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While we have had some nippy nights, we are still getting warmer days. I have not come close to a freeze yet, so the summer annuals have still been doing quite well. In spite of their looking good, I needed to get planting all the plants I have been buying. If you haven't been to your local nursery, go! There are so many plants to choose from. I was in NLR this week and stopped in at BJ's

and Plantopia.

I tend to buy a little here, a little there, so you never quite add up how much you are spending.

Saturday, I started pulling summer annuals. The pentas looked fabulous but they had to go. I pulled the vinca and a few sunpatiens as well.

I have left eht giant dragonwing begonia and a few of the sunpatiens at the back.

Here is before and after in the right bed:

and in the left bed:

I planted a several flats of a mix of pansies, violas and panolas. I also planted several varieties of ornamental kale, giant red mustard, and some dianthus. I fertilized all the beds and vegetables and watered. Now I need to start on the pots on the deck. Then I can assess and see how many more plants I need to buy. So many choices!!

The mums I bought last week are still going strong and some are just opening. I have lost a couple of pumpkins/winter squash to rot, but I may get some more. My perennial orange cestrum has not stopped blooming all summer long and is still loaded.

The Encore azaleas have a lot of blooms now,

and I still have flowers on the butterfly bush and abelias. It is a great time to work in the garden. I hope you got outside this weekend too!

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