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Football coach search

Regarding the search for a new football coach, the editor wrote an opinion under the editorial banner which I hope causes him to land on his arse. Houston Nutt might be a good man, but second acts tend to fall on their faces. Your sports editor admitted he had no business doing this; he was vague as usual, but we got the message. He did this about Nutt. It infuriated me at the time.

Petrino, who, by the way, led us to glory, is dismissed. The editor gave no reason, but we all know why, at least partly why, and while stupid, it was no worse for the president of the United States to do the same. He kept his job, which was far more important than that of any coach. He has trouble recruiting due to his perceived prickly personality. Maybe he has learned. He deserves just as much a shot as Nutt. I have much more to say, but I am simply a fan and not a secret booster, so I will close.


Little Rock

Reasonable tax level

Ag lenders, insurers, dirt movers, trucking, timber, concrete, steel, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, equipment vendors and installers--this is a partial list of those industries and individuals who benefit economically while a poultry house is under construction. They all pay taxes.

In addition, there are other enterprises that enjoy economic benefits when the poultry house is up and going. That partial list includes electricity providers, natural gas and propane suppliers, maintenance technicians, field service reps, water treatment personnel, feed and live haul truckers, litter service companies, cattle and hay operations, automobile, farm machinery and equipment dealers, processing plants, feed mills, hatcheries and their delivery systems. Taxes are collected in one form or another from each of these entities and individuals.

The young men and women who collectively have made a multimillion-dollar investment in their communities are not just poultry farmers. They are also small-business owners and job creators. They have chosen to be on call 24/7, have no company paid vacations, health insurance or retirement benefits, yet they help provide job opportunities for those who do. They pay taxes on their homes, land, and personal property just like everyone else. Surely, taxing their job-creating businesses on a fair and equitable basis is not too much to ask.

To those who have paid lip service to the fact that small-business/job creators are the backbone of our economy, it's time to walk the talk!

The authority to approve the proposed doubling of poultry house assessments from $4.50 to $9 per square foot lies solely with the local county tax assessor. Please contact your assessor and insist that a more reasonable assessment level be found.



Did not grasp lesson

In his column titled "A lesson from The Crown," Cal Thomas said, "While impeachment is a constitutional process, democracy is a greater one. The phrase 'We the people' was critical to the founders. It separated America from the notion that the state and its leader, whether kings, queens, or dictators, and testimony from unelected bureaucrats is supreme. It says the people possess ultimate power."

First, I find it a little difficult to grasp that Mr. Thomas honestly believes that a phrase in the preamble had more value to the founders than a process they wrote as a function of a branch of the United States government.

Second, Mr. Thomas needs to be reminded that President Trump lost the popular vote in 2016. President Trump found himself elected to the office by way of the electoral college, which is also a constitutional process.

To summarize for Mr. Thomas, Trump got into the presidency by a U.S. constitutional process, and he will be taken out of office by a U.S. constitutional process written by our founders.



Too many taxes, fees

Thanksgiving is over, and the Little Rock City Board is going to meet on Tuesday to saddle its citizens with another unnecessary increase in recycling fees. Can they just give us a break? Garbage fees are already increasing. Can we get a break? The "Republican" governor has already said that he is dedicated to keeping a half-cent tax next year to fund even more highway construction. Can he give us a break?

Why is the answer always increasing taxes and fees? How about some cuts? Can our elected officials get a clue, or just have some compassion on taxpayers and those of us who have to pay onerous fees? In short, can we get a break?


Little Rock

Coach proven winner

If we want a winning team, we need a proven winning coach. We need to hire Urban Meyer. He has won everywhere he has coached.


Little Rock

Editorial on 11/30/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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