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  1. The expression "You're no __" means you are old or getting old.

  2. The fictional home of The Simpsons

  3. Alice Springs is roughly in the geographic center of this country.

  4. This English city in Somerset is known for its hot springs.

  5. Rachel Carson is known for this environmental book.

  6. This spring festival is 40 days before Easter.

  7. Born to Run is a studio album by this rock star.

  8. "Tel" means "hill." The name of this Israeli city means "hill of spring."

  9. Title of an Igor Stravinsky ballet and orchestral concert


  1. Spring chicken

  2. Springfield

  3. Australia

  4. Bath

  5. Silent Spring

  6. Carnival

  7. Bruce Springsteen

  8. Tel Aviv

  9. The Rite of Spring

Food on 11/20/2019

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Spring


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