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Disappointed in Hill

I originally wrote a letter to the editor a year ago speaking on a missed opportunity to vote for our 2nd District legislator. I met with French Hill and he heard my grievances, and he kept his seat, and in that time, life goes on.

However, last Thursday as the House voted to reveal the truth to America, its constitutional right and duty, French Hill decided to side with party and a man. I've yet to see French Hill stand up for morality, truth and the Constitution over party. He favors veterans and while I wish it were genuine, I can say veterans serve Americans, all Americans, so what's the point of his helping us?

Why did he choose party over country? If the innocent are truly innocent, should he not push to prove it?

As a veteran, I am so deeply saddened by the state of this country. Why did I bother serving when elected officials like French Hill aren't truly interested in serving us all? What saddens me most is that when I met him, I truly thought he cared.


Little Rock

Good news out there

I totally agree with the letter-writers who wish to see good news. There seems to be a lacking of it, but it is there if one only looks.

Since I am 75, I am grateful to be alive. Close friends, classmates, and others near my age are in the nursing home, homebound, or no longer with us. I have health problems, but a relatively clear mind (ignore those who think otherwise) and am generally healthy. A loving family, wonderful church, and community round out the blessings in my life. You're welcome to share!


Cave City

Shake, rattle and roll

To those helicopter pilots who repeatedly flew so low over our homes the other night that the walls shook and the windows rattled, why didn't you give us any advance warning? I could have bought some Depends.

Arkansas has enough uninhabited space; you could have taken a different path. On the bright side, thank you for cleaning out my gutters.


North Little Rock

About impeachment

In the Friday paper, our four honorable representatives from Arkansas railed against the impeachment process. Rep. Steve Womack called it a "secretive Soviet-style process." I guess that same style was OK during Secretary Clinton's Benghazi hearings. Shades of McCarthyism.

Rep. Bruce Westerman says he's been left in the dark like a mushroom. What he does not say is that there were Republican congressmen on those committees who attended each of those behind-closed-doors hearings. He could have talked to any one of them at any time for information. I guess you have to stay in one place if you are a mushroom.

Also, what is not said is that if President Trump were cooperating with the investigation, he would be allowed legal representation at all hearings with the right to cross-examine. He has elected not to participate and has blocked others with limited success.

For all the process bluster of our state's representatives, not one to my knowledge has said that holding up Congress' approved funds to Ukraine to defend itself against Russia for political investigations was OK. No one is defending his actions because they can't. Some might call it extortion or a shakedown. Is China's trade deal part of an investigation of the Bidens too?

All the good Republicans are leaving or have left. What we have now is mostly a Party of Trump. When will Republicans take back their party?



It's just like we talk

A Nov. 2 letter from a regular opinionator assails salty language our president used in a rally of his constituents, most of whom probably voted for him in 2016. Children shouldn't be exposed to such words, said the letter-writer.

Well, if they have heard those words in their own neighborhood and know what they mean, words will not damage them; likewise, if they haven't heard them, it's no harm, no foul (to borrow from basketball's vocabulary). Surprising, too, considering the same kind of expletives shouted by a younger candidate of the other major party seeking the president's job who, ironically, just decided he's had enough. Well, imagine that, candidates talking to their fellow citizens in understandable language in this age of political correctness.

One last thought: Are children regular viewers of political speeches? I don't think so.


Bella Vista

Editorial on 11/06/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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