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Address kids' vaping

Where is Arkansas' leadership involving the growing epidemic of teens using flavored nicotine inhalants? Everyone talks about the growing problem, but no solution. How about a special legislative session to address this issue? Call your legislators and the governor's office.

If you really care about our children's future health, now is the time to act. It appears Michigan already has some pretty good legislation to follow.



Thank you, Big Guy

Big ups to The Man upstairs. All knowing, all powerful. Parting seas, curing diseases, turning water into wine. You gotta admit that's pretty impressive. I was talking to a lady who said that her 90-year-old husband was really sick earlier this year, and then his hand "touched the throne of God" and suddenly he was better. Now, he was still on oxygen because of his heart failure and still needed insulin for his diabetes and medications for all of his other ailments. Why God didn't just cure everything I don't quite understand. Probably something to do with his Medicare co-pay.

I've heard that God can protect people during natural disasters (though I'm a little curious why he allows them to happen in the first place or why we Christians can't just take shelter in a church; probably the gays). Of course, he's very busy, so I cut him some slack when he passes over the billions of people who go hungry and without shelter or adequate clothing to help find and protect Mike Masterson's son's dog, Brawney. I'm sure she must be a very special dog (at least I sure hope so).

And I agree with the most intelligent Bob McAtee who says that Christians can't be pro-choice (that's you, Democrats). How could the almighty allow the birth of an unwanted child? Rape? Incest? Come on! God has a plan. Just because it seems totally bizarre and you don't understand it doesn't mean it's bad. Especially if the Lord said so.

So, please join me in thanking The Big Guy for a job well-done. From creating Fox News to electing our president (and I thought it was the Russians). I look forward to celebrating his birth with an enormous number of gifts under the tree this Christmas.


North Little Rock

Weapons in the store

Re Walmart: Finally, someone takes some action on gun control! At least you listened to your employees.

Not so our elected representatives ... it seems they get bonuses paid by the NRA.


Hot Springs Village

Editorial on 09/06/2019

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