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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Sept. 30-Oct. 4:

Little Rock Midtown, LP to Welltower OM Group, LLC, L2A, The District At Midtown, $17,926,377.

Little Rock Midtown, LP to Midtown Doctors Building, LLC, Ls1 & 2B, The District At Midtown, $16,500,000.

PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, LLC to Bella Casa, LLC, Lot BR Tract 13, Chenal Valley GMAC Center, $3,711,028.

OSC Little Rock, LLC to RDF Little Rock, LLC, Tract B Area 103, Little Rock Port Industrial Park, $2,243,192.

Mid Corp Investments, LLC to Standard Properties, LLC, Pt SE SE 32-1N-13W, $1,950,000.

Casey C. and Rodney E. Rockwell to Samuel and Maeghan Overley, 5506 Country Club Blvd., Little Rock, L13 B8, Newton- Pulaski Heights, $1,300,000.

J H B Cantrell, LLC to Liebe Investments, LLC, Ls9-12 B3, Bellevue, $1,200,000.

Stephen Richard and Barbara Ann Bova and The Bova Joint Revocable Trust to Karen J. Kozlowski and The Karen J. Kozlowski Revocable Trust, Apt 5-D, Riverbend HPR Phase V, $900,000.

Boulevard Land Co., LLC to Boulevard Enterprises, LLC, L13, Walmart Commercial, $850,000.

Frank Niedzwiedz Jr., Teddi Niedzwiedz, Leon I. Niedzwiedz, Suzanne Niedzwiedz, Thomas J. Niedzwiedz and Chery Niedzwiedz to Peterson Concrete Tank Co., Inc., Pt SE SW & Pt E/2 SE SW 14-3N-13W, $826,000.

Virginia L. Boyd to 3003 W. Markham OB, LLC, 3003 W. Markham St., Little Rock, Ls1-4 B2, C S Stifft, $800,000.

Randy James Construction Co., Inc. to Carmen McClennon and Joel Walker, 104 Hallen Court, Little Rock, L66 B96, Chenal Valley, $759,000.

C. Patricia VanDunnen and The C. Patricia VanDunnen Revocable Trust to Nathan and Lindley Kinard, 13901 Belle Pointe Drive, Little Rock, L16R, Belle Pointe, $705,000.

C. Patricia and Dan A. VanDunnen to Nathan and Lindley Kinard, 13901 Belle Pointe Drive, Little Rock, L16R, Belle Pointe, $705,000.

Rongsheng and Ye Olivia Xu Cai to Tonmoy Kanti and Shreeparna Dasgupta, 33 Maisons Drive, Little Rock, L20 B120, Chenal Valley, $660,000.

Cheryl Ann Widder, Gregory McNeill Ostedgaard and The Janice M. Ostedgaard Revocable Trust to Thomas F. and Susan D. Sawyer, 1 Heritage Park Circle, North Little Rock, Lot A B38, Lakewood, $620,000.

Benjamin C. and Kyle L. Noble to Bryan C. and Sarah H. Sanders, 187 Pleasant Valley Drive, Little Rock, L20 B33, Pleasant Valley, $600,000.

Amber Weinzimer and The Legacy Trust to John K. and Danielle M. Patterson, 70 Pebble Beach Drive, Little Rock, L2 B8, Pleasant Valley, $575,000.

Medlock Management Co, LLC to Medlock, Adams & Glaze, LLC, Pt SE NW, Pt NW SW & Pt NE SW 30-3N-11W, $550,000.

Charles A. Ashton to Ridgewood Timber Corp., Pt E/2 SE 16 & Pt S/2 NE 13-1S-13W, $539,723.

JWJ Investments, LLC to Arkansas Federal Credit Union, Ls19-22 B22, Sylvan Hills, $535,000.

Donald O. and Lucinda L. Phelps to John and Leah M. Bowen, 221 Miramar Blvd., Little Rock, L41 B109, Chenal Valley, $515,000.

Janet Zimmerman to Fred Brister, 1719 N. Spruce St., Little Rock, L38, Cliffewood, $480,000.

Richard F. and Margaret A. Jacobs to Anthony Kent and Kimberley Ann Horton, 53 Ranch Ridge Road, Little Rock, L36, The Ranch, $475,000.

Jared K. Henderson and Melanie Prince to John Paul and Anne Mounsey, 300 E. Third St., Unit 701, Little Rock, Unit 701, 300 Third HPR, $460,000.

