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Embarrassed nation

As we begin celebrating our country's independence, I'm saddened by the lack of patriotism by some of the women on our great U.S. Women's Soccer Team.

I enjoy watching the women from competing teams sing their country's national anthem with pure exhilaration. Unfortunately, I also see many on our team barely mouthing our national anthem, and worse, our captain not singing or even putting her hand over her heart. I know she is protesting something, and I respect her feelings on political issues, but not while she is representing this country.

If she has such a strong negative feeling about this country, she should also have the courage of her commitment and resign from the team. She has embarrassed herself, this great soccer team and our country.


Little Rock

Showcases our state

Kudos to Chuck Campbell of Russellville, who followed through on his brilliant idea to create a cycling route to showcase the beauty of the Arkansas countryside in conjunction with Adventure Cycling Association. This route will enable cyclists from around the world to have a greater appreciation of all our state has to offer and its welcoming citizens.

I had the pleasure of working alongside Chuck at the Russellville High School greenhouse when the Pope County Master Gardeners partnered with the school a few years back. I saw him inspire his students with his knowledge, limitless energy, and curiosity. I wish him a long and happy retirement. His commitment and service to his community, through teaching, and to Arkansas with this new cycling route, is admirable.

Thank you, Chuck; cycle on!

Oh, Democrat-Gazette, print more stories about our Arkansas heroes like Chuck, and fewer about all the murderers and other incorrigibles.



Hard not to be angry

Voices page editor Brenda Looper recently warned would-be correspondents to beware writing when angry. Her sage advice should not go unheeded, but how can one not be angry when writing about the state of things today? Donald Trump is still desecrating the office of the presidency and urging others to ignore congressional subpoenas in violation of the law, is he not?

In red states across the country including our own, women are systematically being denied the right to control their own bodies. On our southern border, children are being ripped from their families and treated like caged animals by officers of our government, are they not?

Anger infused with disgust should be the order of the day. If you are not angry at what is happening to our country under this president and his administration, you simply are not paying attention.

Editor Looper's plea for civility is aimed at the wrong target. I believe the least civil, most boorish and belligerent language is currently coming from the president via a barrage of late-night tweets or from the angry masses who gather at his hate-filled rallies.

Narcissists have no empathy or compassion for others. "I, Me, Mine," George Harrison's blistering musical jab at his bickering Beatles bandmates, should be Trump's campaign slogan.

Can he be stopped? Is there a Democrat or possibly an independent candidate who can compete mano a mano with this master manipulator of the media? One who can offer ideas and a vision for the future that will stir Americans to vote to restore order, dignity and respect for the rule of law in the White House and to wipe this stain from the pages of our history?


Little Rock

A purpose for all life

To all those fighting for the rights of women and abortion advocates: There is a purpose for all human life, from the tiny microscopic single fertilized cell (zygote) to their total development in the womb ... through birth--from their first cry, living a full life--to their last pain of agony and death.

The mother has the awesome responsibility and control over her body to do the right thing. Motherhood: to be the guardian of their precious gift within the womb that in only nine months will develop into that special and unique person that each of us are--moral and conscious entities.

By the way, the fetal heart is actually beating by the 22nd day after conception, not five weeks later when your doctor can hear it. And whatever became of those health and biology courses and sex education that can teach students all of the above?


Little Rock

Editorial on 06/28/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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Archived Comments

  • limb
    June 28, 2019 at 8:14 a.m.

    Irby, there are always athletes, jockeys, race car drivers who don’t sing. What’s up with picking on this greatest team about something like that? We were not taught to put our hand over our heart during the anthem in school but to stand still with our hands at our sides. Was this really worth fussing about to you?

  • JA40
    June 28, 2019 at 8:30 p.m.

    Thanks, Limb

  • CarpeNoctis
    June 28, 2019 at 11:38 p.m.

    @Tom Knight - a fetal heartbeat is not detected, nor is there a formed heart, until 24 weeks. You are correct - anyone with a basic understanding of the reproduction cycle of a fetus would know. All the pictures and outright lies told by those who want to force women to become brood mares for a clump of cells is unforgivable. Especially, judging by your name, will never ever become pregnant and has absolutely no clue about what happens to the female body during and after pregnancy. This has absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU and everything to do with women's healthcare. MYOB.

  • RBear
    June 29, 2019 at 6:43 a.m.

    Tim Irby here's one for you. I don't sing the National Anthem. I'm not that good at singing and personally I don't see how my off-key rendition benefits things any. I do take my hat off and place my hand over my heart. But because I don't sing, does that really make me less of an American?
    Are you really that petty to make such an issue of this? Here's another one for you. In most cases, Trump doesn't sing the National Anthem. In some cases, he hasn't put his hand over his heart. So, should we ask him to resign as president? I think that's what you're implying.

  • mrcharles
    June 29, 2019 at 7:38 a.m.

    Yes Tim merica is not so innocent. How's that for patriotism? You know what Saddam's son did to some of their athletes for losing?
    There is also some interesting info on putin and his idea of Russian patriotism with their athletes.
    How about patriotism of german athletes with jessie Owen's on Olympics? Oh and as to patriotism of jessie, he returned to merica but south still was the south...guess all this is one way street.
    GO USA WOMEN'S SOCCER TEAM and their right not to be part of DT which is not the same as America.
    Thoughts for having thoughts.

  • 0boxerssuddenlinknet
    June 29, 2019 at 4:08 p.m.

    mr irby i agree with you 100 percent. I stopped watching the us women's soccer team after the disrespectful way the young woman acted regarding her country especially while representing the UsA and on foreign soil. she has the right to believe however she wishes. but keep her ugly thoughts to herself. the coach should have benched her as she drew attention to herself unless that was her objective ATTENTION.