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Put the people first

Steve Womack, John Boozman, and Tom Cotton were elected by the people.

They took the oath of office. They have a duty to be ethical, do what they are sworn to do, follow the rule of law to the very best of their ability, and protect and defend the U.S. Constitution.

We the People are their managers/boss. They work for us, not for the GOP, Trump, Pence, GOP leadership, or Putin/Russia.

I challenge them to get on the right side of the country.

It’s time for our members of Congress to get some courage, some backbone. It’s time to do the right thing and put the people first, not the party. If they cannot do those things, they need to resign immediately.



He’s not fit for office

If you saw the Mueller Report, you discovered that the president stated under oath at least 27 times that he couldn’t remember anything in answer to a specific question or event. And this is coming from a man who often brags that he has “one of the great memories of all time.”

This leads one to conclude that he is intentionally lying to the investigators to cover up information, or his mind is failing him.

There are constant reports of the failing mental faculties of the president, and when combined with the recent event of the president making an unscheduled trip to Walter Reed for medical testing, it makes one wonder about his physical and mental health.

Either he is lying to cover up bad acts, or his health is failing. Whichever it is, he should not hold the most important position in the world.



We have let it happen

Russia is winning without firing a shot (at least in the United States).

The powers that be are giving credence to Ukraine as the source of 2016 election interference, even though U.S. intelligence indicates otherwise. The stabilizing influence of NATO is being degraded. Congress is dysfunctional. Conspiracy theories are accepted as truth. Americans are at one another’s throats.

Putin couldn’t have written a better script. And we are not countering it.

I hope democracy as we know it can weather the storm. A sad state of affairs. Wake up, America.



Another job for him

Let’s have the Legislature change the job requirements so Mr. Key could take over the failing U of A football team.

After all he’s done for our school district, the Razorback Foundation should welcome his expertise with open arms.


Little Rock

Address root causes

Thanks to Dale Heath for the compassionate, informed op-ed re misguided immigration policies. She suggests that the $61 billion DHS budget should be redirected. Other funds could also be redirected.

An IMF working paper estimated U.S. fossil-fuel subsidies in 2015 at $649 billion. Scientists say fossil- fuel emissions cause climate change, which is exacerbating a drought causing up to 80 percent loss of crops for a million farmers in Central America.

Enforcement protecting the Facusse African Palm plantation (accused of violent land grabs and dozens of murders of campesino land activists) is at least partially funded by the U.S. Central American Security Initiative (CARSI), worth about $1.7 billion since 2008.

Money going into security (it is predicted the national security industry will mushroom into a $546 billion market by 2022), fossil-fuel subsidies, support of extractive industries, and wars should be spent instead on addressing climate change and land restoration. Community Projects show the way, such as the Agua Prieta Sonora project using wire cages filled with rocks and buried, slowing the water and recharging the water table after a 16-year drought.

The U.S. should address root causes rather than militarily abusing the growing number of refugees impacted by the very policies which the U.S. has known would drive migration at least since NAFTA was implemented in 1994. Storming the Wall by Todd Miller describes U.S. policies driving immigration and the profits being made off it.



Voters’ choice taken

So because of an arbitrary time-line rule, there will be no Democratic candidate to run against Sen. Tom Cotton, as the “Democrat” dropped out at this deadline (well-planned).

Apparently a year to the election is not enough time. Since no other party candidate can run, perhaps our legislators can spend some time fixing this very undemocratic problem. Particularly since we’ll be saving some money on this election.

Where did our two-party democracy go? I believe taking this choice away from the voters is called at its worst fascism and at best Big Brother.

And I’m a Republican.


Print Headline: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Put the people first; He’s not fit for office; We have let it happen


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