William F. and Jennifer H. Reynolds to Johnny P. and Amber D. Tollett, L15 B51, Chenal Valley, $455,000.

Marion Walker Fulk to Jonathan and Sopgie Tabak, 105 Colonial Court, Little Rock, Ls22-23 B2, Colonial Court, $450,000.

Robin R. Smith and Barbara A. Stewart to Jesse N. and Paige N. Wood, 408 Riverland Drive, Maumelle, L3, Turtle Creek Cove, $439,000.

Nunn Development Group, Inc. to Samer Basem Kassis, 104 Delaware Lane, Maumelle, L98, Osage Hills Phase 5-8, $430,000.

Sarah Yans to Linda Miles, L19 B19, Woodlands Edge, $411,000.

Tracie J. Kelley to Neill Wayne and Beverly N. Ruthven. L13 B12, Creekside, $405,900.

Gregory F. and Susan K. Griffeth to Avery and Shannon Austin, 3101 Reynard Road, Little Rock, Pt SW NW 15-1N-14W, $404,000.

James H. Stevens and The James H. Stevens Revocable Trust to John T. and Lauren E. Anderson, 114 Valley Club Circle, Little Rock, L21 B12, Pleasant Valley, $398,000.

Scott S. and Angela P. Simon to Frances McMillan and The Frances McMillan Revocable Trust, Pt W/2 SE 32-2N-12W, $397,500.

Scott D. and Angela P. Simon to Frances McMillan and The Frances McMillan Revocable Trust, Pt W/2 SE 32-2N-12W, $397,500.

Michael W. and Jodi R. Smith to Richard D. and Carrissa W. Sawyer, 36 Commentry Drive, Little Rock, L51 B72, Chenal Valley, $395,000.

Graham Smith Construction, Inc. to Nicholas Joseph Engel and Michael Joseph Tackett, 114 Summershade Loop, Little Rock, L5 B5, Wildwood Ridge Phase III, $394,700.

Corey M. Benish to James Thomas Schnoes, 315 Rock St., Apt. 1110, Little Rock, L1110, River Market Tower, HPR, $375,000.

April L. Pennington and The April L. Pennington Revocable Trust to Chad Aaron and Betsy Ellen Dawson, 14 Hanna Lane, Little Rock, L46, Madison Valley, $368,000.

Michael Keesee to Benjamin B. and Kesley Robbins, 36 Wingate Drive, Little Rock, L36, Wingate, $364,250.

William A. and Mary M. Steele to Tasha and Wesley Ward, 28 Wingate Drive, Little Rock, L28, Wingate, $355,000.

BHL Financing, LLC to Nathan Pruss and Craig Friedman, Pt NE NE 16-4N-10W, $350,000.

Debbie A. and Morris D. Mitchell Jr., to Sarah K. Sylvester, 1712 Dorado Beach Drive, Little Rock, L99, Pebble Beach Woods, $349,900.

Emily Elizabeth Davis to Michael Paul and Chanda Maureen Price, 104 Lagrue Drive, Sherwood, L3 B29, Overbrook, $347,000.

Marilyn Leslie Stotts Layton and The Estate Of Mary Carolyn Stotts(dec'd) to Stuart Finley, 137 Pleasant Valley Drive, Little Rock, L24 B33, Pleasant Valley, $345,000.

Samuel L. and Dana D. Boyster to William F. and Jennifer H. Reynolds, 1862 S. Arch St., Little Rock, Ls8-9 B1, Weldon E. Wright, $345,000.

Stephen Allan Sample to Dawn R. Kelliher, 14301 Longtree Drive, Little Rock, L117R, Longlea Manor, $340,000.

James R. and Sara Lang to Ainsley L. Skokos, 2200 Sawgrass Drive, Little Rock, L21, Pebble Beach Estates Phase III, $330,000.

Shawn O'Dell Construction, Inc. to Karen and Lawrence Billups Jr., 64 Oakbrooke Drive, Sherwood, L14 B1, Millers Cove, $319,900.

Ainsley Skokos to Eric Modelska Pohl, 2018 Sawgrass Drive, Little Rock, L13, Pebble Beach Estates Phase II, $313,000.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Joy Lynne Smith, 87 Saffron Circle, Little Rock, L12 B2, Parkside At Wildwood, $305,000.

PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, LLC to MCJOB, LLC, L25 B98, Chenal Valley- Varennes Court, $300,000.

James Hull and Deirdre Pippenger to Aaron Duane Murphy and Gavriela Garcia, 14208 Chesnay Court, Little Rock, L313, St. Charles, $299,900.

