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Food for the Soul

by Janet Carson March 3, 2019 at 12:30 p.m.

It was a busy week of activities culminated with the Arkansas Flower & Garden Show this weekend which was a joy to attend. I haven't talked that much in weeks! But starting with last Sunday's Soup Sunday, I got to have a week of food and fellowship with different people every day. Not only did we eat some outstanding food, we had great visits. While the food is a welcome part of these encounters, it is the connections with the people that is the food for the soul.

I got to celebrate birthdays,

a spur of the moment sushi meal with family

then it was our monthly girls dinner at Margaret's.

On Friday and Saturday nights I entertained folks at my house with guests in town for the AFGS.

Friday night Sherrie and Julie came and I made some of their favorites (but I forgot to take a picture of them!)

Good friend Bob Byers was in town to speak and he stayed with us, so we had a dinner party in his honor with some of our past and future traveling companions.

Since I was speaking a bit late in the day, my son did the cooking for this dinner party.

I just set up and did the first courses. It was an amazing night filled with great food

but great conversation, fun and lots of laughter. Laughter is also great for the soul.

Randy brought me some duck eggs, (which are quite a bit larger than chicken eggs) so I had to try them this morning.

Clay, Bob and I had duck eggs with savory waffles. Much larger yolk and quite rich, Love them.

Bob is now back on his way to Fort Worth and I have a day at home. I think as dreary and cold as the weather is, a fire tonight sounds like a perfect idea. I need to catch up on some reading too. Life is good!


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