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  1. This director released The Godfather in 1972.

  2. Who portrayed Han Solo in the original Star Wars film?

  3. President Abraham Lincoln was shot in this theater.

  4. He portrayed a harassed teacher in the film Blackboard Jungle.

  5. James Garner starred as a private investigator in this TV series.

  6. Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme tried to assassinate this man.

  7. He was the "dirty little coward who shot Mister Howard."

  8. Which person with the double initials "C.C." was once married to Richard Gere?

  9. This Mary was named "America's Sweetheart."


  1. Francis Ford Coppola

  2. Harrison Ford

  3. Ford's Theatre

  4. Glenn Ford

  5. The Rockford Files

  6. President Gerald Ford

  7. Robert Ford

  8. Cindy Crawford

  9. Mary Pickford

Style on 09/03/2019

Print Headline: Super Quiz: It's a Ford


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