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More important than

Your editorial, "Left lane, hammer down," earlier this month caused me to be puzzled. I made a list of the things that you may have been referencing that "are more important than football" and came up with two of your bone-headed critiques regarding actions taken by the state school board.

First, that "giving the most challenging schools schools to the state for intensive care and handling" was the best idea ignores the total ineptitude the state has shown these past five years. The knowledge to transform "challenging" schools into environments in which all students, their families, and the community excel is neither secret nor hidden. Students who live in high-poverty, predominately minority neighborhoods have always faced significant, often overwhelming, challenges. The solutions involve the entire community and include faith communities, businesses, nonprofits, extended families, and neighbors. I believe city government is in the best position to provide the necessary coordination and leadership. The state should provide the funding mechanisms to ensure success.

Second, your praise for the board's de-certifying the LREA was tainted with unsupported allegations of the union's lack of support for students and being in favor of retaining poor-performing teachers. Again, the methodology to research teacher terminations and grievances is readily available. Before promoting slander, I suggest doing some investigation.

The remainder of your missive was the same old prattle long used to cover up the deep roots of racism and white supremacy. I heartily endorse that any efforts to expose those roots are more important than football.


Little Rock

That is beyond belief

To Trump supporters: Trump told you he would build a wall on our border and Mexico would pay for it. And you believed him.

Trump told you that his inauguration crowd was the biggest in history. And you believed him.

Trump told you that 3 million people voted illegally and they all voted for Hillary. And you believed him.

Trump told you that he didn't know about the payoff to Stormy Daniels. And you believed him.

Trump told you that he didn't know that his son was meeting with Russians to get dirt on Hillary. And you believed him.

And now Trump tells you that it is just a coincidence that his efforts to root out corruption in Ukraine required an investigation of the Bidens. And just a coincidence that the military aid to Ukraine was held up while he was pressuring them to investigate the Bidens.

And you still believe him?



Editorial on 10/28/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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