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We have just completed 2 years of The Must Read Book Club.

I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed being part of a book club again. We made a conscious decision to keep our group small and a requirement is that everyone must read the book each month. We have had a couple that we slogged through and travel schedules made it a bit difficult for some, but for the most part, everyone has held up to it. Our books have run the gamut on subjects and some we have loved, while others, let's just say, not so much. But discussing the same book with everyone's individual filters is wonderful.

This month our book was Becoming by Michelle Obama.

Everyone enjoyed the read, some loving it while other liked it, but everyone did like it. We also had a great discussion. Non-fiction is not my usual choice, so it was a refreshing change. It was well written and covered a more behind the scenes look at life in the White House, but what many of us enjoyed the most was learning about Michelle Obama's early life and her parents dedication to education as the key to success. I think we all now also have a new perspective on the challenges to families who choose politics as a career choice. While I read the book, I have had friends tell me they did a combination approach and read and listened to the book and really liked hearing it from Michelle, herself.

I have a friend who recently shared that she has kept a list of every book she has ever read, starting as a child. I was blown away, and so envious. There is no way I can go back and remember every book in the last 50 plus years, but I have made an attempt for the last 20. While her lists are hand written journals, mine is a computer spreadsheet by author. I am almost up to 700 titles so far, but will add more as I read now.

I have always been a reader, and a few things have changed in recent years. It used to be that once I started a book, I finished it whether I liked it or not. If it is a book club book, that is still the case--I read every word. But, if it is simply for pleasure and I start it and I don't like it, I move on to something else. Life is too short and there are too many good books out there.

Do I read only "high brow literature"? NO! I read to escape and enjoy, not to find hidden meanings or symbolism. I love to connect with a character. I want the book to be well written, and hopefully grammatically correct, but I read because I enjoy the story. Right now I am binge reading the Mitch Rapp books written by Kyle Mills, who picked up the thread after Vince Flynn died. Mysteries are my mainstay when I pick them, but I love to find a good story.

What have you read lately?

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