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  1. Darwin's theory of evolution and natural _ (anagram: elections)

  2. Newton's laws of _ (omit no)

  3. Einstein's theory of special _ (trivial yet)

  4. Newton's law of universal _ (tango trivia)

  5. Hubble's law of cosmic _ (insane pox)

  6. Archimedes' _ principle (ya bouncy)

  7. Kepler's laws of planetary _ (tin moo)

  8. The Heisenberg _ principle (ancient yurt)

  9. Hooke's law of _ (italic style)


  1. Selection

  2. Motion

  3. Relativity

  4. Gravitation

  5. Expansion

  6. Buoyancy

  7. Motion

  8. Uncertainty

  9. Elasticity

Food on 10/09/2019

Print Headline: Super Quiz: Universal laws


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