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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded April 29-May 3:

Elman Little Rock Associates, LLC to Little Rock AR I SGF, LLC, L2R, Ensco Parkhill Phase II, $5,300,000.

Frostyaire Of Arkansas, Inc to CCS-Maumelle, LLC, Tract 2, Maumelle East Industrial Park, $1,591,155.

M&S Property Investments, LLC to Garver, LLC, L16 B5, Northshore Business Park, $1,185,000.

Daymark Trustee, LLC and DayMark Master Trust to BPDM Properties 2018-1, LLC, 17 Sagewood Circle, North Little Rock, L21 B8, Tanglewood Annex, $1,011,000.

Charles Nicholas and Mary Ruth Thompson and The TF Trust to Richard B. and Lorena McConnell, 5217 Edgewood Road, Little Rock, L54, Prospect Terrace, $950,000.

Gary L. and Marley M. Jones to Robert Paul and Rebecca B. Svoboda, 14 Tam O. Shanter Court, Little Rock, L12 B4, Pleasant Valley, $910,000.

William J. and Mary E. Morton to Ronald W. and Mary K. Cherry, L14 B2, Chenal Valley, $790,000.

Ryan Adam and Sharon Ainsworth to Clinton Steele Davis, L24R, R.W. Debin's Replat-Pleasant Valley, $715,000.

Richard D. and Nancy G. Parker to Brent J. Medders, One Hickory Creek Cove, Little Rock, L4, Hickory Creek, $685,000.

HomeBank Of Arkansas to Bulldog Dumpsters, LLC, 10724, 10726 & 10800 Baseline Road, Little Rock, Pt W/2 SW 34-1N-13W; Pt SE SE 33-1N-13W, $677,000.

Allison M. George Freeman and Keith Freeman to Penny Beebe, Pt NW SE 18-3N-14W, $635,000.

Daniel H. and Jennifer H. Allen to Morton L. and Janet E. Deeter and The Deeter Family Revocable Trust, L4 B110, Chenal Valley, $536,000.

Frostyaire of Arkansas, Inc to CCS-NLR, LLC, 1301 Gregory St., North Little Rock, Lot A-2R, Gregory Street Park, $530,385.

Zachary N. and Michelle E. Stowe to Sagar Mehta and Erin Bennett, Nine River Ridge Circle, Little Rock, L14, Riverview Manor, $519,000.

Eleanor Foltz Day, Thomas Price Foltz III., and The Susan H. Mayes Revocable Trust Declaration to Andrew G. and Mary J. Goesl, 2521 N. University Ave., Little Rock, L2 B28, Park View, $490,000.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Michael J. Bayba, 122 Ensbury Drive, Little Rock, L16 B102, Chenal Valley, $479,900.

SBD Investments, LLC to National Retail Properties, LP, L3A, Harris Industrial Park, $478,800.

Youzhong Yuan and Shaonan Cao to David N. and Jessica Smith, L5 B38, Chenal Valley, $478,500.

Renaissance Homes, Inc. to Jane E. Pettit and Christopher R. Newell, L2, The Village At Ison Creek Phase I, $471,000.

Richard C. and Ashely T. Leger to N. P. Dodge Jr., National Equity, Inc., and Leslie A. Delperdang, Two Deer Valley Cove, Maumelle, L62 B6, Maumelle Valley Estates, $466,000.

Vicky R. and Joe E. Keeling Jr., and The Keeling Revocable Trust to Johnathan and Amanda Baker, 25 E. Lake Drive, North Little Rock, L56 B48, Lakewood, $462,000.

Steven and Jaimie G. Moss to 2100 N. Polk St., LLC, Ls13-14 B21, Newton, $450,000.

Hamid and Saima Mumtaz to Elizabeth M. Bucolo, Four Chambord Lane, Little Rock, L6 B44, Chenal Valley, $450,000.

N.P. Dodge Jr., Leslie A. Delperdang and National Equity, Inc to Arpan Arun and Alicia Ann Agrawal, Two Deer Valley Cove, Maumelle, L62 B6, Maumelle Valley Estates, $443,100.

Jeremiah and Sarah Blakley to Jeffrey Alexander and Amber Dawn Grimes, L7 B2, Millers Cove, $442,000.

Donald R. and Judith A. Adams to Ashley Kristen Anderson, 6605 Kenwood Road, Cammack Village, L89, Cammack Woods, $440,000.

Hawthorne Investments, LLC to Chase and Jacey Guthrie, 5404 Hawthorne, Little Rock, L2 B6, Newton, $425,000.

William and John Sowers and The Helen P. Dortch Revocable Trust to Ott Farms, LLC, Pt SE 9-1N-10W, $395,000.

