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Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded Aug. 5-Aug. 9:

Woodland Heights AL Real Estate, LLC to WOJV Little Rock, LLC, Tract C-4-R1, Woodland Heights Replat- Riley's/Kellwood; Tract C-3-R, Riley's Replat- Kellwood, $37,750,000.

Danco Construction Co. to Two Cops And A Lot, LLC, 4610-4704 Commercial Drive, North Little Rock, Ls3-4 B2, West Commercial, $1,875,000.

Ann J. Doss and The Doss Living Trust to White River Property Transactions, LLC, Pt NW SW 28 & Pt NE SE 29-1N-12W, $850,000.

Larry Wayne and `Debra Kay Campbell, Debra Kaye Campbell and Debbie Campbell to JLP, LLC, Lot F B2, Delta Lawn; Lots B & A, Marshall Replat- Atkins Home Tracts; L10 B3 & L14 B6, Delta Lawn; Pt Blks 6, & 587, John L. Atkins School (dee Doc For More Legals 25 Tracts), $800,000.

Rick Ferguson to Marlene Murphy and The MBT Trust, L34, Chenal Downs, $790,000.

House Properties, Inc. to Five Aces, LLC, 7810 Industry Drive, North Little Rock, L9, House Industrial, $750,000.

John P. and Janis Brizzolara to Dennis Chadwick and Mary Henry Holsclaw, 5032 E. Crestwood Drive, Little Rock, L29, Prospect Terrace, $675,000.

Jeffery and Carrie Hankins to Jeff B. and Candice Whitlock, L309, Cypress Point West, $615,000.

Kody and Jessica Gaston to Jaison J. and Tina S. Ipe, L27 B121, Chenal Valley, $565,000.

Elcott Co. Limited to Christopher J. Wright and Lisa M. Perk, 1807 N. McKinley St., Little Rock, Ls7-8 B7, Forest Park, $528,250.

Scott M. and Catherine C. Manchester to Gerald Thomas and Heather Ann Ladd and The Ladd Family Trust, 32 Bellegarde Drive, Little Rock, L1 B37, Chenal Valley, $525,000.

Frances G. Lopata and The Frances G. Lopata Living Trust to Darrell R. and Natalie N. Coker, 13000 Rivercrest Drive, Little Rock, L14 B1, Walton Heights, $525,000.

The Clifton Family LLLP to Blue Learning, Lot S B26, Military Heights Renewal, $450,000.

E. Ward Construction, Inc. to Mike D. and Stacey L. Stephens, 95 Clervaux Drive, Little Rock, L6 B77, Chenal Valley, $419,000.

Kent Robert and Kerri Brunen and Kerri Marie Nelson to DWJ, LLC, L19 B11, Woodlands Edge, $392,500.

Marie Poff and James Raney Cain II., to Nathan M. and Jessica Tucker, 211 Corondelet Lane, Maumelle, L1283R, The Quarters Phase 20- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD, $392,000.

Cory G. and Stephanie F. Johnson and The Cory G. Johnson And Stephanie G. Johnson Revocable Living Trust to Joe and Kelli Denton, 2 Racquet Court, Little Rock, L84R, Foxcroft, $391,000.

Peter and Karen Miller to Liza Murray and Joseph Yoder, 6101 Longwood Road, Cammack Village, L287, Cammack Woods, $389,000.

Douglas E. Smith and D. M. Lombardi to James Raney Cain II., 119 Crystal Court, Little Rock, L27 B14, Midland Hills, $385,000.

Jonida Zeqo to Todd and Callie Havens, L241, Cammack Woods, $380,000.

Larry E. and Mickey S. Drennan to David Nagy, 315 Rock St., Apt. 1306, Little Rock, Unit 1306, River Market Tower HPR, $354,000.

William M. and Julie M. Christian to Errica N. and Reginald M. Johnson, 49 Aberdeen Drive, Little Rock, L22 B20, Chenal Valley, $333,000.

Michael and Suzanne Donlon to Bryon Grizzard, 20 Burnttree Court, Little Rock, L41, Burnttree Phase II, $325,000.

Zachary T. and Leslie C. Gray to Sidney L. Leasure, 21 Mockingbird Lane, Little Rock, L530, Kingwood Place, $320,000.

Rebecca Ann Hawley and Warren O'Donnell to Joshua G. and Brandie Hinson, 160 Mountain Valley Drive, Maumelle, L4 B10, Maumelle Valley Estates, $319,900.

