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On gloom and doom

Global warming, noise and light pollution, rainforest destruction, land pollution, ocean and fresh water pollution, space pollution, extermination of Earth's flora and fauna, refuse and sewage disposal problems, water shortages, human overcrowding, mass human migrations, and a recent problem: micro-plastic particles found all over the world, including Antarctica. What is the primary cause of the above? They are all a result of a world with more people than it can accommodate.

It is futile to try to solve any of the above by attacking any secondary cause (i.e., to solve global warming by eliminating carbon-based fuels). To solve any or all of the above issues, the primary reason for them must be addressed. That primary reason for all of them is _!



Wreaking vengeance

"Vengeance is mine." So said "The Chosen One." The one who declared, "I alone can fix it," when referring to curing the government malaise in Washington.

Biblical vengeance, as invoked, means controlling, not submitting to vengeance. T-Rump traffics in revenge when he feels he's been wronged. Retaliate "twice as hard" is his mantra.

Just recently, he retaliated against Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Frederiksen for chiding him over his publicized desire to buy Greenland; former White House staffer Anthony Scaramucci for saying he's acting crazy and needs to resign or be replaced; Fed Chairman Jerome Powell for not lowering interest rates; Jews who express disloyalty to him by supporting Democratic candidates; and Chairman Xi of China for outsmarting him on the tariff war he started with China.

"Vengeance is mine" in Trumpworld is an expression of unmitigated hatred. A lashing out to punish and hurt; a prelude to taking no prisoners in a war of weaponized words and tweets.

In Biblical terms, vengeance is tantamount to evil and, when it's yours, you have the power to overcome it instead of evil overcoming you. Quite a profound difference. One is enlightened. The other is medieval.


Little Rock

Getting old's not easy

As I'm creeping up on the ripe old age of 80, I'm reminded of how many times I've heard the saying, "getting old ain't for sissies!" Truer words were never spoken.

I was waiting to see a doctor recently and ran into an old friend I hadn't seen for a very long time. We had some catching up to do and I told him I had lost some things since we had last visited. Told him I'd lost some vision, some hearing, and some hair. Even lost my gall bladder, my colon, and some coronary arteries. Also some memory. Then I said, "What's your name again?"

I could tell he was ready to change the subject right about the time the nurse called my name. I was there for one of those exams that you have to "prep" for. You know, the day before you can't eat or drink anything so the doc can take pictures of your innards. I like to call him the "Rear Admiral."

See what I mean about getting old?


Little Rock

My faith in humanity

In this time of national and state "leaders" wanting to buy Greenland, wanting to stop hurricanes with nuclear weapons, and preachers proclaiming that if you oppose Trump you are opposing God, beyond my wildest dreams I have had my faith in humanity restored.

On a recent Friday, I went to the Kroger on Markham to purchase a backyard sitting glider at a very good sale price. Like an idiot, I thought I could handle it myself and carry it in the backseat of my car with part of it out the window. The compact box must have been 7 feet long, weighing no telling. I thought I could pull it out to my car and home. A lady Kroger employee who was busy doing something else and a young black gentleman saw me in distress and came to my aid. They lifted the big thing right into a cart for me. (I thought the young black dude was an employee.)

Out at my car, a Mr. Bryant of Little Rock saw that a total stranger needed help and helped me get the box to my car. No, it would not go in. Mr. and Mrs. Bryant, along with their friend Mr. Youngblood, then volunteered their car with a pull-down area to take my box to my house in Twin Lakes. Mr. Youngblood held it in place. Good Lord! When have I seen a group of people so wonderful? I later found out the black dude was a passing customer and not an employee at all.

My faith in the goodness of people has been restored. All they asked was that I pass it on, which I certainly will when the opportunity arises. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


Little Rock

Brummett on a roll

I just put down the editorials of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette this fine clear-as-a-bell Thursday afternoon. I prefer to read the essays, if I can wait, in the late afternoon/evening, because then I can pop the top on a cold one ... or two, if I should deem it necessary.

Dr. John Brummett has especially been on a roll these past few weeks. His writing has consistently been coherent, informative, mindful, politically responsible, and spot-on. (Yeah, I'm one of those progressives.) To the chase ... re "The adults speak, gingerly": That very last paragraph simply says that at some point in time over the past three years we have all agreed with a Trump statement, and we all will continue doing so into the future. But you must remember that as time passes, any of Drumph's latest statements will morph into the complete opposite of that statement. Trump gets all of us on his side over a given amount of time, and we get it you know where relentlessly in this ungodly bizarro world once proudly acclaimed as the United States of America. Like so many people have said to me, so many times ... he's a con-man.

Let the good times roll, Dr. John.


Little Rock

Editorial on 09/03/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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