Barber Harrison, LLC to Jeff Fuller Homes, LLC, 1618 N. Harrison St., Little Rock, L5 B3, Englewood, $298,500.

Catherine Stewart Robinson Young and The Catherine Stewart Robinson Revocable Trust to Lynn R. Walton, L8 B4, Wildwood Ridge Phase I, $296,000.

D. A. Phillips Homes, LLC to Jason R. and Vicki A. Phillips, 9540 Meadow Creek Drive, Sherwood, L15, Miller's Glen Phase 3, $293,700.

Juayy ,cCar;eu' Rehoma ,cCar;eu to Mary P. Davis, 1823 Foreman Drive, Little Rock, L1, Lakeside Heights, $290,000.

Adam Sholes and Adam Sholles to Nabil Oumimoun and Sara Moustaouda, 20 Berney Way, Little Rock, L6 B23, Chenal Valley, $286,140.

Diana H. Martin and Johnny B. and Brenda Hopkins to Carole Ann Smith and The Carole Ann Smith Revocable Trust, Pt N/2 SW 19-4N-10W, $285,000.

Bliss L. and Michael R. Beeman II., to Darron D. and Gabriella Laster, 136 Oneida Way, Maumelle, L50, Osage Terrace Phase I-C, $285,000.

Michael A. and Melissa C. Ortega to William Jennings, 40 Berney Way Drive, Little Rock, L37 B19, Chenal Valley, $284,000.

John Michael and Kristine Ann Tabor and The Kristine Ann Tabor Revocable Trust to Ashley Sharp and Jason Fitzgerald, 8336 Windsor Valley Drive, North Little Rock, L39 B1, Windsor Valley, $280,000.

The Ferguson Group, Inc. to John A. and Deborah L. Stewart, 9540 Meadow Oak Drive, Sherwood, L58, Miller's Glen Phase 3, $279,900.

Vance E. Walker to Anna and Scott Dalpias, 45 Bouresse Drive, Little Rock, L80 B48, Chenal Valley, $275,000.

Chad Aaron and Betsy Ellen Dawson to Eliyahu and Roni Stavkovski Hemo, 2 Partridge Court, Little Rock, L36 B5, Hickory Ridge Phase IV, $267,000.

Craig N. and Mary E. Green to Russell D. Powell and Hattie A. Bashful-Powell, 214 Maranes Circle, Maumelle, L1118, The Country Club Of Arkansas Phase XIII, $265,000.

Union Investments, LLC to K. Murthy, LLC, 1901 Wright Ave., Little Rock, Ls17-22 B2, Moore & Penzel, $260,889.

Joseph C. and Nancy L. Hastings to William S. Bobo, 4102 Forest Dale Drive, Little Rock, L22, Charleston Heights Phase I, $259,900.

Cammack Woods, LLC to Alan and Katherine Eleanor Holcomb Vollmer, 6609 Beacon St., Little Rock, L44, Westover Hills, $250,000.

Daniel Scott Construction, LLC to Aaron Grimme, 8617 Johnson Drive, Sherwood, L5 B15, Stonehill Phase VI, $249,900.

Barbara Anderson Hays to Don McClure, 2111 Hinson Road, Apt. 16, Little Rock, L16, Chelsea Square, $248,000.

Global Excel Partners, LLC to Joyti Lal, 11123 Beverly Hills Drive, Little Rock, L54, Beverly Hills Section B, $244,000.

Riviera Partners, LLC to Timothy J. and Emily P. Stevens, Unit 503, Riviera HPR, $241,000.

Patrick Allen Neece to Dennis L. Gates, 15505 Hartford St., Little Rock, L238, Capitol Lakes Estates Phase IB, $238,000.

Jason and Stephanie Willett to Gregory Lee Carter and Andrea Suyapa Espinoza Carter, 58 Bouresse Drive, Little Rock, L26 B48, Chenal Valley, $235,000.

Robert A. Vogel Jr., and The Robby And Laura Beth Vogel Children's Trust to Sarah and Brad Swanson, L121, Secluded Hills Phase III, $232,500.

Kathy M. Ball Patterson to Maria Isanel-Olvera, Pt E/2 NW NE 14-1W-12W, $230,000.

Erin K. and Jacob T. Huffmire to Brandy Sweeden and Thomas Kristopher Dixon, 9409 Oak Forest Lane, Sherwood, L5, Millers Glen Phase 2, $230,000.

