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We were up and on the road by 8:30 or so headed to Clivedon House

and Gardens

out in the countryside near Windsor. The large garden surrounded a beautiful home which is now the exclusive hotel where Megan spent the night before marrying Harry. The vista from the back of the house is quite impressive.

We walked fast so we could see as much as possible. That is one of the problems when touring--so much to see in a small amount of time, but we got it done. There were some interesting topiary forms in the long garden,

and the roses were just beginning to bloom.

I saw one of the largest "potato vines" --Solanum laxum, commonly known as potato vine, potato climber or jasmine nightshade; it is an evergreen vine in the family Solanaceae.

Then we were back on the road to Windsor where there were loads of buses and people.

This weekend is a bank holiday in Britain and there are a lot of people out sightseeing and enjoying the gorgeous weather we are having.

We had a very nice lunch before heading into Windsor Castle for tour.

Some had already done the tour and opted for exploring the town or hopping on the train for other adventures. Windsor is a quaint town with lots of nice shops and pubs. The castle grounds are well maintained too.

By 5:15 we were back on the road to London and our last night at the hotel. We leave soon for the Cotswalds. It took us longer than expected to get back because of a car that had burned up. We finally made it back and all scattered for evening activities. Soon we leave for our next adventure.

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