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Signifying nothing ...

I don't usually read John Brummett, but I did Sunday.

After reading his column, it occurred to me that liberal talk (add Philip Martin) is a lot like Paganini Caprices: impressive virtuosity (with words), but doesn't conclude much of anything. Sort of an endless seminar, but hardly the Brahms Concerto.


Little Rock

A cancer on our state

It seems the state of Arkansas is on an accelerated decline to the bottom and no one seems to notice or care.

First, we had the running of the dogs in West Memphis, and the galloping of the horses at the racetrack at Oaklawn in Hot Springs. Then came the idea of expanding gambling by injecting scholarships for education through the purchasing of scratch-offs. Scholarships to help educate our disadvantaged students? The idea sounded great, but no one ever said that the majority of the money would come from, mostly, the poor and disadvantaged people of our state, whose kids and grandkids would never receive a scholarship.

We have Mega Millions, Powerball and charitable gaming (Bingo), scratch-offs for scholarships, even one to benefit veterans, and two proposed land-based casinos in Russellville and Pine Bluff. Casino gambling is already underway in Pine Bluff on a limited basis while construction is underway for its new permanent location.

Would someone tell me, if gambling is not a sin, why does it always have to be packaged with something good in order to sell the idea?

As a member of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) faith, we feel that gambling feeds on human weaknesses and contributes to the desire to get something for nothing. This attitude encourages faith in chance, damages character, breeds crime, and promotes dishonesty and apathetic attitudes toward petty gambling, which aids in organized crime. The business of gambling is entirely parasitic and exists for the sole purpose of exploiting human weaknesses.

As good citizens and Christians, we have a sacred duty to warn people of the dangerous cancer in our state. With every life destroyed and every home broken, our silence makes us a party to it.


Pine Bluff

Just stop that, please

I would like to request that our Faubus-like governor, Asa Hutchinson, cease and desist in his efforts to destroy Little Rock's public schools.


Little Rock

Editorial on 11/21/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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