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People who are into plants, birds or nature will love Costa Rica.

We are taking up to 30 people on a seven day adventure throughout Costa Rica with our favorite guide Maguil, February 17 - 24, 2020 and we have a few spaces left.

Maguil knows all about the plants, the birds, and the wildlife and is passionate about his country. We have traveled with him 3 times now, and we also hosted him in Arkansas, showing him our beautiful state.

Our trip will start in the capital city of San Jose where we will stay for 2 nights, then we move on to Arenal for two nights, then on to Tenorio National Park for two nights before returning to San Jose for our last night.

We will tour botanical gardens,

tropical rain forests,

coffee plantations,

take a chocolate tour,

and see volcanoes,


and plants and animals.

The tropical plant life is quite diverse, as is the wildlife.

You will be amazed to see what our houseplants look like in Costa Rica,

along with tropical plants you have never seen before.

In the past we have seen several species of monkeys,

iguanas, sloths,

sea turtles hatching,



and more birds than you can count,

including the rare Quetzal, toucans,

and gorgeous parrots.

Costa Rica was one of the first countries to discover ecotourism, and they have developed it into a fine art.

It is not commercialized as you often see in tourist hot spots, but it is well managed so that you truly see the country as it should be experienced.

Escape the cold February weather to a tropical week in Costa Rica. The link to the website to register is here. The website has the full itinerary, cost and the link to the registration form is on the left under Maguil's picture.

We have a great group of travelers already registered, but we do have a few spots open, and will start a waiting list if needed. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. I have to admit, that going through all my old pictures has me even more excited about going than I was before. It will be a wonderful trip!

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