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We celebrated Cinco de Mayo a day early on Quatro de Mayo at the 2019 Rock City Margarita Festival at Heifer International.

The grounds of Heifer were transformed into a sea of humanity--and most were way younger than I was!

We went a tad early so we could find a place to park. Not knowing the rules we went to the front entrance which of course, was locked. We saw a security guard and he told us we could go around the building, which we did. He walked along with me, chatting about the weather and life. When we got around, only the event organizers and booth folks were on the grounds. I asked if we needed to go back around, and he said, no, just go in. Well, that wasn't actually right. We went in and wandered about for a bit.

We found the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette booth and acted like we were helping her. There was a huge line of folks waiting to get in at the proper entrance! Once they let people in, we made our way to the right entrance to get our tickets scanned and show ID. I guess you just need to look like you know what you are doing and no one questions you.

For the price of a ticket you got to sample as many margaritas as you wanted. There were all types of flavors from original and strawberry to chipolte pepper, banana, apple, watermelon and more.

Food was not included in the price, which for some was probably not a great plan. There were quite a few food trucks, but there were long lines.

We did each get a taco and some cheese dip, but there wasn't much in the way of seating and tacos and cheese dip are not exactly walking around food items. Not surprising, but I did not run into anyone I knew other than who I came with, but we did visit with a lot of people standing in lines.

There were lawn games and a few vendors. The Ark. Democrat-Gazette did sell one subscription, but this was probably not the right venue for this.

We did go and look at the vegetable gardens which were quite flooded in parts,

and the MG herb garden, which looks good.

The weather could not have been better, cool temperatures and overcast skies. By the time we left, the sun was shining brightly. We left and went out to eat before heading home. Overall it was a fun evening and I could pretend I was 30 again! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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