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Today was the big party for my cousin’s son Brett. Brett was born 30 years ago with a heart problem, and ended up being the first baby in St. Louis to receive a heart transplant. Now there are almost 500 young people out there who have had heart transplants as a baby in St. Louis, and Brett led the way! They didn’t know what that would mean for Brett’s life, but he is going strong at 30 and he is a delightful young man.

God knew what he was doing when he gave this child to this family. His mother Sue in particular has been a tireless caregiver, cheerleader, champion and all around devoted mother. He is surrounded by loving parents, supportive brothers and their wives, a devoted grandfather, and a whole host of family and friends who are there to love and support. Many of them were there in force today to help Brett and his family celebrate.

Brett had a wonderful time celebrating. He is a lifelong fan of the St. Louis Cardinal baseball team and the St. Louis Blues hockey team. Both team mascots were in attendance at his party.

All Brett’s favorite concession type foods were served in abundance and the decorations and party favors were over the top. Sue is a whiz with her Cricut.

Brett also received a slew of wonderful presents.

Clay and I had fun making this for him.

My sister and I were so happy to be able to come to this event. We enjoyed celebrating with Brett and catching up with our extended family as well.

A great time was had by all!

Tomorrow will be a little slower pace, but we will still have some time to visit and catch up before heading home.

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