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Yesterday was our day of gardens, and today was our day of museums. The weather was decidedly cooler today and it was glorious. (I hear it was pretty nice in LR too.) We started our day at the Women in the Arts Museum.

There were some interesting pieces and a few disturbing ones as well. This one I thought would be great at a recycling center--titled Acid Rain.

It was a beautiful building.

We walked in front of the White House

and Blair House on our way to the Renwick Gallery,

a part of the Smithsonian chain of museums.

There were several outstanding exhibits as well as some very interesting permanent exhibits. Ginny Ruffner: Reforestation of the Imagination used technology as well as art to showcase unique plants from around the world. You used an iPad to hover over the tree stumps and then the plants emerged.

Michael Sherrill had very interesting botanicals in clay, glass and metal.

They were very detailed. There was also an interesting teapot collection

and other clay shapes.

David Best's Temple made totally of balsa wood was extremely unique.

We left there and had a delicious lunch at the Hamilton. We made a quick walk-through of the famous Willard hotel. It was beautiful and as with so much of things in Washington DC, loaded with history.

We walked back across town to the National Museum of Art which houses a fabulous collection of art.

We got to see the Verrocchio exhibit.

I was moving fast trying to see as much as I could.

They also had a fabulous gift shop.

.We walked a lot today. Everywhere you look there are historic buildings and sites.

We were all shattered by the end of our journeys but it was a good day. We have a half day to fill tomorrow before heading to the airport and home.

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