CCA Phase 24, LLC to E-Co Residential Builders, Inc., Ls1672, 1674, 1724-1725 & 1727-1728, The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase XXIV-A, $385,000.

Chris J. and Amy G. Perry to Russell Spiess, The Russell W. Spiess Revocable Trust, Elizabeth L. Petrus, Sandra K. Pierpaoli and The Elizabeth L. Petrus Family Trust/Elizabeth L. Petrus Revocavle Trust, L12 B8, Creekside, $383,500.

Jon R. and Jennifer Harrison to Ramez Awad and Heba Mousa, 143 Blackburn Drive, Little Rock, L20 B22, The Villages Of Wellington, $382,000.

James P. and Margaret Young to Wholesale Electric Supply Company, Inc., 127 Southside Road, Maumelle, L23, South Shore, $374,900.

Robert A. and Laura A. Kellerman to Brenda Hartness, Ls21-22 B3, Altheimer, $369,000.

Ace General Contractors, Inc to Ira L. and Dierdre Whitfield, 104 Sienna Lake Lane, Little Rock, L76 B1, Sienna Lake- Cooper Community, $360,000.

Karen M. and The Hovey Family Revocable Trust to Allan Mitchel Ross, 7500 Raines Cove, Little Rock, Pt NE NW 35-1N-14W, $356,000.

Edward G. and Cindy L. Hansberry to Bernard Gojer, 124 Southshore Drive, Maumelle, L16, South Shore, $355,000.

CCA Phase 24 Partners, LLC to Summerwood, Inc., Ls1721-1722, 1739, 1743 & 1746-1747, The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase XXIV-A, $344,500.

Lindsey Kaye Edenfield and Patricia L Wilmot to Ardelia R. and Rodney E. Echols Sr., 3201 Falling Water Road, Sherwood, L8R B8, Creekside, $344,500.

Ryan and Rachel Morrow to Mark Ethan and Jane Roddy Sartor, 1811 N. McKinley St., Little Rock, L9 B7, Forest Park. $343,000.

Scott and Kara Toepfer to Ashok Kumar Reddy and Shyamalagowri Nelluru, L33, Forest Valley, $338,000.

CCA Phase 24, LLC to James Roeder Construction Co., Ls1715, 1719, 1723, 1726, 1731 & 1734, The Country Club of Arkansas PRD Phase XXIV-A, $337,500.

Curtis J. Richards, Kate Burnett and Kate B. Richards to Barbara A. McLeod and David G. Smith, L16 B1, Crystal Court, $334,000.

CCA Phase 24 Partners, LLC to Renaissance Homes, Inc., 90 Lucia Lane, Maumelle, Ls1675, 1720, 1729, 1730, 1732 & 1744, The Country Club of Arkansas PRD Phase XXIV-A, $330,500.

Tracie J. and David H. Kelley to Abel and Angela Rodriguez, 8733 Rapid Water Drive, Sherwood, L12 B14, Creekside, $322,000.

Lucas T. and Judith Vanessa Lee to Jason R. and Amy T. Breland, 54 Aberdeen Drive, Little Rock, L18 B22, Chenal Valley, $320,000.

Williamson Remodeling And Construction, Inc. to Lindsey Kaye Edenfield and Patricia L. Wilmot, 9148 Rapid Water Drive, Sherwood, L20 B12, Creekside, $320,000.

Jeffrey Alexander and Amber Dawn Grimes to Amanda Elaine and Matthew David Galbraith, 116 Cherokee Drive, Maumelle, L212, Osage Falls Phase III-A, $315,000.

Robert E. and Johnnie Marie Grimes to John M. Davis Jr., 2210 N. University Ave., Little Rock, L3 B8, Altheimer, $315,000.

Sax Homes, LLC to Rachel L. Kremer, 12 Essay Drive, Little Rock, L15 B30, Chenal Valley, $312,500.

Noah Treat Construction, LLC to Garrett V. Smith, L17 B12, Creekside, $312,000.

Y A W, LLC to Patricia L. and Thomas A. Gibson, 2512 Riverfront Drive, Apt. 3, Little Rock, Unit 30, Round River HPR, $310,000.

Christopher P. and Brandi R. Benton to Richard G. and Barbara A. Renner and The Renner Family Trust, L3 B24, Chenal Valley, $305,000.

Clinton Steele Davis to Jason A. and Sarah K. Self, 44 Wildwood Place Circle, Little Rock, L22 B1, Wildwood Place, $298,000.

Lexicon Government Services, LLC to Ryan J. Strebeck and Paige V. Onyuru, 2822 Mossy Creek Drive, Little Rock, L10 B6, Woodlands Edge, $289,900.

