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Benton County marriage licenses

by -- Special to NWA Democrat-Gazette | April 3, 2020 at 1:00 a.m.

Feb. 27

Justin Michael Elwood, 43, and Teresa Lea Redman, 53, both of Bentonville

Teddy Fred House, 52, and Melissa Ann White, 50, both of Bentonville

John Evans Miles Jr., 50, and Ebony Denise Dietze, 50, both of Rogers

Joshua Michael Richardson, 25, and Lorren Ashley Fickle, 27, both of Rogers

Dennis Gene Siers, 51, and Evelyn McBride Ross, 46, both of Centerton

Feb. 28

Zachary Austin Bell, 23, and Lecole Sara Agricola, 27, both of Bella Vista

Alvin Dale Boyer, 34, and Braelynn Macy Collins Branson, 22, both of Rogers

Quincy Tyler Dye, 43, and Misty Lee Mann, 43, both of Bella Vista

Daniel Farrell Epley, 47, Rogers, and Maria Guadalupe Morfin, 47, Lowell

Curtis Todd Farha, 51, and Cherri Layne Lawlis, 48, both of Oxford, Kan.

Joseph Jesse Garibay, 35, and Jessica Lucille Wood, 31, both of Las Vegas

Tommy Dale Graves, 73, and Vicky Lynn Breed, 70, both of Decatur

Trevor Eugene Hammons, 34, and Cassandra Elizabeth Ritchie, 28, both of Gentry

Paul Michael Haskell, 54, and Amy Lyn Saferite, 49, both of Bentonville

Christopher Michael Howard, 42, and Kristen Renee Whitehead, 36, both of Rogers

Benjamin Lynn Jarman, 42, and Brandy Rae Moreland, 39, both of Pea Ridge

Romeo Dante Mallory, 39, and Trina Marie Hall, 27, both of Tahlequah, Okla.

David Beattie Pennington, 40, Tulsa, Okla., and Claudia Nicole Imel, 35, Jenks, Okla.

James Warren Sheppard, 47, and Summer Melinda Stevens, 42, both of Lee's Summit, Mo.

Manuel Alberto Solorzano Garcia, 19, and Heidee Magdalena Chavez Gutierrez, 25, both of Siloam Springs

Melvin Sidney Stout, 39, Fayetteville, and Tiffany Neff Acuff, 35, Springdale

Ciro Vela III, 49, and Danielle Lea Hughes, 46, both of Mansfield, Texas

Brendan Michael Willard, 20, and Jessica Lynn Cochran, 19, both of Bentonville

March 2

Ryan Edwin Berning, 36, and Jessica Jean Johnson, 34, both of Rogers

Oscar Hernandez Cruz, 24, and Maria Cristina Aguilar, 24, both of Fort Smith

Christopher William Huebner, 28, and Ashley Nicole Howard, 23, both of Springdale

Enden Kachuo, 26, and Andrea Sareen Samson, 26, both of Anderson, Mo.

Garrett Matthew Moore, 24, and Logan Elizabeth Turner, 24, both of Fayetteville

March 3

Brendan Tyler Buck, 18, and Shelbi Grace Lambeth, 18, both of Kansas, Okla.

Steven Mark Cox, 37, and Rachel Michelle Stephenson, 36, both of Rogers

Garett Clay Fisher, 21, and Sumer CheyAnn Kaba, 18, both of Gentry

Delbert Levon Ray Green, 48, and Stacey Alene Babb, 57, both of Bella Vista

Raylinda Cathleen Shelby, 50, and Pamela Waynette Green, 48, both of Rogers

Dennis Allen Toft, 32, and Keana Dawn King, 27, both of Siloam Springs

Hai Viet Truong, 25, and Quy Trieu Luu, 31, both of Rogers

March 4

Eduardo David Esparza Ramos, 29, and Maria Guadalupe Velasquez, 39, both of Fort Smith

