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35 years ago today, Clay and I were preparing to walk down the aisle to become husband and wife.

Little did we know what adventures awaited us in the next 35 years.

We have had an amazing ride, with two wonderful grown children,

one son-in-law,

currently 2 dogs

and we have lived in two houses. We have traveled the world together,

thrown some amazing parties,

hosted countless family get-togethers,

and shared many a meal together, sometimes by ourselves,

sometimes with family and friends.

We nursed two ill parents until the end, and have seen each other through thick and thin. We have tackled many home improvement projects,

and they don't seem to be slowing down any.

Clay has his hobbies, and I have mine, but we are actually spending more time together than we have in the past, since I am at home more often.

While I was fortunate to be able to retire after a wonderful 38 1/2 years with the UA Extension Service, Clay is going on year 40 at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and loving every minute of it. Retirement is still a few years away for him (he won't turn 60 until this November.)

We were fortunate that we got to celebrate with friends last night at our supper club,

and today Clay and I had a wonderful brunch at 42.

Life is good.

Happy Anniversary Clay!

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