Tammy Simmons to Samuel R. Cason and Hillary Grace Cowles, 2913 Reservoir Road, Little Rock, Pt SW NW 26-2N-13W, $280,000.

Braden and Christie Harman to Matthew Lee Anderson, 405 Lasalle Drive, Little Rock, L687, St. Charles, $272,000.

Syed Ali and Sumana Mustafa to Rupa Sharma, 39 Kanis Creek Place, Little Rock, L25, Kanis Creek, $265,000.

Citizens Bank, NA to Citizens Bank, NA, 3100 Reservoir Road, Little Rock, L22, Robinwood Unrecorded, $264,385.

Greg F. Durham, Durham Haus Working Dogs and Myra Durham to Meshach Samuel, Pt NE SE & Pt SE NE 7-1N-14W, $260,000.

Christopher J. and Kimberly A. Shaw to Oliver A. and Pinky B. Bautista, 149 Summit Valley Circle, Maumelle, L5 B21, Maumelle Valley Estates, $259,900.

Donna M. Jackson to Jose Esteban and Beth Jan Colon, 4100 Kenyon Drive, Little Rock, Lot D-R B16, Hillcrest Replat, $255,000.

Daniel J. and Jane M. Gortney to Adam T. Scully, 150 Calais Drive, Maumelle. L414, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $254,900.

Arvest Bank to ALC Estate, LLC, Pt NE 11-1N-13W, $250,000.

Copestone Investments, Inc. to Tyrone Blanks, 5017 Hackatton St., Sherwood, L41, Edgewater Estates, $246,600.

Trumpler Development, LLC to Zachary R. and Haley B. Mitchell, 618 Trumpler St., Little Rock, L13 B10, Gibralter Heights, $245,000.

Patrick Harold and Amber Lee Eaton to Edmund and Amy Howe, 5109 N. Hills Blvd., North Little Rock, L7 B20, Overbrook, $245,000.

Michael S. and Erin E. Brewer to Rodney R. Harper, L908, Fairway Woods Phase III- Otter Creek Community, $235,000.

Naoki Hakutani and Jaeyeon Park to Swadesh and Stuapa Ghorai, 12317 Cherryside Drive, Little Rock, L28 B5, Cherry Creek, $228,000.

Metro And Eagle, LLC to Homes And Toes, LLC, 1304 Kellogg Acres Road, North Little Rock. L37-B B8, Kellogg, $226,000.

Asa Paul Pittman to Anthony P. Buzzitta, L33, Turtle Creek, $224,900.

Bentley Court, LLC to Jeri Robinson, 96 Bentley Circle, Little Rock, L75, Bentley Court Phase V, $219,900.

Jeffrey Scott and Tammy M. Copeland to Roy L. and Joyce A. Clark, 124 Stonehill Drive, Sherwood, L25 B2, Stonehill Phase II, $216,000.

Euro-Homes, Inc. to George Allen Brown Jr., 8416 Sunstone Cove, Sherwood, L94 B4, Stonehill Phase VI, $210,000.

H G Spradlin, Inc. to Keith and Lindsey Rusk, 5008 Quapaw St., Sherwood, L40, Edgewater Estates, $210,000.

David C. and Brittany Lawrence to Melinda Samonlay Rinks, L220, Base Meadows Phase 3, $203,000.

Joe C. Keeton, Jr., to Meagan N. Doyle, 305 N. Cedar St., Little Rock, L16 B1, Riffel & Rhoton's Ridgeland, $200,000.

Matthewe Lonsway to Meredith Flowers, L7 B22, Mountain Park, $200,000.

Kelley D. Johnson and The Kelley Johnson Family Revocable Trust to Cindy Wiggs, 423 Ivory Drive, Little Rock, L18, Shannon Hills, $200,000.

Michael Vick to WOW Fitness, LLC, Pt SE SE 24-1N-13W, $200,000.

Smart Framing, LLP to Jena S. Holmes, Five Algonkin Place, Sherwood, L106, Indianhead Lake Estates Section B Replat, $199,900.

Cope Homes, Inc. to Harold Armstrong II., L6, Jaxon Terrace Phase XI. $198,000.

Noemy E. Marin to Kevin Ballentine, 1115 Ronwood Drive, Little Rock, L304, Leawood Heights 4th, $197,000.

Joseph C. and Sandra L. Bakke to Katherine Martin, 2923 Charter Oak Drive, Little Rock, L98, Echo Valley 1st, $197,000.

Terry L. Granderson to I&S Investments, LLC, L22 B11, Cherry Creek, $197,000.

Douglas E. and Kaye T. Moore to Nica Clipp and Mark W. Perry, L84F, Collenwood Phase IV, $195,000.

Nicholas R. Weber to David W. and Laura E. Dabous, 1501 Winbourne Drive, North Little Rock, L35R B5, Summerwood, $190,000.