David Weldon Greer, 37, and Andrea Dawn Korbelik, 34, both of Rogers

Jared Dylan Hunter, 21, Fort Smith, and Brianna Nicole Cazer, 23, Siloam Springs

David Jimenez, 22, Bella Vista, and Michaela Renee Yeates, 22, Bentonville

Robert Jairece King, 31, and BreAnna Jhenea Brooks, 28, both of Bella Vista

Jorge Luis Sanchez Nava, 25, Bentonville, and Leticia Hurtado, 22, Rogers

March 5

Jeffrey William Arnold, 51, and Veronica Jean Ballard, 55, both of Bentonville

Joshua Eric Barnes, 29, and Ashley Nichole Wilson, 25, both of Rogers

Sostenes Caro, 31, and Glena Marie Elmore, 31, both of Siloam Springs

John Graham Gibbs III, 52, Springdale, and Lisa Lynn Kelley, 45, Bentonville

Richard Greenwood Jr., 69, and Sandra Dale Greenwood, 66, both of Bentonville

Christopher Shon Haley, 35, and Kayla Dawn Smithson, 36, both of Springdale

Tyler Jackson Helmick, 28, and Laura Evan Washburn, 27, both of Springdale

David Morales, 28, and Selene Rubi Bravo-Ferrer, 21, both of Rogers

Austin Mark Nightingale, 22, and Keesha Adelle Koehn, 18, both of Fredonia, Kan.

March 6

Paul Brandon Butcher, 34, Bentonville, and Nang Khine Mar Myint, 25, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Matthew Charles Day, 33, and Molly Jean Carpenter, 32, both of Bentonville

Travis Lain Garrison, 43, and Angela Diane Bean, 42, both of Jay, Okla.

Wesley Adam Lee, 48, Decatur, and Katrina Ann Bourdo, 40, Riverview, Mich.

Seth Wayne McLaughlin, 21, and Madison Nicole Dunn, 20, both of Claremore, Okla.

Jonathan Omar Melendez Zepeda, 26, and Helene Stefany Renderos Herrera, 21, both of Rogers

Berrien Moore III, 78, Norman, Okla., and Lucia Elizabeth Mendicino, 71, Richmond, Va.

David Lawrence Murphy, 24, and Ryann Cooper Collins, 23, both of Rogers

Benjamin Allen Muthig, 30, and Becky Lou Brown, 31, both of Rogers

Jacob Lee Parker, 28, Morris, Okla., and Amee Louise Todd, 29, Gentry

Trey Aaron Richardson, 45, and Ashley Marie Skinner, 34, both of Rogers

Robert Tyler Shiflett Mott, 26, and Danielle Laurene Gillean, 23, both of Rogers

Kaleb Josiah Walker, 27, and Shannon Amy Sullivan, 25, both of Rogers

Andrew Melville Windenburg, 60, and Ellen Marie Windenburg, 60, both of Lowell

Brian Allen Wright, 48, and Kontessa Renee Winn, 49, both of Pea Ridge

March 9

Tyler Joseph Cameron, 31, and Skylin Earon Duncan, 19, both of Fayetteville

Dwayne Todd Clayburn, 35, and Amber Evonne Wright, 32, both of Rogers

Charles Braton Coffelt, 24, and Bailey Marie Schmitt, 22, both of Gravette

Donald Lawrence Cook III, 45, Bentonville, and Priscila Ines Costa Santos, 33, Cave Springs

Travis Carl Crouch, 36, and Heather Ann Keeling, 34, both of Bentonville

Jaime Elizalde Jr., 18, and Victoria Vanesa Salinas, 20, both of Fayetteville

Christopher Anthony Gilio Jr., 28, Lowell, and Lindsay Parks, 28, Cave Springs

Harold Allen Walsh Jr., 43, and Anna Elizabeth Erwin, 28, both of Rogers

March 10

Stephanie Michelle Chase, 19, Garfield, and Julianna Kristen Mimms, 19, Amarillo, Texas

Eric Jerome King, 30, and Mayerling Desiree Azacon, 32, both of Bentonville

Johnny Loran Larkin, 58, and Susan Dianne Gaines, 58, both of Siloam Springs

Keith Christopher Laster, 26, Leavenworth, Kan., and Xee Nyia Lor, 26, Bentonville

March 11

Chari Sweet Agnew, 31, and Brittany Shavon Ginger, 29, both of Bethel Heights

Jordan Taylor Balmer, 30, and Miranda Hunter McCrary, 24, both of Westville, Okla.

