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The theme of this year's National School Lunch Week (Oct. 14-18) is School Lunch: What's on Your Playlist. It's meant to tout the fact that "today's school cafeterias are serving up the menu items that kids want to eat, with increased choice and customization."

I wonder if that means they are finally going to start offering tasty vegan options. That's what kids who care about animals and the environment really want.

Schools in California, New York and Miami are scoring high marks when it come to offering vegan options. California schools in Oakland, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Diego, Novato, Riverside and Capistrano already offer healthy vegan foods, and a bill that aims to bring vegan options to all state public schools passed the California Assembly Education Committee this spring, 5-0.

School children are smart and engaged. They may not be familiar with exact statistics or the fact that the meat and dairy industries use 83 percent of farmland and generate 60 percent of agriculture's greenhouse gas emissions--even though meat and dairy provide just 18 percent of our calories and 37 percent of our protein--but they understand that going vegan is the best way to reduce one's impact on the planet.

That's one reason why New York City is planning to reduce the amount of meat served in schools and other city-run facilities by half. Other forward-thinking school districts have recently been offering vegan options as well.

Hopefully, more schools nationwide will begin serving wholesome vegan meals in order to protect the planet and help ward off obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other conditions that are linked to animal-based foods. It's just as irresponsible for schools to serve mystery meat, chicken nuggets and cheese pizza as it would be for them to feed kids nothing but chips, candy and cookies.

Parents send their kids to school to learn more than reading, writing and arithmetic. They also want schools to help foster healthy habits, integrity, ethics and environmental stewardship. Schools can encourage young people to protect the planet and reduce animal suffering by serving vegan foods rather than meat, eggs and dairy.

In celebration of National School Lunch Week, school cafeterias should serve the delicious vegan options that kids want. Then they'll really have a reason to boast.


Heather Moore is a senior writer for the PETA Foundation.

Editorial on 10/04/2019

Print Headline: How about real school choice?


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