Brandon M. and Laura M. Moore to Arthur Lee and Courtney Denise Cottrell, 2956 Marble Cove, Sherwood, L9 B1, Stonehill Phase II, $315,000.

Eric and J-Lynn Brock to Valerie Denise and Thomas Davis Jones III., 3 Bordeaux Court, Little Rock, L777, St. Charles, $312,500.

Jerry and Robin Standridge to RAS Properties, LLC, 2120 Ark. 89 East, Cabot, Pt SE SE 9 & Pt NE NW 16-4N-10W, $310,000.

JSJD Irrevocable Trust to Jeffery Pollitt, L4 B5, Hickory Ridge, $310,000.

Jacalyn I. Hill and Matthew R. Harms to Bob Cash, 49 Wildwood Place Circle, Little Rock, L4 B2, Wildwood Place, $309,900.

Sandra Byrd and The Estate Of Bernard George Hochstetter(dec'd) to Jacob B. and Amber D. Snowden, 3801 Foxcroft Road, Little Rock, L16, Foxboro, $300,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB and Christiana Trust to Angela Hudson, 64 Duclair Court, Little Rock, L32 B3, Chenal Valley, $297,000.

Lorax, LLC to Jose Roman Alvarez, Coral Gables Trust Co., Maricela A. Ramos and The Max Cabrera Trust, Parcel C B62, Original City Of Little Rock Replat, $296,200.

Donna Ray and John Michael Monk Jr., to Amanda and Javier Maldonado, 32 Calumet Road, Little Rock, L128R, The Ranch, $293,500.

James B. Bienvenu and The Jim And Lana Bienvenu Joint Revocable Trust Declaration to Terri Hollingsworth, 11 Piedmont Circle, Little Rock, L38R, Piedmont Replat, $292,000.

Signal Media Of Arkansas, Inc. to Suzanne Jonsson, Unit 18R, Woodridge Townhomes Replat, $280,000.

Laura Watkins Peach to Sean and Katherine Laughlin, 2 Pamela Court, Little Rock, L20, Meeks Manor, $279,950.

Deere Construction, LLC to Stacy L. Joshua Smith, 9540 Oak Forest Lane, Sherwood, L44, Miller's Glen Phase 3, $279,900.

Charles C. and Myra Lynn Hyde to Wesley Owen and Sheryce C. Parker, 10433 Rivercrest Drive, Little Rock, L81 B3, Walton Heights, $270,000.

Joe and Kelli Denton to John Wesley Lacewell, 122 Glen Drive, Little Rock, L628, Kingwood Place, $269,000.

Jesse and Amber Lesko to Butch A. and Jinger T. Stewart, 1233 Commons Drive, Jacksonville, L13, Jamestown, $265,000.

Darrell and Natalie Coker to Brennan Barkley and Sarah Taylor-Barkley, 4209 B St., Little Rock, L9 B3, Pinehurst, $257,000.

Bradley Johnson to Lisa Calvert, L84, Pebble Beach Woods, $255,000.

Kay Anne Harbour to George McIlvaine and Patrecia Powell, 51 Windsor Court, Little Rock, Unit 74, Windsor Court Townhomes HPR Phase III, $254,000.

Friedrich E. Beck and Freddy E. and Sharyon H. Beck, to Jacob and Lindsay Harvey, 9601 Trail Run Road, Sherwood, L7, Bridge Creek Farms, $250,000.

NOARK Partners, LLP to Staton Realty Co., Inc., Pt W/2 NE 26-2N-11W, $250,000.

Teresa L. Carpenter to Adam and Keith Sholes, 40 Longlea Drive, Little Rock, L27, Longlea 1st, $250,000.

Connie K. and James E. Stover Jr., to Joseph Michael Lee, 13300 Cedar Point Drive, Little Rock, Pt S/2 NE SW 5-1N-13W, $249,900.

C. M. Properties Of Arkansas, LLC to Judie L. Rahman, 9 Pontalba Drive, Little Rock, L94, St. Charles, $246,000.

WMCC Properties, LLC to Walter Banks, L22B, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase II, $245,209.

Betts Real Estate Enterprises, Inc. to Jessica M. Lewis and Bryanna Wilson-Spear, L20, Sanford Phase 1 & 2, $245,000.

Stephen and Lauren Tjan to Christopher R. Kaden, 404 Maple St., North Little Rock, L10 B1, City Grove Townhomes, $238,000.

David and Peggy Sage to Tommeisha Fonzie, 310 Country Club Pkwy., Maumelle, L947, The Country Club Of Arkansas Phase XIV-A, $237,000.