Luke Harrison Heiligenthal, 21, and Amara-Chi Miller, 21, both of Fayetteville

Ryel Jokane, 32, and Jiako Jeur, 37, both of Rogers

Brannan William Poole, 27, and Kacie LaRae Felton, 30, both of Siloam Springs

Noe Quintanilla II, 20, and Chloe Romero, 20, both of Rogers

Shashank Prakash Ramgude, 30, and Tejas Hiraman Washindkar, 30, both of Rogers

March 12

Jack Arthur Barker, 58, and Carla Jean Mayes, 65, both of Rogers

Jason Alan Brower, 35, and Ashley Marie Blake, 27, both of Centerton

James Dallas Chitty, 47, and Amy Elizabeth Hix, 47, both of Bella Vista

John Griffin Dowdy, 29, and Elizabeth Ann Crumpacker, 28, both of Rogers

Frank James King, 56, Jay, Okla., and Vicki Lynne Osburn, 56, Langley, Okla.

Willie Boyd Odom, 37, Green Forest, and Jennifer Marie Dewrell, 42, Shell Knob, Mo.

Ricky Dale Robinson, 29, and Rebecca Ray Boyd, 34, both of Rogers

Gary Dean Seaton, 45, and Amy Louise Winkler, 42, both of Siloam Springs

Tylor James Shambles, 22, and Shelby Dawn Ellison, 21, both of Bentonville

Michael Clint Woolard, 36, and Gertie Ann Carter, 39, both of Sulphur Springs

March 13

Joel Borrego, 20, and Erica Esparza, 20, both of Rogers

Jordan William Buchanan-Klepp, 35, and Michelle Hope Lord, 33, both of Sanford, Fla.

Quenton Chase Clay, 24, Rogers, and Kylan Nicole Hensley, 24, Cave Springs

Cody Duane Culwell, 22, and Alycia Rochell Keaton, 21, both of Siloam Springs

Clark Anthony Chavarria Fittin, 18, and Kaytlynn Dawn Henry, 18, both of Bella Vista

Denton Taylor Harton, 31, and Autumn Melynn Davis, 30, both of Centerton

Benjamin Wayne Martin, 22, and Haleigh Marie Melhorn, 20, both of Rogers

James Robert Parsons, 28, and Kelly Jeanne Irwin, 28, both of Bella Vista

Pleh Reh, 27, and Ree Meh, 23, both of Springdale

Jason Aron Robles, 37, Centerton, and Jennifer Nichole Sparks, 35, Bentonville

Jordan William Smith, 30, and Julie Rae Cross, 29, both of Rogers

Jorge Soto-La Marina Jr., 29, and Silja Blain Wright, 26, both of Sulphur Springs

Brent Harrison Stepanek, 31, and Lauren Lynne Fitzpatrick, 25, both of Lee's Summit, Mo.

Billy Ray Thomas, 30, and Randina Beaja, 26, both of Rogers

Blakely James Thomas, 37, and Stephanie Loray Hilley, 37, both of Rogers

Joshua Eugene Todd, 44, and Melisa Gail McKay, 46, both of Siloam Springs

George William Turner III, 30, and Rylee Jo Grover, 31, both of Bentonville

Justin Donald Young, 22, and Melissa Lauren Beebee Fornof, 20, both of Siloam Springs

March 16

Nathanial Lee Beck, 33, Gravette, and Lauren Elizabeth Anne Cargill, 20, Gentry

Randall Lee Broadrick, 36, and Kimberly Serena Rutlegde, 35, both of Rogers

Justin David Brown, 20, Bentonville, and Gabrielle Leigh Erb, 22, Coal Township, Pa.

