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Sharing good news

Every morning I say the same thing to my husband: "Why don't they print some good news in the 'In the News' column on the first page?" So I am very happy to hear that someone else thinks like I do and took the time to write a letter.

Good for Mr. Ray Moore and anyone else who thinks like we do. Thanks for his letter and your printing it.



Unintended outcome

The #MeToo movement has gone too far and is causing a rip in the fabric of our society. Courting is gone and flirting is out the window. One would be afraid to kiss a woman other than one's wife without a notarized consent.

Imagine that after 30 years some woman comes out of the woodwork to say, "on prom night he kissed me inappropriately without my permission." If anyone expects to have any fame or fortune, beware; in 20-30 years someone is going to want their slice of the pie.

Charges and allegations don't follow the principle of innocent until proven guilty; in this day of social media an allegation is considered proof and one is tried and convicted in the court of social media. Already some women are starting to feel shunned, and why would they not? Isn't this what they wanted?

If we thought things were bad in the Victorian era, just wait. I anticipate a drop in the marriage and birth rate, and segregation of the sexes as the Muslims do.


North Little Rock

Uphold Constitution

Congress is in the midst of an inquiry to determine whether President Trump broke the law by withholding aid until the Ukraine agreed to investigate Joe Biden and his son. The president has made statements, as has his chief of staff, that would indicate that he did break the law. We are also learning that a number of career government workers and an Army lieutenant colonel have provided additional testimony that would indicate the president broke the law in an attempt for political gain.

The White House did provide a "summary" of the president's conversation with the Ukrainian president. The president and the White House have refused to cooperate with the House of Representatives' legal obligation to have oversight in these types of matters. Eventually, if the evidence further indicates that the president broke the law and violated his constitutional oath, the House will vote to impeach.

We have a president who thinks he is above the law; his lawyers have stated that he cannot be charged with a crime while president. When the rubber meets the road, our congressional team has to vote to either uphold the law and the Constitution, or meekly look the other way and back the president and the Republican Party. Their comments so far have been rather lame.

Eventually this will make it to the Senate where the Republican-controlled body will probably not find the president guilty of impeachable acts. I say this not because of a lack of highly credible testimony indicating the law was broken, but for the fact that other Republican senators have already said this. I don't expect anyone of our congressmen or senators to vote for impeachment. They will not honor their oath to uphold the Constitution, instead attempting to protect their jobs and political party. If this happens, they really need to trade in their American flag lapel pins for a little backbone, honor and decency. These are characteristics that the Republican Party used to stand for.


Eureka Springs

Why more tax cuts?

Republicans seem to always deride Democrats for trying to buy votes by promising "free stuff." Meanwhile, they are always trying to buy votes by promising tax cuts. Trump is already in this mode by suggesting a middle-class tax cut next year, but is another tax cut needed?

In 1980, a family of four with an income of $39,500 using standard deductions would pay $8,280 in taxes, an effective rate of 21.0 percent. In 2018, their income would have been $114,283 and they would have paid $7,740 in taxes, an effective rate of 6.8 percent. My generation which is now completely retired paid three times higher taxes than that of the current generations of families in making this country the greatest in the world. It now seems that we were just naïve in accepting these high tax rates as our duty to this country when we apparently should have been saying what's in it for me.

During Clinton's last four fiscal-year budgets of 1997 through 2001, revenue averaged 19.3 percent GDP, and total U.S. debt increased an average of $94 billion per year. During Trump's first two fiscal years, revenue averaged 16.3 percent and total U.S. debt increased an average of $1.22 trillion per year. The decrease in revenue from Clinton's last four years with a current GDP of $21.5 trillion amounts to about $650 billion per year and accounts for two-thirds of the budget deficit this last fiscal year. What happened to the revenue that the GOP promised the tax cuts would create?

It is time for the younger generations to decide their own future and the direction this country will take. At 78 years of age, I will neither vote or write letters to the editor forever. God bless the United States of America!

Semper fi.



Protect our elections

According to the bipartisan Senate investigation, Russia targeted African American communities in 2016 with the goal of suppressing turnout. And reportedly, in 2016, nationwide black voter turnout actually declined for the first time in 20 years.

In other words, the hacking seems to have been stunningly successful. And the report also says that hacking continues to this day. This from a Senate controlled by Republicans who understand that voter suppression is completely un-American at every level.

It seems to me that every elected official should be up in arms about hacking since it undermines the legitimacy of every election, including theirs.

And yet, as you reported, all of the Arkansas delegation voted against measures to combat foreign interference in U.S. elections.

What? All of them voted against protecting our elections from foreign hackers?

Personally, I don't want foreigners deciding our elections. And in the vacuum created by our elected representatives, I hope that media companies will pick up this Senate report and answer some questions. What happened to the black vote in Arkansas in 2016? What's happening right now? And how can we root out the hackers to protect our elections?


Little Rock

Editorial on 11/03/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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