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List of candidate filings

November 5, 2019 at 2:23 a.m. | Updated November 5, 2019 at 2:23 a.m.

These are candidates for public office who filed Monday at the state Capitol. (Judicial candidates who filed earlier by petition are not included in this list but will be published later.)

Abbreviations: Democrat, (D); Libertarian, (L); Republican, (R). Independent is (Ind). All judicial candidates are nonpartisan.

Other than abbreviation of titles, names are shown as filed.

The Democratic and Republican primaries are March 3, 2020, as is the judicial general election. The general election is Nov. 3, 2020.


Bernie Sanders (D)

Amy Klobuchar (D)

Pete Buttigieg (D)

Mosie Boyd (D)

Kamala Harris (D)

Elizabeth Warren (D)


Sen. Tom Cotton (R)

Ricky Dale Harrington Jr. (L)

Dan Whitfield (Ind)

Josh Mahony (D)


Congressman Rick Crawford, District 1 (R)

Congressman French Hill, District 2 (R)

Celeste Williams, District 3 (D)

Michael J. Kalagias, District 3 (L)

Frank Gilbert, District 4 (L)

William H. Hanson, District 4 (D)


Ronetta Francis, District 1 (D)

Bart Hester, District 1 (R)

Sen. Jim Hendren, District 2 (R)

Sen. Lance Eads, District 7 (R)

Sen. Jimmy Hickey, Jr., District 11 (R)

Charles Beckham, District 12 (R)

Jeff Crow, District 13 (R)

Sen. Alan Clark, District 13 (R)

Sen. Breanne Davis, District 16 (R)

Rep. Dan Sullivan, District 21 (R)

Sen. John Cooper, District 21 (R)

Sen. Dave Wallace, District 22 (R)

Sen. Ronald Caldwell, District 23 (R)

Sen. Eddie L. Cheatham, District 26 (D)

Ben Gilmore, District 26 (R)

Keidra Burrell, District 27 (D)

Garry L. Smith, District 27 (D)

Sen. Trent Garner, District 27 (R)

Sen. Jonathan Dismang, District 28 (R)

Sen. Ricky Hill, District 29 (R)

Sen. Jane English, District 34 (R)


Rep. Carol Dalby, District 1 (R)

Rep. Lane Jean, District 2 (R)

Rep. Danny Watson, District 3 (R)

Rep. David Fielding, District 5 (D)

Rep. Matthew J. Shepherd, District 6 (R)

George Calloway, Jr., District 7 (D)

Rep. Jeffrey R. Wardlaw, District 8 (R)

Christopher Ogburn, District 8 (D)

Howard Beaty, District 9 (R)

Rep. Mike Holcomb, District 10 (R)

Rep. Chris Richey, District 12 (D)

Rep. David Hillman, District 13 (R)

Rep. Roger Dale Lynch, District 14 (R)

Rick Bransford, District 14 (D)

Ken Ferguson, District 16 (D)

Rep. Justin Gonzales, District 19 (R)

Rep. John Maddox, District 20 (R)

Rep. Marcus Richmond, District 21 (R)

Justice of the Peace Richard McGrew, District 22 (R)

Judy Bowers, District 22 (L)

Rep. Lanny Fite, District 23 (R)

Rep. Bruce Cozart, District 24 (R)

Rep. Les Warren, District 25 (R)

Lorna Nobles, District 26 (R)

Joyce Schimenti, District 26 (D)

Marietta McClure, District 28 (R)

Rep. Fred Allen, District 30 (D)

Sandy Furrer, District 31 (Ind)

Councilman RJ Hawk, District 31 (R)

Rep. Tippi McCullough, District 33 (D)

Rep. Andrew Collins, District 35 (D)

Rep. Jamie Scott, District 37 (D)

Rep. Carlton Wing, District 38 (R)

David M. Dougan, District 40 (Ind)

Allison Dougan, District 40 (Ind)

Karyn Maynard, District 40 (R)

David Ray, District 40 (R)

Zach Randall, District 41 (D)

Jannie M. Cotton, District 41 (D)

Rep. Karilyn Brown, District 41 (R)

Mark Perry, District 42 (D)

Rep. Brian S. Evans, District 43 (R)

Rep. Cameron Cooper, District 44 (R)

Jim Wooten, District 45 (R)

Rep. Craig Christiansen, District 47 (R)

