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Where will they go?

The closing of the 50-year-old Little Rock Community Mental Health Center and its Pinnacle House day treatment program is most unfortunate. On Oct. 31, 1963, President John F. Kennedy signed a bill meant to treat many mentally ill citizens in their local communities rather than in state hospitals. As a result, Little Rock Community Mental Health Center was funded by a federal grant to serve that purpose.

The center and its day treatment program provided vital services for many of our poorest citizens as they struggled with mental illnesses. I can't help but wonder how many will no longer receive much-needed treatment.

What a sad day in Little Rock!



Supports the military

Every American citizen benefits from those wearing the uniform to ensure we keep the bad actors away from our shores and let us live in peace and security. Our service members deserve our very best as they give their very best, regardless of where or how difficult.

As a senior Air Force leader, I was constantly frustrated by the burdens placed on my airmen by national leaders for political gain. We dealt with fighting wars, multiple deployments, reduction of forces by over 10 percent with no reduction in worldwide commitments, and reduction of the military budget by over 32 percent, again with no reduction in use. We even saw the use of a stipulation in the law to reduce military pay instead of following the law's intent, thereby placing greater burdens on military families. This says nothing about the lack of leadership in our veteran care. We collectively told those in uniform and those that have worn it that they were not important. We are in a much more dangerous world because of bad policies and neglect of the very people that give us our freedom and prosperity.

It is for these reasons that I support Sen. Tom Cotton in his bid for re-election. Senator Cotton endured the same burdens as an officer in the U.S. Army. He too had a front-row seat to the incredible acts of our service members and also witnessed the lack of support and resources needed to accomplish the mission of keeping America safe and free. As a member of the Senate, he has fought to provide those resources. He has fought to do away with the sequester that placed a huge burden on our units. Prior to my retirement as a commander, he consistently reached out to discover ways to reduce burdens.

The U.S. armed forces will forever answer the call of our nation regardless of the resourcing or burden. Senator Cotton understands this. It is for his actions in and out of the uniform that lends me to trust his leadership, and he certainly has my vote!



On beliefs and facts

Re Jeff Jefferies' recent letter about pro-lifers: Our beliefs do not necessarily make it a fact.



He doesn't need help

In a recent tirade from Mr. Richard Sanders regarding all things Democratic, he opines that Democratic policies will result in the "inevitable decline and ruin of America."

He needn't worry--it seems King Donald tRump is doing a pretty good job of accomplishing that all by himself.



Time for truth-telling

So much appreciation to your guest writer Brian Miller for his admonition to "Stop this foolishness" and recognize the 1919 Elaine massacre, heal the division and honor the dead.

I was trained as a historian at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. I came out of the cotton fields of Dumas, and attended the university when a man running for governor of Arkansas held as a central part of his campaign the warning that "those [black] people" are attending our university, and sleeping in the dormitories with our boys and girls. Very capable historians at the University of Arkansas taught me to look for the facts, distill the facts, and get to the essence of the matter.

The fact of the matter is that we are facing a moment in history when the national rhetoric would have us deny the truth of our history, exacerbate racial divisions, and turn away from healing. The last thing some people want is healing and reconciliation. There are those whose hurts require more hurt rather than healing. Some hurts are so deep and long-standing that any move toward healing feels hurtful. Those people would tether us to a past that is over. Like the dead in Elaine, that past will never be resurrected.

We have learned that there can be no reconciliation and consequently no healing until there is some truth-telling. The monument of which Miller writes would provide some truth-telling, and possibly a bridge to get on with healing. Let us follow Miller's lead and get on with building "a monument to the people who died in the massacre."

Thank you to the Democrat-Gazette for providing a forum for Miller's call to truth-telling and healing.



How world sees U.S.

Donald Trump has become the face of America to us and to the whole world. He's depicted by some cartoonists as a wild, gun-packing, bully cowboy. He totes several automatic guns in his holsters, shooting out tweets regularly. It's his version of a new reality show. He has practice on the screen and pleases his followers with lots of action.

It would seem that being a TV personality is becoming a qualification for political success. We've had a movie star. Personality takes precedence over character these days because politics can be so boring. Let's be colorful for a change. The hell with the Constitution and its restraints. To hell with the people and their children; they just want to be amused. Let the rich unite: They know how to run things; look at all the money they've made. That's power!

One shortcoming of Americans is that we think everyone thinks as we do. Money and power conquer. No need to get into the mentality of Europe or the Mideast or certainly not the Far East. Russia has an advantage there because it's both east and west. And Americans are still so young and easy to read. And this present big story breaking around the world leaves us not knowing what the ending will be.

I'm ready for a new chapter. Maybe even a new book.


North Little Rock

Editorial on 09/02/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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