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• Ethan Crispo, a Waffle House customer in Birmingham, Ala., asked for an apron and got to work with several other customers who pitched in to wash dishes and clear tables when a scheduling error left a single worker serving an "incoming crowd of hungry, heavily imbibed customers."

• Bruce Bennett, a district judge in Baton Rouge, who offered to reduce a convicted rapist's 12-year sentence if he paid his victim $150,000, saw the proposal rejected by the now-31-year-old victim who said she doesn't want any money from her attacker.

• Justin Lopez-Cardoze, 30, awarded $7,500 for being named the District of Columbia's 2020 Teacher of the Year, will use $5,000 of his prize to help send a graduating senior interested in science to college and send the rest to his sick mother.

• Rio Amon-Wilkins, a Hilo, Hawaii, police lieutenant, said a 71-year-old man who was doing yardwork died when he stepped into a 2-foot-diameter hole in the dirt-covered surface of an old lava tube and fell more than 20 feet.

• Tondalao Hall, 35, an Oklahoma woman convicted in 2006 of failing to report that her boyfriend was abusing her children, was released after serving 13 years behind bars, while the boyfriend, who pleaded guilty to abuse, has been free for years after being released on probation.

• R.C. Oglesby, a county commissioner in Hart County, Ga., and four members of his family were arrested on racketeering charges after deputies raided their homes and businesses in what the sheriff described as a food stamp fraud investigation.

• Noah Stirn, 24, a Florida inmate, pleaded guilty to mailing or attempting to mail 21 threatening letters from prison claiming that he had planted explosives in government buildings, including the Florida Capitol and the U.S. Courthouse in Pensacola, prosecutors said.

• Satyasurya Thumma, 23, of Culpeper, Va., convicted of cyberstalking, was sentenced to 6½ years in prison for sending nude photos of two ex-girlfriends to their families and friends, which a prosecutor described as a "campaign to ruin" them for leaving him.

A Section on 11/09/2019

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