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There has been a lot of grumbling this week that we skipped fall and simply went from summer to winter overnight. I heard one man at church lamenting that he didn't get to use his outdoor patio because first it was too hot and now it is too cold! It is not too cold for me! I love it. We have slept with the windows opened under the down duvet and it is incredible. A bit nippy in the morning, but who is complaining--maybe Clay!

It is time to transition the summer garden to your fall/winter one.

I started planting some things a couple of weeks ago, but now I am beginning to pull the summer annuals. It is time for pansies. I did look at a few plants at one place and they were too leggy for my liking. That means they got them when it was still hot. I will keep searching. Look for the Arkansas Diamond varieties Cool Wave 'Violet Wing' and 'Golden Yellow'.

The Cool Wave series spread a bit more than the normal pansy. Also, add some Bright Lights Swiss Chard. I still have some growing strong from last fall's planting!

My fall vegetable garden is looking great and I am beginning to harvest.

When you do, just take a few leaves off of several plants so you allow the rest to keep growing. I did notice late yesterday that I need to water. I thought I had enough rain, but raised beds do dry out faster than in-ground soil.

This is also a great time to plant parsley and cilantro.

I revamped the herb bed and it is looking good too. I may be making a large batch of pesto this week--the basil looks a little less thrifty after the cool nights, and I still have a lot of it.

As nippy as it has gotten, it is time to move the houseplants back inside.

Houseplants are tropical plants and they really don't like temperatures much below 45-50 degrees. They won't die until it freezes, but if left outside too long, the transition will not be pretty. Clean them up, checking for insects and reduce watering a great deal. Bright light indoors is best. Don't be alarmed if they drop a few leaves, inside conditions have less humidity and a more constant temperatures. Over watering is a death knell, so let them dry out in between. Grouping your plants together does help with humidity.

The weather is ideal for yard work, and I have the time to do it.

I have the chimney man coming to clean out the fireplace and a fire is in my very near future. I love fall!

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