Tyler Jacob Coy, 27, and Heather Lynn Robinson, 31, both of Bentonville

Rodney Alan Darling, 63, and Andrella Darling, 64, both of Lowell

Robert Brady Deaton, 50, Tulsa, Okla., and Amy Elizabeth Fetzer, 51, Springfield, Mo.

Caleb Reed Ellis, 20, Summers, and Meghan Grace Kennedy, 20, Siloam Springs

Roger Lee Branden Huff, 22, and Lakeisha Danielle Phipps, 26, both of Fayetteville

Kyle Russell Kidd, 22, and Summer Starr Smith, 22, both of Pryor, Okla.

Jimmy Ray Killian, 57, and Norma Hope Riley, 56, both of Bella Vista

Dyllan Ray Poteet, 27, and Abby Elizabeth Bolen, 26, both of Siloam Springs

Patrick Carl Steven Randall, 26, and Cassandra Dawn Jamison, 30, both of Lowell

Israel Rojas, 30, and Ashley Nicole Pool, 33, both of Lowell

Ronald Adair Shanks, 74, and Linda Sue Fitzgerald, 74, both of Tulsa, Okla.

Garrick Don Spoon, 26, Centerton, and Elyssa Christan Henry, 23, Bentonville

Francois Vang, 33, and Nasia Lor, 30, both of Bentonville

March 17

Brent Wayne Hull, 25, and Anne-Ashley Black, 27, both of Fayetteville

Kyle Wesley Laughlin, 37, and Ashley Kay Broadhurst, 38, both of Tulsa, Okla.

Kelly Patrick Lester, 31, and Tausha Niccole Laakman, 27, both of Rogers

Devon Craig Rowell, 32, and Gabrielle Teresa McNamara, 26, both of Centerton

March 18

Abbi Lipsmeyer Armstrong, 35, and Aaron Ray Netzel, 33, both of Siloam Springs

Bobby Joe Bounds, 56, and Connie Balinda Pickett, 55, both of Rogers

Kyle Leon Gillespie, 33, and Bobi Jo Teehee, 37, both of Independence, Kan.

Jonathan Forrest Hogate, 22, Bentonville, and Shelby Joy Farmer, 21, Russellville

Jerry Wayne Welch, 73, Rogers, and Eva Wynette Cooper, 69, Canton, Miss.

Robert Lucas Wilkerson, 77, and Katherine Irene Jones, 60, both of Rogers

March 19

Jacob Neal Wilmott, 31, Siloam Springs, and Lindsay Nicole Chaney, 33, Rogers

March 20

Brent Layne Cook, 46, Rogers, and Sonya Marie Mason, 44, Bella Vista

John Henry Cookus, 60, Tulsa, Okla., and Cynthia Ann Ash, 60, Owasso, Okla.

Derek Wayne Harry, 38, and Rachel Denise Dale, 33, both of Salina, Okla.

Shane Tanner Patrick, 48, and Bethany Jane Johnson, 39, both of Springdale

Ricardo Reyes, 45, and Laura Elvira Luna, 42, both of Rogers

Viola Beatrice Sprouse, 73, and Michael Clifton Sprouse, 68, both of Edmond, Okla.

Donald Frank Turney, 78, and Carolyn Sue Turney, 67, both of Gentry

Christopher Michael Warning, 34, and Shannon Kay Hacker-Morris, 50, both of Springdale

Matthew Donald Weaver, 34, and Megan Marie Glotzbach, 35, both of Council Grove, Kan.

Danny Roy Williams, 64, and Carla Anne Williams, 57, both of Sand Springs, Okla.

March 25

Rodney Dale Campbell, 40, and Jeralyn Maria Tubbs, 39, both of Rogers

Fernando Diaz, 57, and Elsy N. Marroquin, 43, both of Rogers

Curt Matthew Ellis, 46, Bixby, Okla., and Brandi Jaylene Sunderland, 43, Jenks, Okla.