Edgar A. Porchia to Iyad Othman and Anssar Qatoum, 11 Congressional Drive, Little Rock, L101, Kenwood Estates Phase 2, $237,000.

Poetential Occupancy Enterprises, LLC to Larry G. West Jr., 200 River Market Ave., Apt. 707, Little Rock, Unit 707, Arkansas Capital Commerce Center HPR, $235,000.

Denise Bassett McBryde and The Estate Of Rebecca Bassett Kron (dec'd) to Kelly Leigh Bassett, 8010 Flintridge Road, Little Rock, Pt SE NW 33-1N-13W, $230,000.

Pamela Renee Randof to Valerie A. McDermott, 2305 Grist Mill Road, Little Rock, L250, Sturbridge Phase IV, $230,000.

Kevin R. and Shonte L. Foster to Sean Adam and Lisa McDaniel, 3 Wabash Cove, Maumelle, L45, Riverland, $224,900.

Ann Wilks-Penrod, James Isaac Penrod and The Ann Wilks-Penrod And James Penrod Revocable Living Trust to Sandra S. Wilson, 51 Mountain Terrace Circle, Maumelle, L16A, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase I, $224,000.

Anna K. Peake and Anna L. and Joseph Loomis to Samantha Johnson, 505 Avery Drive, North Little Rock, L58, Village East, $221,500.

Michael G. and April Mannix to Michael J. and Mary T. Habel, 1 Turtle Creek Court, Sherwood, L19R, Turtle Creek Phase I, $220,800.

Gregory and Elizabeth Jones to Lorissa D. Mason, 14 Spring Drive, Maumelle, L135, Edgewater Phase II, $220,000.

Tammy Wilson Howard and The Estate Of Levanna Wilson (dec'd) to Lisa Clavert, L82R, Pebble Beach Estates Phase I, $220,000.

Bryce Matthew and Ella Suzanne Walxer to Julianne Dissinger, 116 Miramar Drive, Maumelle, L124, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $219,000.

Michelle L. and Gerald V. Hall Jr., to Kared and Katie Eggers, 1604 Kellogg Acres Road, North Little Rock, L5 B7, Kellogg, $217,500.

Alicia A. and Eric J. Wyles to Justin and Catherine Bunting, 2115 Stoney Creek Drive, Little Rock, L24 B11, Cherry Creek, $214,000.

Faines Street Redevelopment Co., LLC to April Gail Gentry-Sutterfield and Spencer Brian Sutterfield, 2322 S. Gaines St., Little Rock, L7BR B3, Clark Replat, $213,000.

Robert B. Whisnant to Jason L. and Casey A. Snelson, 714 Mimi Lane, Little Rock, L247, Walnut Valley 2nd, $212,000.

Jeff and Katlin Ward to Aripin and Kitty W. Siregar, 21 Summerland Court, Little Rock, L407, Ludington Heights, $210,000.

Edward J. and Joni L. Walker to Dustin Patrick Vickers, 7608 Pontiac Drive, North Little Rock, L1 B38, Indian Hills, $209,500.

BCad Properties, LLC to Susan McArthur, 109 Indian Trail, Little Rock, L509, Kingwood Place, $209,000.

Lois Miller to Deborah A. and William M. Hughes Sr., 713 W. Justice Road, Cabot, Pt W/2 SW SE 6-4N-10W, $208,900.

Larry J. and Charlotte W. Watson to Dustin D. Bryson, 167 Jasper Drive, Sherwood, L5 B7, Stonehill Phase I, $196,000.

Thomas Campbell Walton, The Thomas H. Walton Trust and The Mary B. Walton Trust to Nathan Ray Crawford and Miranda Roberts Crawford, 2622 Wentwood Valley Drive, Little Rock, L4 B39, Pleasant Valley, $195,000.

Wesley O. and Sheryce C. Parker to Andy and Sarah Nanneman, L31 B6, Walton Heights, $194,000.

Ashley Partners Construction, LLC to Austin and Kelsie Grundy, 5017 Del Rey Blvd., North Little Rock, L3, Village Of Del Rey Phase I, $189,500.

Johnnie N. and Rickey Evans Sr., to Chaka Hood, 44 Falcon Drive, Sherwood, L102, Cardinal Valley, $189,000.

Beltran Painting, Inc. to Christopher L. Montgomery Jr., 7401 Royal Oaks Drive, Little Rock, L27, Royal Oaks, $189,000.

