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C.J. Foster, a police detective in Seymour, Ind., said no arrests have been made in the abandonment of an infant, pronounced healthy by doctors, who was found in a bag by a woman out walking her dog near a fence row about 20 yards from a road.

Katherine Kerwin, a Democrat who sits on the Providence, R.I., City Council, said she stands with the vandal who covered a statue of Christopher Columbus with red paint, saying the act of civil disobedience is "creating a really healthy dialogue in Providence."

Carlton Wilson, a school superintendent in Pickens County, Ga., said he got death threats after announcing that transgender students would be allowed to use bathrooms aligning with their gender identity, and the district board subsequently decided to reverse the decision.

Nathan Pogrant, 36, of Eland, Wis., faces child abuse and false imprisonment charges after an 8-year-old boy told authorities that Pogrant and his mother strapped him to a chair in their home's basement for two nights and a day until he was able to escape.

Juan Jackson, a former major at a state prison in Brazoria County, Texas, pleaded guilty to felony tampering for conspiring to plant screwdrivers in an inmate's cell in order to meet a disciplinary quota system that required officers to write up inmates or face consequences themselves.

Gordon Van Hassel, 68, of Douglas, N.D., accused of beating and kicking a 9-year-old after being hit with a snowball as the boy and his friends engaged in a snowball fight, was charged with felony aggravated assault.

Jorge Rodriquez-Gonzalez, 38, of Kansas City, Mo., who showed up for a drug buy with his wife and two young children, was arrested after police confiscated weapons, vehicles and 144 pounds of methamphetamine at his home, prosecutors said.

Nick Lestina of Bagley, Iowa, said he and his family temporarily moved in with a relative after 5 inches of blood, fat and animal tissue flooded his basement when a clogged or broken pipe from a nearby slaughterhouse sent the waste up through a floor drain.

Martin Botzenhardt, a prosecutor in Muenster, Germany, said a 55-year-old man was arrested on a murder count after dropping his 79-year-old mother down a well, where she suffered head injuries and drowned, to stop her from selling off land he hoped to inherit.

A Section on 10/17/2019

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