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I have always loved to play games, and when an opportunity arises to learn a new one, I am in. I wanted to learn Mah Jongg,

so I got the chance to do so last week. Carol plays often and decided to try and teach 4 newbies.

It sounds pretty confusing when you see the various tiles,

the card with all the options,

and you start listening to the instructions, but once you start playing, it really is about paying attention and concentrating. Are we mah jong masters after one session? No, not even close, but it was fun and we will have to practice to get better. We did have great fun learning--actually I think we enjoyed it much more than the teacher did! Perhaps we didn't grasp things quite as quickly as we could have. But Carol was patient, at least on the outside!

I have ordered my own Mah Jongg card and it should be on its way. Did you know they change the card with the options every year? So just when you think you know what you are doing, it starts all over again!

See how much fun retirement is?! So many things to try and do, and so little time!

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