Parker & Sons, Inc. to Amber and Andrew D. Griffith Jr., 1806 Landershire Lane, Sherwood, L10 B3, Northbrook, $182,500.

Jill Marie Waldrop and Jill Lane to Jonathan Waldrop, 35 Daniel Drive, Sherwood, L25 B10, Country Club Park, $180,000.

Debra B. Wells to Patrick H. and Sandra S. Jones, 3305 N. Ridge Drive, Jacksonville, L36, Western Hills Phase I, $179,900.

James Kyle Vaughan to Derek Michael Hollowoa, Brooke Anne Woodward and Troy Dwaine Hollowoa, 619 Gamble Road, Little Rock, L10 B10, Gibralter Heights, $179,900.

Parker & Sons, Inc. to Vickie L. Byrd, 1800 Landershire Lane, Sherwood, L11 B3, Northbrook, $178,400.

Kurt W. Bender Jr., and The Kurt W. Bender Revocable Trust to Clay Daniel and Molly Marie Parker, L1 B4, Crest View; L1 B107, Park Hill NLR, $176,500.

Dale and Cassandra Briggs to Jacob Heese, 905 Puritan Drive, Jacksonville, L5, Jaxon Terrace Phase 10, $174,900.

Brogan Mitchell O'Toole to Christopher Edward and Najwa Armstrong, 6080 Allwood Drive, North Little Rock, L1 B3, Countrywide, $174,000.

Kristopher and Bailey Feeler to Megan Heaton, 5 Alberta Cove, Maumelle, L112, North Ridge, $173,900.

Hary Thomas and Cynthia Rae Fortson to Brandon D. and Rosaline R. Wilson, 7505 Oak Ridge Road, North Little Rock, L47 B62, Indian Hills, $170,000.

Julianne Martindale and Julianne Dissinger to Angela Strauss, 4811 Lee Ave., Little Rock, L3 B1, Reutlinger, $169,900.

James and Jessica Jotarek to Amanda Nicole Harwell, 1205 Koehler Ave., Sherwood, L21, Sherwood Acres Phase 3, $169,900.

Larry D. and Vickie W. Wheeler to Anthony Shay and Kendra Matthews, 16 Piney Cove Manor, Maumelle, L31, Piney Cove, $168,700.

Abby C. Demirel, Abby C. Healey and Doga Demirel to Justin and Emily Hester, 26 Gardens Oaks Drive, Maumelle, L28, Garden Oaks, $168,000.

Catherine R. and Frank Fellone and Dena R. and Ralph Gunderson to Daniel Rivera and Cheryl Marie Vincent-Rivera, 900 W. A Ave., North Little Rock, L17 B72, Park Hill NLR, $167,000.

Iree Elkins, Ralph VanCleve and The VanCleve Living Trust to Victoria VanCleve, 8727 Jacksonville Cato Road, Sherwood, Pt SW SW 20-3N-11W, $166,500.

Michael J. and Mary Habel to Edith R. and William Michael Morrissey III., 515 Pembroke Drive, Sherwood, L1R B2, Royal Manor Replat, $163,000.

PennyMac Loan Services, LLC to PennyMac Loan Services, LLC, 1 Weatherwood Lane, Maumelle, L1, Weatherwood- Crystal Hill Village, $161,410.

Phung Tran to New Horizon Properties, LLC, 5707 Sorenson St., North Little Rock, L9, Sarenson Cove, $160,000.

Lauren N. Gordon to Lanika R. Williams, 103 Wedgeside Court, Little Rock, L42-R, Wedgewood Creek Phase I, $158,000.

Phillip V. and Lauri J. Moore to Taylor and Faith Garry, 1 Meadow Ridge Loop, Maumelle, L1, Meadow Ridge, $157,500.

Tango Properties TR, LLC to Daniela Allison and Darren Joseph Ballew, 31 Arbor Oaks Drive, Sherwood, L36, Arbor Oaks Phase II, $153,500.

Adam Conley to Shari Dawn Ivie and Randall Christopher Prymek, 38 Hightrail Drive, Maumelle, L117, Edgepark Phase I, $152,000.

Elizabeth K. Davis to Andrew P. Nelson, L474, Kingwood Place, $150,250.

Benny's Holmes, LLC to Amber Michelle Davis, 4520 Rosemont Drive, North Little Rock, L14 B16, Lakewood, $150,000.

Shannon Hembrick to Megan Aaron and Matthew Barnett, 3101 Salinas De Hidalgo, North Little Rock, L8 B1, Villages Of San Luis, $150,000.

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