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Since I am retired now, my goal was to get everything organized and ready early this year for Thanksgiving. I made my list, downloaded coupons, clipped coupons and I was going to be in and out with all my groceries for a week before the mayhem of Thanksgiving week hit.

I looked at the forecast and opted to go even though it was raining, because I wanted to get done early. The store was not crowded, and I breezed through the store checking everything off my list. For the past 10 years or more I have been buying a fresh (never frozen) turkey. They had a lot to choose from at my Kroger and I got a 21-pound bird. You know how the poultry packages can sometimes be a little sticky, so you put them in plastic bags? Well, a 21-pound bird wasn’t going to fit in a Kroger bag. I told them to scan it and just leave it in the cart, and I put some plastic bags under it when I put it in the car. It was raining a little heavier as I left, but I got everything in the car and was on the way home in record time. I had all my weekly groceries, plus Thanksgiving meal covered, and I saved $31 with coupons! My trunk was loaded with food and stuff.

Life was going just as planned.

I got home, popped open the trunk and I was greeted by turkey blood and juices all over the trunk. Obviously, my plastic wrapped bird had a hole in it somewhere. The bags sitting on the second level were not touched by blood, so I moved those inside first. Then I had to take everything out of the bags and rinse them off inside. Gross doesn’t even come close to describing it. The only silver lining was I had a weather tech protection mat in the trunk, so the trunk carpeting was saved. I put the big old turkey inside a large trash bag and still put newspapers under it in in the outside refrigerator. Once I had emptied everything and had all my groceries clean and drying inside on the kitchen counters, I tackled the car. After sopping up all the liquid, I removed the mats, sprayed them with bleach, then poured boiling water over them. Then I connected my outside hose and jet sprayed them all.

Now they are drying in the garage. I also had to treat two umbrellas and a few bags are in the laundry.

So much for a quick trip! Who knew there could be so much liquid from one turkey? For those of you who still have turkey shopping in your future, inspect that bag BEFORE you load it in your car!

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