Rep. Reginald Murdock, District 48 (D)

Rep. Steve Hollowell, District 49 (R)

Rep. Deborah Ferguson, District 51 (D)

Cole Peck, District 53 (R)

Bobby Long, District 53 (R)

Rep. Johnny Rye, District 54 (R)

Rep. Monte Hodges, District 55 (D)

Rep. Brandt Smith, District 58 (R)

Rep. Jack Ladyman, District 59 (R)

Rep. Fran Cavenaugh, District 60 (R)

Rep. Marsh Davis, District 61 (R)

Rep. Michelle Gray, District 62 (R)

Stu Smith, District 63 (R)

Rep. John Payton, District 64 (R)

Rep. Rick Beck, District 65 (R)

Rep. Josh Miller, District 66 (R)

Rep. Stephen Meeks, District 67 (R)

Steve Wilson, District 67 (D)

Rep. Stan Berry, District 68 (R)

Rep. Aaron Pilkington, District 69 (R)

Rep. Spencer Hawks, District 70 (R)

Rep. Joe Cloud, District 71 (R)

Rep. Steve Magie, District 72 (D)

Rep. Mary Bentley, District 73 (R)

Rep. Jon S. Eubanks, District 74 (R)

Lee Johnson, District 75 (R)

Rep. Cindy Crawford, District 76 (R)

Rep. Justin Boyd, District 77 (R)

Gary Deffenbaugh, District 79 (R)

Rep. Charlene Fite, District 80 (R)

Lou Reed Sharp, District 80 (D)

Rep. Bruce Coleman, District 81 (R)

Rep. David Whitaker, District 85 (D)

Brian Hester, District 85 (R)

Rep. Nicole Clowney, District 86 (D)

Rep. Robin Lundstrum, District 87 (R)

Rep. Clint Penzo, District 88 (R)

Hawley Woods, District 88 (D)

Jed Duggar, District 89 (R)

Rep. Megan Godfrey, District 89 (D)

Kendon Underwood, District 90 (R)

Rep. Jana Della Rosa, District 90 (R)

Kelly Ross Kraut, District 90 (D)

Chris Latimer, District 90 (R)

Jorge Becker, District 91 (R)

Nick Jones, District 91 (D)

Delia Haak, District 91 (R)

Scott Richardson, District 91 (R)

Rep. Jim Dotson, District 93 (R)

Jene Huffman-Gilreath, District 94 (D)

Jon Comstock, District 96 (D)

Justice of the Peace Joshua Bryant, District 96 (R)

Rep. Harlan Breaux, District 97 (R)

Suzie Bell, District 97 (D)

Rep. Ron McNair, District 98 (R)

Rep. Jack Fortner, District 99 (R)

Rep. Nelda Speaks, District 100 (R)

Kevin Vornheder, District 100 (L)

Paige Dillard Evans, District 100 (R)



Court of Appeals Judge Brandon Harrison, District 4, Position 1


Danny Glover, District 1, Division 2, Subdistrict 1.2

Judge Christopher Morledge, District 1, Division 3, Subdistrict 1.2

Circuit Judge Randy Philhours, District 2, Division 11, At Large

Judge Doug Martin, District 4, Division 1

Judge Stacey Zimmerman, District 4, Division 3

Circuit Judge Tim Fox, District 6, Division 6, Subdistrict 6.2

Suzanne Lumpkin, District 6, Division 8, Subdistrict 6.1

Jay Shue, District 6, Division 15, Subdistrict 6.2

Circuit Judge Chris E. Williams, District 7, Division 1

Circuit Judge Robert H. Wyatt, Jr., District 11-West, Division 2, Subdistrict 11.2

Brian Johnson, District 18-East, Division 2

Circuit Judge Lynn Williams, District 18-East, Division 3

Judge John R. Scott, District 19-West, Division 4

Judge Doug Schrantz, District 19-West, Division 6

Circuit Judge H.G. Foster, District 20, Division 5

Judge Mike Medlock, District 21, Division 2


Judge Graham H. Nations, District 2, Division 2

Judge Clinton (Casey) Jones, District 2, Division 3

David Dero Phillips, District 2, Division 4

Judge Vic Fleming, District 31, Little Rock 2

Judge Mark D. Leverett, District 31, Little Rock 3

Billy Jack Gibson, District 33

Mark Steven Fraiser, District 41, Department 2

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