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True colors revealed

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's latest ad feminem attack on Planned Parenthood has the subtitle "Planned Parenthood reveals true colors." The true colors revealed are those of the hysterical person who wrote this piece.

The writer states that Planned Parenthood is denying service to poor women by refusing government Title X funding "to make a political point." The point involves restriction of privileged communication between medical provider and patient by a bureaucratic rule, not a law. Is there any evidence a majority of American taxpayers favor such restrictions?

Exam rooms these days are very crowded, with the intrusion of computers, insurance companies, and pharmacy-benefit management companies. The only consistent outcomes produced by these for-profit enterprises are windfalls for shareholders and executives.

Until Trump, McConnell, et al., completely stack the Supreme Court of the U.S., Roe v. Wade stands. Planned Parenthood, a nonprofit company formed by and for women, has simply had to choose the lesser of two evils. The Democrat-Gazette has chosen to side against the majority and to undermine current law, not to mention ignoring human nature.



The notorious RBG

Friday's editorial about Ruth Bader Ginsburg was fresh air for the soul. Thank you.


El Dorado

Whatever could it be?

Sept. 8 marks the 119th commemoration of the deadliest hurricane in America at Galveston, Texas. An estimated 6,000 to 8,000 persons were killed. What could have caused such devastation?

The population of the United States, according to the 1900 census, was 76,212,168. The United Nations estimate on Sept. 4, 2019, is 329,408,984. That's over four times as great. So it couldn't have been population explosion.

The Wright brothers were almost three years away from success at Kitty Hawk, so it couldn't be jet trails.

There were only 4,192 passenger cars built in the United States in 1900, and no buses or trucks. In 2019 there are some 276 million vehicles operating on roads in the United States. So it couldn't have been auto emissions.

And Donald J. Trump wasn't even born.

Must have been the horse-drawn vehicles.



For their own benefit

Los Angeles Times columnist Michael Hiltzik's piece on David Koch and dark money in last Sunday's Arkansas Democrat-Gazette should be required reading for every Arkansan, as well as every American who really cares about our Constitution and the freedom that democracy ensures. These past few years of political frenzy have muddied the water when it comes to Americans' perspective on what is really good for the country. We all seem to have our opinions on what we think is right and wrong, and our descriptions of "the enemy" sound surprisingly similar. But none of that will matter if the wrong people call all the shots; we are reaching a time in our country's history when a small group of very wealthy people will be doing just that.

The best example of the power of money is the NRA. Small fish compared to the Kochs. I believe this organization ceased being about the Second Amendment a long time ago and now is strictly about making money. Big money. The population of the United States is 330 million people. The NRA claims a membership of 5.5 million, but it's speculated that it's less than half that. However, in 2018 it spent $5.076 million in lobbying and $9.551 million in outside spending.

Pretty influential for such a small knot of people. Even though the Democratic-controlled House has passed two packages of gun legislation, both have been blocked by Mitch McConnell before they can reach the Senate floor. You would think after 53 people died in one month from mass shootings, someone would do something. Don't hold your breath. Big money is talking. Look how fast Trump backpedaled on that. In 2018, $3.4 billion was spent on lobbying, the most in eight years.

Sound like this could influence the vote on legislation?

If you read Mr. Hiltzik's article, you'll quickly understand that everything the Kochs and other billionaires do to change the country is strictly for their benefit and at great expense to ordinary people.



Doctors for the aged

Like new Little Rock resident Linda Burton, whose powerful "Scarlet Letter" letter was published recently, I too feel branded with a scarlet A for "Aged." Last year, my 80th, I had to seek a new primary-care physician. For months I was rejected by every clinic and doctor's office I called. Like Linda, I was told, "We do not accept new patients with Medicare." Having excellent supplemental private insurance mattered not. I felt rejected and vulnerable. Without my own primary-care physician for months, if a health problem occurred, my only recourse would have been going to a hospital emergency room.

My husband John and I are privileged, both retired from long professional careers. In this matter, we were not. It was eye-opening. As the population ages here and nationwide, there will be significantly greater demand for medical care. Is the medical profession preparing for this looming crisis?

The good news is that I found UAMS and the Donald W. Reynolds Institute on Aging. With one call, I was accepted without regard to my status per Medicare or private insurance. My husband and I both now get our primary medical care in their Longevity Clinic and are highly pleased.

The Lyon Longevity Clinic is in a handicap-accessible building easily accessed off I-630. The patient is the focus. The schedulers, social workers, nurses, and especially the gerontology doctors listen to our questions and have given us excellent care. There is rarely a wait time. As needed, specialists can be accessed quickly through their referral system. Same-day appointments for urgent matters are available with one phone call.

I urge Mayor Scott and Governor Hutchinson to promote and provide additional funding for the UAMS health-care system which serves our entire state. UAMS provides excellent services, without discrimination, to all people, whatever their means in life, and whatever their age!


Little Rock

Editorial on 09/08/2019

Print Headline: Letters


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