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Don't heed fossil fools

Many tree-hugging environmentalists and politicians believe we need to totally eliminate the use of fossil fuels in about 20 years.

Before the discovery and use of fossil fuels, man walked, rode horses and used wood for many purposes. Should we outlaw the use of fossil fuels, we will no longer be able to make gasoline, diesel fuel, gasoline, jet fuel, etc., for power, but also plastics and asphalt for our highways. There are also many other uses for fossil fuels.

It is very important for our future to develop and use more renewable sources for energy such as solar, wind, ocean tides and nuclear power. Ultimately harnessing solar energy and constructing more efficient nuclear power plants will supply our ever increasing demands for energy.

Since 2005, the United States has reduced pollution while China, India, Brazil and other countries' pollution has increased. In the Paris Accord on climate change, China and India were given a pass until at least 2030.

We must strive to do everything we can to reduce air and water pollution, but we cannot be panicked and regulated by the "fossil fools" who would cause famine, poverty and global nuclear wars.


Hot Springs Village

So, about those goats

I read the "goat" guest column by Bruce Plopper in the March 25 paper with great interest. However, the term "goat rodeo" sounded to me exactly like something MSNBC would come up with.

Now the boys and girls I worked with were mostly Southern and we used a definitive description of something ran afoul as a "goat rope." The best way I can describe the proper usage of "goat rope" is to describe it as Congress in action: "Well, that session of Congress was a real goat rope."

Yeah, I can see the MSNBC crew trying to figure out which end of the goat to ride.


North Little Rock

Parent's perspective

I'd like to thank Amanda Claire Curcio for taking the time to listen to me about what it's like as a parent with a child in the juvenile court system. When I saw my name and part of my sons experience at Alexander in the paper I was brought to tears. Hopefully our voices can help change the horrible things these children go through. Maybe the people who put children in these places will realize that these places are a major reason so many teens are committing more crimes. If we keep treating children like criminals, that's exactly what they are going to be.



Editorial on 03/28/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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  • karljhansen
    March 28, 2019 at 1:09 p.m.

    What passes these days for parenting /or parents is a good part of what's putting kids in government custody. Cultivating kids to be confident in confiding questions of life in parents who can be trusted to tell them the truth --minus a dose of religion which , until PERSONAlLY accepted from a mature perspective by them---really means next to nothing to them . Live the example , teach by doing , praise more than criticize and that's a good BEGINNING of the fixing it.