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North Dakota and Medora

by Janet Carson June 28, 2019 at 6:48 p.m.

We arrived Thursday after a long drive into Medora, North Dakota. We are spending two nights at the historic Rough Rider Hotel, which is lovely. We didn't have time to enjoy it because we had reservations at the Pitchfork Fondue and then the Medora Musical. The pitchfork fondue was a hoot. A group of men were grilling steaks, ribs and chicken on pitchforks over an open flame.

The food was quite good

with the addition of side dishes.

They have the meal down to a science.

We finished up and headed next door to the Medora Musical--a historical, patriotic production celebrating the origins of Medora and Theodore Roosevelt's role in it.

You sit outside to watch it and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We made it back to the hotel by 10:15.

After a great breakfast, we hit the Theodore Roosevelt National Park which was right next door to our hotel.
We watched a short movie about the park, then toured Teddy's first home

before getting back in the car to do the scenic drive in search of animals and great vistas.

Animals were in short supply, possibly because it was warmer today. We did see loads of prairie dogs which were quite vocal.

We did see a small group of wild horses,

a few buffalo far in the distance

and a magpie, along with loads of wildflowers

and beautiful scenery.

The rock colors and formations was awe-inspiring.

We went back into town for lunch and a little exploration of the town and shops before heading to the Painted Canyon, another part of the park.

We did see a few more buffalo

and some gorgeous scenery. Tonight we will have dinner at the hotel. Tomorrow we move on back to South Dakota and Deadwood. Before we leave we will

stop in at the north entrance to the park an hour away.

We are having an amazing experience and it is great to experience it with such great friends! YOLO!


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