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In my book, any reason to have friends and family around is a good reason for a party, but birthday's, especially big ones, are even more cause for celebration. Clay turned the big 60 last week, and two other friends had birthdays the same week, so we celebrated them all.

Our son Kyle has finally started a catering business in addition to his full-time job, so he cooked for us (for free last night) to showcase his talents.

Clay is not into fancy foods, so our party foods consisted of meatloaf

and mashed potatoes, creamed English peas, mini corndogs and cream cheese covered with peach preserves and pick-a-peppa sauce--all of Clay's favorites.

We also had mini cheese cubes which Clay thinks are a must for a party (and which rarely get eaten!)

We also had Kyle's signature spinach dip and cake. Two cakes to be exact.

We had a great time visiting and eating.

Even our solar guys showed up!

We entertain a lot, and throw small dinner parties to large events. I have to say, entertaining while retired is a heck of a lot easier than doing so when working full time. This party was a breeze. I did not do any major cooking, but organized, setup and cleaned up. It was a piece of cake! What a fun night celebrating some important events and great people! A fun time was had by all!

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