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Same as it ever was

While watching the impeachment hearings on TV I was reminded of a statement made by President Eisenhower in 1955. He was trying to get a foreign aid bill passed, but the Republican members of Congress would not vote for it.

He was reported to have said, "Each congressman thinks of himself as intensely patriotic; but it does not take the average member long to conclude that his first duty to his country is to get himself re-elected."

Nothing has changed in over 60 years.


North Little Rock

Future of journalism

Re 200th anniversary: Congratulations to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette for reaching such a significant anniversary! James Gifford of Hot Springs Village suggested that you continue running the newspaper page each day from 100 years earlier. I would encourage you to include features and front pages from the Arkansas Democrat as well.

Like Mr. Gifford, I have really enjoyed and appreciated the daily history lesson. For a business to last 200 years is very special. For a newspaper to survive 200 years is even more significant, and it indicates how it has stayed relevant over time.

Thank you to WEHCO and the Hussman family for making such a meaningful commitment to the future of journalism in our state and nation, and for ensuring that the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette will continue well into the future.


Little Rock

Should reduce the fee

Is anyone else out there upset over this new hybrid/electric vehicle fee tax?

I just opened my latest vehicle registration renewal notice and found that $100 has been added to the renewal. What bureaucrat in the middle of the night came up with this totally unfair (in my view) new tax? Seems to me like they should be reducing, instead of increasing, the registration fee for hybrids because they reduce emissions and help protect the environment.

Oh, well--I guess we'll never run out of ideas for new taxes!


Hot Springs Village

Prioritize the streets

I've heard that our new (can I still use that adjective?) mayor wants to use $2 million of the street budget for something or other over at Rock Region Metro.

Nothing against the fine folks over there, but has our mayor driven around our pothole-infested city lately?


Little Rock

Editorial on 11/22/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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