Gloria J. and George Negual to Deborah Yvonne Cook-Burk, 1409 Foxwood Drive, Jacksonville, L411, Foxwood Phase IX, $185,000.

Virginia Lynne and Everett Joseph Ellis IV., to Abigail Sutherland, 94 Emerald Drive, Maumelle, L53, North Ridge, $180,000.

Daniel T. and Heidi N. Judkins to Nathan Redding and Diana Matei, 5016 Lee Ave., Little Rock, L7 B27, Pulaski Heights, $178,800.

Trent M. and Whitney J. Tappan to Clyde Swain and Seneta Watson-Swain, 3125 Shady Side Drive, Sherwood, L82 B1, Woodruff Creek, $175,000.

William K. and Maggie E. Montgomery, Maggie E. Leopard and Elizabeth Leopard Montgomery to Nathan Vaughn, Eight Buttermilk Road, Little Rock, L148, Sturbridge Phase III, $175,000.

Martha M. Uller to R. Pierce and Robert Hays Osborne, 223 N. Monroe St., Little Rock, L26 B5, Elmhurst, $175,000.

George Allen and Kimberly E. Brown to Logan Vincent, 9201 Wilhite Lane, Sherwood, L12, Hearndon, $174,900.

Thomas J. and Norlynda D. Cook to Christy and Mary Teague, 1704 Old Forge Drive, Little Rock, L44, Sturbridge Phase I, $172,500.

James M. Brockway to Anthony Michael Chang, 4208 A. Street, Little Rock, L16 B3, Pinehurst, $172,000.

Kathleen Ann Fox and George E. Loss, Sr., and The Loss Family Trust/Revocable Trust to B. Briggs & Associates, LLC, L1 B5, Altheimer, $168,000.

Michael H. Rinaldi to Calvin and Nichole M. Woodfruff, 3401 N. Ridge Drive, Jacksonville, L34, Western Hills Phase I, $167,500.

Betty L. Morris and The Betty L. Morris Living Trust to Alton Wayne and Rena Ann Miller, 72 Garden Oaks Drive, Maumelle, L5, Garden Oaks, $166,970.

REI Nation, LLC to David Bowman and The 30 Coronado Circle Trust, L15 B22, Indian Hills, $166,900.

Rebekah Olson and Rebekah Kisla to Peter Kanenui Beyer and LaTia Maria Eclavea, 1804 Airborn Drive, Jacksonville, L213, Base Meadows Phase 1A, $165,000.

Donna K. and James A. Kroskey Jr., to Bounleut Phanavanh and Susana Granell-Bellmunt, 4210 Sam Peck Road, Little Rock, L402, Pleasant View Phase IV-D, $164,000.

Wells Fargo Bank, NA to Wells Fargo Bank, NA, 2116 Reveille Circle, Jacksonville, L179, Base Meadows Phase 2, $163,700.

Jerry E. Bradley to Sherri and Charles J. Doerpinghaus Jr., Two Charleston Place, Little Rock, L8, Charleston Place, $163,500.

Sidney C. Moore and Christopher R. Sharp to Chad A. Noblett and Shelby Ann Shuster, 3232 Woodruff Creek Drive, Sherwood, L3 B1, Woodruff Creek, $162,500.

John M. Fowler Jr., to Eleanor Foltz Day, Apt. 1106, Andover Square HPR Phase II, $162,500.

Zoya Rentals, LLC to Hai and Kellie Sinh, L9 B2, Cherry Creek, $160,000.

Brian and Jennifer Rader to Elizabeth Anne Waldrum, 2318 Maple Ridge Road, Little Rock, L166, Sandpiper Phase II, $160,000.

Teresa Grace to Kelli D. Murtha Perry, 819 McAdoo St., Little Rock, L11 B20, Success, $158,000.

TJSL Investments, LLC to Arthur and Lynette Terry, L31, Turtle Creek, $157,867.

Marcus J. Pinkney to Loni Tanicha and Derrick Rainey, 1101 S. Victory St., Little Rock, L1 B325, Original City of Little Rock, $156,500.

Kelly Kissel to Amanda B. Jones, 12 Buckthorn Drive, Little Rock, L6 B3, Woodcreek, $155,000.

Anthony P. and Deborah Buzzitta and Donna M. Buzzitta to Deann R. Schlosser, 1820 Airborn Drive, Jacksonville, L217, Base Meadows Phase 1-A, $153,000.

Christine Sheffer to Pleasant Properties, LLC L194, Kingwood Place, $152,000.

Johnny and Joy Rice to Joni Hodges and Patrick McCormack, 706 Coulter Road, Sherwood, L12 B315, Park Hill NLR, $150,000.

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