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Deceit on both sides

We rely upon our military, diplomats, intelligence officials, law enforcement and news media as patriots protecting our liberties. We expect them to stay resolute and strong in the maintenance of truth and integrity.

However, many of them are swayed by corrupt political headwinds that give them notoriety and other personal gain. Two of those failures are Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Trump; both sides are deceitful.


Little Rock

Second school crisis

Contempt for public education and teachers blazes across Arkansas skies like neon signs along Vegas strips. When Asa Hutchinson appointed Johnny Key as education commissioner, I wrote the governor asking if he would ever appoint a non-lawyer or non-medical doctor as attorney general or surgeon general respectively. He responded with silence.

Since then it seems they have colluded to destroy Little Rock School District and privatize education. If successful, this will spread across Arkansas like the social disease it is. Other districts will follow; your children will be commodified, especially if they are poor and/or children of color.

If teachers strike, LRSD will allow just about anyone who can fog a mirror into our classrooms. Do you really want your children turned over to such strangers? Background checks take weeks, after all, not days.

Superintendent Poore astonishingly claimed that students will still receive good education under these conditions. Hear this: Teaching is more than glorified babysitting! People who believe, "Those who can't, teach," know nothing about education because--guess what? Those who can't, also can't teach. Just look at the state Board of Education. After five years of control, two more "failing" schools were added under its watch. Thanks for proving my point.

I am offended beyond measure that our so-called leaders disparage my profession with gleeful abandon. Imagine substitutes being called to do the work of police or nurses if they went on strike. It makes as much sense as asking a substitute to fix the brakes on your car.

Hear this: Substitutes are not teachers. They lack training and skill. They don't know our students and their developmental needs. They don't know our families. If you want to see test scores drop like cannon balls in a swimming pool, just hire substitutes for a quarter of the school year. Good luck with that!


Little Rock

Scores unsurprising

It is no wonder reading scores are falling. When was the last time that children actually read something that was not full of emojis and abbreviations? If they can't use their iPhone or iPad, they are lost.

I enjoy technology as much as the next person, but give them the technology after they have accomplished actually reading and writing.


North Little Rock

Middle East troops

Most Americans, I believe, want President Donald Trump to keep his promise to bring U.S. troops home from the Middle East. They don't, however, like the way he is going about it.

First, he said about 1,000 U.S. troops helping the Kurds in Syria would immediately come home. Then, apparently under pressure, he ordered 200 troops to stay in Syria to guard the oil fields. After that, Trump decided to send the troops in Syria to Iraq rather than immediately bring them home. Iraq lawmakers now say they don't want more U.S. troops. Afterward, Trump said he will send 1,800 more troops to Saudi Arabia, presumably to back up the Saudis in their war with tiny Yemen.

When you send in 1,800 more troops and thus far are bringing none home, how does that decrease our involvement in the Middle East? Even Trump math might have trouble computing that action as a withdrawal.

Trump has also promised to bring home most of the thousands of our troops in Afghanistan, where many of them have been involved for nearly 19 years. A U.S. general was recently quoted as saying we are no closer to winning that war than when we first invaded that country.

Will we ever learn that most people in the Middle East obviously don't want U.S. troops interfering in their civil wars which have been going on for hundreds of years?

As Trump would say, "We will see." Nevertheless, let's give our military special forces and Trump credit for ridding the world of the ISIS leader.



You're not invincible

Several times in my long life I have nearly run over a pedestrian, and I'm thankful I have not. However pedestrian deaths are increasing, according to the news media, for a number of reasons, not all well understood. In my limited experience of perhaps 10 instances, each time the potential victim was wearing dark clothes and it was low light, evening or early morning, and sometimes raining.

On a recent morning in Conway, I nearly hit two high school students crossing via a hiking path on College Avenue which has special flashing lights that can be activated by the people crossing. This was not done, and these two young men sauntered across as if they were completely safe.

I don't care who you are, no one is invincible against a moving automobile, no matter how careful the driver may be.

We need to spread the word even more!



I like it, I really do!

While reading the paper, I'm always looking for a "like" button when I like an article. I think this would be a great addition to the paper. I love the change to the digital format because it is very easy to use and is mobile.



Editorial on 11/01/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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