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Some of us have watched the blog known as Deadspin for several years now. The website had some decent stories on sports, effective and witty headlines--but mostly was good for a solid chuckle now and again. (And these days, everybody needs a chuckle.)

Some of us got used to visiting the site to check out unique commentary on politics, culture and maybe even cooking once in a while. Even though sports was supposed to be its anchor.

Deadspin was really like a box of chocolates, in that we never knew what we were going to get, except that it'd probably be funny. It was the headline writers who kept us going back. But that's a thing of the past now, apparently.

After our president got booed at a baseball game the other night, writers and editors at Deadspin were reportedly given a mandate from the empty suits: Stick to sports. There were disagreements, there were firings, there were resignations. Here's more from The Washington Post:

"The entire staff of around 20 writers and editors at Deadspin have announced their resignations or otherwise left the publication in recent days, leaving the future of the popular sports website in question and signaling the end, at least in its current form, of a brash, iconoclastic and sometimes controversial blog that grew into one of the most influential voices in sports media."

It's stunning how quickly a digital news-ish website can go from fully staffed to having no editors and writers. But that's the world we live in.

So far it looks like nobody is actually in the wrong. The people at the top who call the shots gave orders to change the content. And the people who wrote the content decided to walk. Now it seems nobody gets Deadspin. But thems the breaks. At least we still have The Onion.

Editorial on 11/05/2019

Print Headline: Another one bites the dust


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