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They're not terrorists

Recently government officials in San Francisco branded the NRA a terrorist organization. The NRA has its problems, but a terrorist organization it is not.

Hypothesis: Movies, TV, video games, rap music, and incivility in the polity are more responsible for gun violence than the NRA. Let's test it.



The 'king' has spoken

When China recently imposed retaliatory tariffs on American exports, President Trump ordered American companies not to do business with China. Ordered, mind you. See, there's the thing. He thinks he's king. China's President Xi can order state-controlled industries to do his bidding. Trump can't even convince the chairman of the Federal Reserve, who he appointed, to needlessly lower interest rates to give the economy a hit of easy money in a reckless attempt to offset the economic burdens created by his own ruinous trade war.

Reasonable adults dismayed at the vulgarity and pettiness of this president believe he has made them financially better off and thus is worthy of their vote. "The Democrats will destroy my IRA," one such misguided voter bemoaned, parroting Trump's own political propaganda. She, like millions of other voters, has drunk the financial Kool-Aid offered by this demagogue.

At a recent rally Trump brayed that if the economy is good you'll want to vote for him, and if it's bad you'll have to vote for him because he's the only one who can fix it. There is the essence of the man. His modus operandi. He creates a problem that didn't exist, then brags that he is the only one who can fix it.

Will your savings produce any income when interest rates plummet to zero? Will your IRAs grow when the auto industry and steel industry and technology hubs are decimated by his ruinous trade policy? Will you be better off when our air and water are befouled, our forests burned, our crops withered in the field? Let us pray for a recession in the Rust Belt, a plague in the farm belt and a pestilence in the Bible Belt if that is what is needed to rid ourselves of this disgraceful man who would be king.


Little Rock

Repeal amendment

I think the solution to all the gun violence is simple: Repeal the Second Amendment. Repeal the right to bear arms. These tragedies are a stain on our democracy assuring all the right to happiness, which must include our right to come and go without the fear of wondering if our families will be blown away by an assault rifle.

Slavery was repealed; why not the Second Amendment? The red on the nation's flag is the blood spilled by madmen with guns. The Second Amendment will never be repealed as long as the NRA owns Congress and presidency. They may be frightened of what the NRA will do--namely, withdraw financial support.

I fear them not and encourage the nation's leaders to trade in their wishbones (I wish this wouldn't happen again) for backbones. This will be a long battle, but we the people can express our disgust at the ballot box. Politicians and diapers must be changed often, for the same reason.


Fort Smith

Is the economy great?

Will someone tell me why, when I hear the economy is so great, I hear the national debt is growing greater this year than last year's? Why is that happening?

Also, all these new jobs--are they full-time with benefits, or are they part-time jobs with no benefits?


Little Rock

Facts are immutable

Recently there were several letters in Voices giving opinions about abortion. Folks are entitled to their own opinions. Facts are immutable and your opinions do not change them.

One said God caused all conceptions. Facts tell us that at various points in the gestation cycle 23 to 45 percent of all conceptions are spontaneously aborted--miscarried. In a very large part of those, the woman never even realizes she was pregnant. Could someone explain why God would cause that? I have never envisioned the God folks say they believe in to be prone to such exercises in futility!

We have elected folks who put their personal viewpoints, opinions, and elements of their personal religions into law for the rest of us to be bound by. We have an attorney general with enough arrogance to reflexively appeal rulings handed down by legal entities with knowledge and expertise far exceeding hers. In most cases it seems obvious her motivation for it is personal views with little to no basis in law.

You cannot repeal the laws of nature or change the biological workings of the human race. The book you claim to believe says God is not the author of confusion. It also says God's ways are higher than man's ways and God's thoughts are higher than man's thoughts. Considering that, why would a believing mortal venture to tell us what God thinks of abortion, and of many other matters God does not give us detailed explanations of in the Bible you say you believe?

You don't believe in abortion? Then don't have one! But do realize that your concept of God is not shared by all, nor do you have any right to force it on others. That Book says God is in charge and does not tell Christ-ians to force their beliefs on anyone.



Editorial on 09/07/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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