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Battle of the Ravine

Re Ouachita and Henderson game: A short background to set up my comments. I was really torn on who to root for in this historic meeting between these two Arkansas football GAC powerhouse teams. My family history goes back six generations in Arkadelphia to the mid-1800s. My grandfather graduated from Henderson around 1922, and I attended Henderson in spring 1974 before transferring to Fayetteville and walking on for the Hogs 1974-1975. My nephew graduated from Ouachita, and I currently work with Ouachita Coach Todd Knight's son. One of my best pals at U of A was Cliff Harris' brother Tommy.

I have always admired both of these historic colleges and realize the importance of their past and future to our state. I knew this would be a great game, but wow! What a perfect afternoon for football. I could not attend the game, but I watched on the Internet ESPN broadcast. I was very much impressed by the extreme effort those young men gave representing their respective teams. My son attended the game and stated in a text, "What a great atmosphere." This game was the epitome of Arkansas college football. I hated that either team had to lose. Great game, Henderson players and fans. Hold your heads up high.

After watching this game, it puzzles me how some (not all) of the Razorback players appeared to "lay down" in a lot of games this year. How can that happen? I have never seen that as obvious on any team in my 64-year history of watching football. Saturday's game at Arkadelphia proves that attitude and effort can greatly enhance physical ability and is so much fun to watch.


Little Rock

Not held accountable

I have to wonder if Sens. John Boozman and Tom Cotton have thought through the consequences of not removing Donald Trump from office. If the Senate takes that route, it will give Trump at least another year to continue experimenting with his theory that the president is above the law and cannot be held accountable by anyone.

Do the senators really believe that Trump will clean up his act and start operating within the law? Really? Or is it more likely that he will continue to test the boundaries to see what he can get away with? What could possibly go wrong? What laws hasn't he broken yet? How about this: Everyone knows how much he loves money. It may be the only thing he loves more than himself. An easy way for him to make massive amounts of money would be through insider trading. Ever notice how much the stock market goes up every time Trump hints at another (phony) breakthrough in trade talks with China? His family, with advance knowledge, could make a killing trading on that information. Who's going to stop them? It's not like the SEC would investigate such trades.

Why bother? Trump can't be held accountable. I don't think Trump will actually shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, but why not? He could. After all, if the Senate says he's untouchable, then he is. Welcome to Trumpworld. It's definitely not Disneyland.



This is no fairy land

As our country is being assaulted left and right, the far lefties are lickin' their chops. I'm left behind the fast-moving daily news, but this I know. Things are not looking up.

I fear for our five grandchildren. All they hear is "free medical," and "free college for all." It even sounds good to me if this were a fairy land, but this is not fairy land. It is America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Keeping it free and brave is a daunting task.



Disingenuous query

In her letter, Sherry Snow asks what Pete Buttigieg's husband would be called were Mr. Buttigieg to become the president of the United States. This issue should be broadened to include the spouses of all candidates (female as well as male) married to a man. The answer: whatever term would be used for the male spouse of a female president. At best, it's a trivial question.

Trivial--and disingenuous. The writer's true concern becomes evident when she asks, "What kind of precedent and statement would this present?" By this she does not mean the possibility of a POTUS having a husband instead of a wife, but rather the gender of Mr. Buttigieg's choice of partner for life. What does it say about his character, about the values of his supporters? Were we to elect him, what would it say about our nation?

I am not troubled by this aspect of Mr. Buttigieg's personal life. More directly to my point, we should be very concerned were there allegations of his having hit on men, suspicions of his marital infidelity, and such--but none have surfaced. Furthermore, there has been no hint of bribery by means of payoffs in exchange for silence (hush money). Nor has there been any recording of an exchange between him and any member of the media in which he admits to--even brags about--making unwelcome advances, groping, and/or other forms of sexual assault. Has anyone detected even a whiff of sleaze?

We have already elected a person with a long, sordid history of the kind of (mis)conduct just described. Are those persons disturbed by Mr. Buttigieg's sexual preference also troubled by the behavior of our current POTUS? If not, why not?


Siloam Springs

Put a sock in it, Tony

Dear NFL: Is there any way you can get Tony Romo to shut up? Thanking you in advance.


Cherokee Village

Editorial on 11/19/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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