Jason and Brindy Michelle Cathey to Debra Simpson-Webster and William Ray Webster, 12 Crownpoint Road, Little Rock, L150, Colony West 2nd, $229,000.

Jennifer L. Blankenship to Ashley Ann and Jared Shane Hewitt, 2000 Cherrybend Drive, Little Rock, L19 B5, Cherry Creek, $225,900.

Gary James Reid to Travi M. Berry, 76 Shoshoni Drive, Sherwood, L409, Indianhead Lake Estates Section C, $225,000.

Michael P. and Chanda M. Price to David T. Barker, 7117 Sarrasin St., Sherwood, L3, Edgewater Estates, $225,000.

David T. Barker to Dawn R. Burnett, 1618 Garland Ave., North Little Rock, L36 B2, Park Hill NLR, $219,900.

Pamela S. Thompson and The Greenfield Living Trust to LaKendra Ready, 7336 W. Ridge Circle, Sherwood, L109 B1, Gap Creek, $215,000.

Evan C. and Rachel E. A. Bell and The Bell Living Trust to German Alexander and Erin Simmons Diaz, 64 Springridge Court, Little Rock, L97 B4, Cherry Creek, $212,000.

Nidia E. and Robert L. Cochran Jr., to John T. Garrard, 2910 Millbrook Road, Little Rock, L121A, Echo Valley 1st, $211,500.

Nathan and Carrie Poston to Hedayatollah Behzadpour and Elham Zarfeshani, 14411 Westbury Drive, Little Rock, L55, Westbury Phase I, $210,000.

Cope Homes, Inc. to Kenneth E. Larson, 5112 DeQuincy Drive, Jacksonville, L3, Jaxon Terrace Phase XI, $210,000.

Lauren Ashley and Quenterrial R. Spencer to Christopher and Maggie Roberts, 107 Vienne Place, Maumelle, L1335, Montmartre Phase 21A- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD, $202,000.

PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, LLC to Kevin Hughes Construction Co., Inc., L3 B96, Chenal Valley- Hallen Court, $202,000.

Aaron A. and Sandra G. Theodore to Thomas Chase and Ally Eubanks, 6717 Navajo Trail, North Little Rock, L9 B15, Indian Hills, $202,000.

John and Christina Anne Helbling to Lisa and Brian Michael Grayson, 1901 Hidden Creek Drive, Sherwood, L29, Hidden Creek, $200,000.

PPP Group A, LLC to Lindsey Warehouse, LLC; Once, LLC, Burlingame Investments Holdings, LLC and Blue Sky Enterprises, LLC, Pt E/2 SW & Pt W/2 SE 17-1N-11W, $200,000.

Andrea C. Bell to Joseph Alan Anderson and Laura Amanda McCalla-Anderson, 507 N. Beverly Ave., Sherwood, L6 B10, Country Club Park, $198,000.

Desiree D. Sheehan and Randall Neal Palculict and The Palculict Living Trust to Teresa Thomas, 19 Buttermilk Road, Little Rock, L181, Sturbridge Phase III, $198,000.

Eric and Jamie Carden to Andrew G. and Lindsey M. Gillis, 2700 Grist Mill Road, Little Rock, L355, Ludington Heights, $196,500.

Cheryl Ann Meola to Cameron L. Summons, 4 Trevino Cove, Little Rock, L963, Fairway Woods Phase IV- Otter Creek Community, $195,000.

Courtney C. and James R. Davis to Avery and Sherkari Campbell, 132 Bentley Circle, Little Rock, L142, Bentley Court Phase III, $195,000.

Clayton Wade Borengasser to Lauri Ann Wolfe, 12612 Timber Hill Drive, Little Rock, L12 B1, Timber Ridge, $194,900.

PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, LLC to Kevin Hughes Construction Co., Inc., L7 B96, Chenal Valley- Hallen Court, $194,000.

Jonathan B. and Veronica M. Euler to Christopher Kimzey Porter, Christopher Kyle Porter and Lana Porter, 5 Westglen Cove, Little Rock, L23, West Glen, $190,000.

Ed G. and Ricky J. Jarvis to William Andrew Simpson, 4116 Lochridge Road, North Little Rock, L1 B206, Park Hill NLR, $189,500.

Amanda L. Noles to Alfred J. Walker, 16500 Sunbelt Lane, Little Rock, Pt E/2 SE SE 28-1S-12W, $187,000.

