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I packed a lot into each day when I was working, juggling a lot of things at once. Since retirement, I have gone at a slower pace and have relished having more time. This week was pretty reminiscent of work days. The week flew by and I seemed to go from activity to activity. The only difference was that instead of driving across the state to meetings, speaking engagements and fitting in my writing schedule, I met friends at the gym, did tai chi, played mah jong, had lunches with friends, dinners with friends, and entertained at home.

Interestingly enough, I also went to a meeting at the state extension office for retirees,

and I did do a speaking engagement Saturday,

plus I had to fit in writing my columns. I also got some gardening done, did a little more cleaning out to use the dumpster to its fullest benefit, took down Halloween decorations and converted to Thanksgiving decorations, and ended the week hosting Master Gardeners who bought dinner at my house at the silent auction at the State MG Conference last April.

It has been a friend-filled week and I love it, but I hope to have a little slower pace this week. I need to get my house back in order. Someone asked me at the retiree meeting if I was busier than when I worked and the answer is a definitive NO, but I do stay busy, but I have flexibility. I could say no to some things, but I am having fun.

I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed speaking again to interested gardeners. I had a great time at Plantopia on Saturday talking gardening, and answering questions. I then got to a little shopping for myself. I made a few more jobs for myself, so more gardening this week!

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