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My friend Chris and I are taking a long weekend trip to visit another friend in DC. We arrived yesterday and had an easy direct flight from LR, visited with friends and settled in. Today we hit the ground running. Our first stop was the Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens.

This was the home of Marjorie Merriweather Post, the heir to General Foods.

It was a beautiful estate with really nice gardens and a fabulous collection of French and Russian art. We first toured the gardens, which was divided into multiple rooms.

We started in the French parterre, then saw the rose garden, the four seasons garden, the Lunar lawn,

the Japanese style garden

and the large cutting gardens. In the Adirondack building was a photography exhibit by Alfred Eistenstaedt.

We toured the home

and the greenhouses with some interesting collections of orchids and tropicals.

I was fascinated with their topiaries

and mum forms.

After lunch, we drove to Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens on the banks of the Anacostia River.

Today the park is under the portion of the National Park Service. There were numerous water gardens filled with a variety of aquatic plants. Most of the water lilies were past their prime, but it was still interesting.

Some of the gigantic water lilies still had blooms and were quite impressive, even without.

It was a beautiful day to walk outside.

We saw quite a few birds but no beavers.

Afterwards we made it back to the house, freshened up and met friends for dinner.

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