Errol Chambers to Parker Reidhead, 14000 Knighton Cove, North Little Rock, L11 B4, Stone Links, $186,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Velma H. Lewis, 6957 White Oak Way, North Little Rock, L269, Trammel Estates Phase VI-A, $185,889.

Redus E. Reed to Jerome Latham, 3513 S. Ridge Drive, Jacksonville, L48F, Western Hills Phase II, $185,000.

Sherwood 2015, LLC to Jawaski Connors, 17001 Crooked Oak Drive, Sherwood, L111, Bent Tree Estates, $181,690.

William W. and Paula D. Satterfield to Linda Dye, 2520 Austin Oaks Drive, Sherwood, L33, Hunter's Ridge, $180,000.

Janice McMillan and The Robert And Kathryn Baertsch Irrevocable Trust to Tiffany M. and Gregory A. Hargrave, 10 Pleasant Tree Cove, Little Rock, L13, Pleasantree 3rd, $178,000.

Joseph E. Sweere to Ann Jarrell, 76 Zircon Drive, Maumelle, L121, Park Ridge, $176,500.

Pamela B. and Ronnie C. Lambert to Sherri and Jimmy Parks, 4121 B Street, Little Rock, L6 B3, Pinehurst, $175,000.

Brogan Mitchell O'Toole to Christopher Edward and Najwa Armstrong, 6080 Allwood Drive, North Little Rock, L1 B3, Countryside, $174,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Sheena Stricklen, 6909 White Oak Way, North Little Rock, L266, Trammel Estates Phase VI-A, $171,769.

Herr Building Group, LLC to Bennett W. and Julie Y. Pruet, Lot D-21 B13, Chenal Valley, $171,000.

Adam N. Guthrie to Michael and Abbey Laureano, 6321 Tall Chief Drive, North Little Rock, L6 B2, Indian Hills, $169,000.

Avelina M. Harris to Robert L. and Pamela Morton, 4 Cobblestone Creek Court, Little Rock, L2, Green Diamond, $168,900.

Sharon C. Watson to Jerome Willis Jr., 105 Wedgeside Court, Little Rock, L43-R, Wedgewood Creek Phase I Replat, $168,000.

Allgood Custom Homes, LLC to Shanie S. Pruitt, 5217 Rainer Drive, Jacksonville, L13, Jaxon Terrace Phase XI, $167,805.

Cindy L. Johnson to Meredith and Ryan Hale, 2109 Lancing Road, North Little Rock, L30 B27, Lakewood, $167,500.

Danny P. Harris to Kristin Brizendine, 6701 Mountain Pine Road, North Little Rock, Pt SE SW 7-2N-12W, $167,000.

Alex and Erin Diaz to Roderick D. Terrell, 9 Pyeatt Circle, Little Rock, L53, Treasure Hill, $165,000.

Toni A. Thrash and The Toni A. Thrash Revocable Trust to National Property Holdings, LLC, 2824 N. University Ave., Little Rock, Ls1-2 B32, Mountain Home, $165,000.

Mariann Clark and The Southern Revocable Trust to Dung Lam Vo, 4 Buttermilk Road, Little Rock, L150, Sturbridge Phase III, $164,500.

James and Sharon Hightower to Silencio and Natasha Jones, 975 Williamsburg Court, Jacksonville, L31F, Collenwood Phase I, $163,500.

Ace General Contractors, Inc. to Leaundra M. Sanders, 8250 Nora Lane, Sherwood, L23, Hidden Lake Estates, $162,900.

Regina DeVone Cates Chambers to Milford D. and Carol A. Mowels, 9403 Copeland Lane, North Little Rock, L4, C. H. Richter, $160,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC and Rausch Coleman Arkansas Developers, LLC to Marsha Stanley, 1416 Azalea Drive, North Little Rock, L404, Faulkner Crossing Phase 8, $159,225.

Kirk Freeney to Matthew D. and Stephanie Ray, 18 Wincrest Circle, Sherwood, L61, Runyan Acres Section D, $157,500.

Lillian Renee and Stephen A. Kovach to Amanda Noles, 7 Wild Cherry Court, Little Rock, L14 B5, Cedar Ridge, $155,000.

Rausch Coleman Mid-Ark, LLC to Brandi Reynolds and Beunte Green, 1618 Yarrow Drive, North Little Rock, L413, Faulkner Crossing Phase 8, $150,965.

Joseph R. Peyer and The Estate Of James Robert Peyer(dec'd) to John and Dawn Latch, 13 Hogan Drive, Maumelle, L7 B8, Maumelle Club Manor, $150,000.

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