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Prayers for Gilroy

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would hear about a shooting in Gilroy, Calif.

We used to take our kids and grandkids to the Garlic Festival, and what a day it was. I can remember eating the garlic ice cream. It was such a fun, happy time to spend a day there.

What a tragedy.

We were able to raise our kids and some of our grandkids in that Monterey area. When you travel up to San Jose from Monterey, you pass through beautiful Gilroy. I had never seen such a wonderful festival as the Garlic Festival.

I will continue praying for that sinful act of murder.



If they'd just read it

Like many, I was disappointed in Robert Mueller's congressional examination by the House Judiciary Committee. He had said all along that the report said it all and he would say no more. But my heart went out to him.

Certainly he was tired. Certainly he had not memorized all 448 pages of the report, and I too would have wanted to see each congressman's quote from it within its written context. He did fumble pages a lot and seem confused by the questions until page numbers were given. Certainly he was aware that each committee member had only five minutes with him for what was likely a national audience, and election time draws nearer daily.

I reverted to another quote about Congress read recently at which I had laughed: "A man gets up to speak and says nothing. Nobody listens, and then everybody disagrees." (Boris Marshalov, 1941.) Our country may be at stake, so my take of undue tension was probably on target, but then I thought of Jesus before Pontius Pilate and Herod. So then I turned the TV off for the day at 9:50 a.m., certain there were types who would enjoy "crucifying" Mueller, and then I fearfully prayed, "Father, thy will be done."

The investigation into Russia's 2016 interference in our national elections must have felt like entering a river downstream and proceeding upstream slowly only to find unexpected tributaries left and right to be noted while having to decide which might need a bit more investigation. When and where to stop within one's purview? I wondered who but Mr. Mueller could endure the process, which he knew was unnecessary because again and again he had to state that the report said it all. Perhaps it was ultimately revealed that "nobody listens." Or reads.


North Little Rock

Adds to the garbage

Re the Little Rock Entertainment District: It seems to me that this area will only add to the Sonic, Burger King, and McDonald's mess on our streets and highways.

People in Little Rock must rank close to No. 1 in cleaning out their cars as they drive or walk around town. That's not to say dropping candy wrappers, empty cigarette packages, etc., is OK either.

Saturday it was over a dozen empty tubes of caulking on LaHarpe and Chestnut streets. The week before it was wallpaper samples in this same area.


Little Rock

Can honor Crenchaw

I have, for a long time, thought about the name of the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport. Hillary couldn't even carry the state of Arkansas in her bid for president. Bill served as our president, but never did anything heroic for our country.

I can't imagine anyone being opposed to renaming the airport after Milton Crenchaw, of the Tuskegee Airmen, a true Arkansas and American hero. He was the first Arkansan to be successfully trained by the federal government as a civilian licensed pilot. He overcame the social injustices of bigotry to serve his country during World War II.

This would be a great honor for Mr. Crenchaw's family, and his name would be honored and remembered.

I recently saw on the news another true hero, Lt. Col. Robert J. Friend, another Tuskegee Airman of WWII. He said he never considered himself anything other than an American.

I wonder why their plane tails were painted red ... think about that for a minute or two. These heroes put their lives on the line for their country. A country that didn't treat them fairly.

So please consider a change in the name of our airport. If you cannot stand the thought of taking the name Clinton off, then how about the Crenchaw-Clinton Airport?

Crenchaw-Clinton National Airport. Think about it, it's the right thing to do.



RBG is due respect

Re editorial "A surprise opponent: The voice of reason from RBG": And I quote, "Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is often viewed as the most liberal member of the Supreme Court. From what we've managed to conclude, she probably takes pride in that. It takes all types." (Emphasis mine.)

It takes all kinds of editorial writers, too, I guess. There are those that put forth their opinions without making snarky asides, but just present the facts as they see them.

One day Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be lying in state at the Supreme Court, due the respect of the nation for her service. Don't demean her.



Editorial on 07/31/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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