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I just couldn't stand it any longer. I still have great summer annuals, but I am ready for fall. Especially after getting a taste of cool weather in Canada, I just had to start planting. I made the rounds yesterday and loaded up everywhere I stopped. I bought several mums--with only one really showing any color. If you buy them full blown open, in this heat, they would not last long. I got this new variety with tiny leaves.

It is supposed to be electric yellow, so we will see when it opens. I also bought flowering kale and cabbage, some snapdragons, a croton,

dianthus, ornamental peppers and some dusty miller. Most of these plants can take the heat well. The croton and peppers won't overwinter but will give me good color until a frost. I did not buy any pansies since they don't like this heat. They will go in as I pull summer annuals.

I then bought a lot of edibles, including double duty plants--two kinds of kale, Swiss chard, Giant Red Mustard, and lettuce, broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprout plants. Not to be undone, I also got cilantro and parsley.

I also started buying pumpkins and gourds.

When I got home I began to decorate.

It was awfully humid yesterday afternoon, so I didn't get much actually planted but will do that this week.

Since I was already hot when I came inside, I went in the attic and got down the rest of the Halloween decorations. I will start on those this week. I do love to decorate for the holidays and Halloween is so fun.

Have you seen the forecast?! Low 90's until Friday and very little chance of rain. I am still watering like crazy. I get sad looking at yards across the city and how many are brown and barren. We are going to end September with 23 days at or above 90° compared to only 13 times the entire year last year above 90°. Awful! Depending on where you live in the state, we are also seeing some drought conditions.

Not good for plants heading into winter, so water! And if you need something to add pizzazz to your garden, there are lots of options!

It may not feel like fall, but my garden looks like fall. Now, I hope it lasts!

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