR Phase III, $153,000.

Michael Wesley and Elizabeth Phillips to Arthur W. Browning, 4405 Greenway Drive, North Little Rock, L36 B16, Lakewood, $152,500.

Justin M. Kinchen and Julianne Bitely to Susie and Angie Choi, Ls9-10 B29, Lincoln Park, $152,000.

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