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Or someone worse?

Assuming our heroes really did kill Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, have we considered that the person taking over from him might be a much better organizer, a much better leader and have even more hatred for the United States?

So even though we "took out" Abu and pat ourselves on the back, awarding medals to our heroes and warriors (not even mentioning "collateral damage" which usually accompanies these killings--people who just happen to be in the way and close to our intended target), we may have worsened our position, letting in a much better leader, and a much better military strategist.

The Islamic State is not going away; we have merely killed Abu (I have to be convinced of that; there is so much fake news about) and perhaps let in a more aggressive and capable leader of our enemy. Why don't we just leave these people alone, bring our military home, and spend all this wasted military money on something constructive and useful here at home?



Christmas shopping

Regarding the letter about retailers and Christmas shopping: Some people, especially working parents with small children, need toy displays so children can decide which toy they want above all others. Their parents (most of them anyway) can put these items on layaway and make a payment weekly. Very few people have the money to pay for things all at once between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I love to see little children excited about new toys. I'm a child of the '40s and '50s, and I remember how we looked forward to getting the Christmas catalogs from Sears & Roebuck and Montgomery Ward. Those came in mid-October. I would look at those catalogs so many times and daydream about what I wanted. Do you know when banks send out Christmas Club account checks? Late October.

If the retailers you shop at put out holiday displays before you're ready, don't go to those stores, or dodge those areas. Myself, I love craft stores like Hobby Lobby that have Christmas all year-'round. Also Easter, Valentine's Day, St. Pat's, etc. I don't care what the calendar says, Christmas and Christmas shopping is every day.



Picking up the trash

This letter is a "Thank you" to the hardworking individuals who, over a few days last week, picked up and bagged trash along Cantrell Road and Arkansas 10 in Little Rock. If it had been safe to do so, I would have stopped and thanked you personally.

This is also an apology to those same hardworking individuals, because it should not have been necessary for you to pick up trash along this (or any) Arkansas roadway. It is shameful that Arkansans, and others who may visit our beautiful state, should feel like the roadways are their garbage can.

Again, thank you for doing your part to Keep Arkansas Beautiful!



Must act on climate

The canaries in our world's coal mine are in serious danger. For almost a quarter of North American bird species, it might be too late to fend off extinction, according to a recent report by the Audubon Society. The practice of using birds as a bellwether for human safety is centuries old, and yet at the most pivotal moment in the fight for the preservation of our planet, we are largely ignoring the stories that they tell.

There is hope, if we listen. The good news is that we still can save the majority of these bird species from extinction--and save ourselves--if we act now. Almost all of these dying breeds are doing so at the hands of extreme weather events, habitat destruction, and other byproducts of climate change.

While humans and our habitats may be somewhat more durable, we are no match for the worst effects of climate disaster. Events like the recent tornado, which tragically claimed a life in Rogers, will become commonplace if we fail to act on climate. For our own sake, we don't need it soon. We need it now.



Accentuate positives

I greatly enjoy the brevity of the "In the News" segments which appear each day on page one of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. However, they generally reflect people and actions of a negative nature--crimes, torture, homicide, etc., inflicted upon others. Such "downers" do not adequately reflect the positive and uplifting actions of people and events that occur just as frequently in our society, both locally and abroad. Every day someone, somewhere, is countering such negativity--helping their neighbors, rescuing helpless people and pets, laughing at adversity, and in general creating a greater good for themselves and others.

I propose that more attention be paid to the latter category in these segments--uplifting, positive vignettes of society. I want to be able to say "Good for you" and "That's great!" rather than leave the column with a negative view of our world.

Thank you for listening.


Little Rock

Editorial on 10/30/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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