Josue Armando Gabriel, 34, Rogers, and Jenny Rebecca Ballard, 44, Centerton

Christopher Wayne Johnson, 42, and Sabrina Joyce Watkins, 40, both of Bella Vista

John Paul Juarez-Garcia, 24, and Carmen Margarita Perez, 22, both of Pittsburg, Kan.

Manuel Antonio Majico-Aguirre, 21, Springdale, and Yelidza Guadalupe Echeverria-Garay, 21, Rogers

Jacob Alan McClure, 25, Lowell, and Abigail Rose Biancardi, 23, Centerton

Charles Ray Prochaska, 39, and Amber Nicole Bernard, 38, both of Centerton

Donald William Rawlins, 61, and Paula Garcia, 44, both of Rogers

Jonathan Douglas Terrell, 43, and Jessica Lea Hulse, 38, both of Stilwell, Okla.

Yan Gabriel Venter, 71, Rogers, and Hanlie Venter, 61, Parys, South Africa

March 27

Jonathan Lee Abbott, 37, and Lauren Leigh Bolinger, 33, both of Siloam Springs

Gunter Lee Bostwick, 23, and Erin Summer Jackson, 22, both of Oklahoma City

March 30

Brian Scott David Blair, 26, and Samantha Lorene Hosier, 18, both of Gentry

Robert Wade Young, 31, and Halina Mariah Magat, 24, both of Bentonville

April 1

Nathan Lee Allen, 36, Bentonville, and Briana Michelle Suitt, 31, Rogers

Andrew Lewis Billingsley, 44, and Betty Lavena Rossicoe, 32, both of Gravette

William Harley Burton, 27, and Nicole Antoinette Sanchez, 29, both of Siloam Springs

Michael Joseph Cattaneo, 49, and Elizabeth Angela Bloye, 49, both of Rogers

Kyle David Cooper, 23, and Rachel Victoria Murphy, 22, both of Bella Vista

James Wesley Cope IV, 35, and Ashley Marie Philipps, 34, both of Bentonville

Tommy Corey Deatherage, 41, Decatur, and Melissa Dawn Francis Roof, 36, Cecil

Cody Ray Eagle, 22, and Addie Marie Outlaw, 21, both of Bella Vista

Brandon Scott Hale, 27, Westville, Okla., and Emily Anne Poole, 24, Colcord, Okla.

Caleb Michael Hampton, 22, and Courtnie Leane Frederick, 21, both of Bentonville

Ty William Huntley, 23, and Breanna Nicole Yeager, 20, both of Pea Ridge

Dre Bradley Johnson, 27, and Mariah Marie Sunderman, 25, both of Rogers

Justin Alexander Jones, 25, Bentonville, and Kayla Nicole Jones, 25, Fayetteville

Stephen James McDonald, 28, Rogers, and Madison Elizabeth Lisle, 25, Springdale

Nicholas Ryan Murphy, 30, and Alora Lacen Gabrielle Davis, 23, both of Pineville, Mo.

Brent Allen Newell, 35, and Kristen Marie Whatley, 28, both of Bella Vista

Jason Daniel Reznicek, 25, Rogers, and Elizabeth Katherine Perry, 22, Bentonville

Ernesto Ruano-Mamud, 32, Bella Vista, and Samantha Maldonado-Pardo, 31, Mexico City

Manuel Antonio Salinas-Sanchez, 23, Springdale, and Savannah Lauren Karleskint, 24, Bentonville

Levi Stone Shockley, 21, and Rebeka Toth, 21, both of Bella Vista

Christopher Daniel Smith, 40, and Shiela Jane Aplicano Dagonton, 26, both of Bella Vista

Rohanreddy Thummala, 29, Fremont, Calif., and Sneha Nallapu, 27, Bentonville

Aaron Eugene Treptow, 36, Rogers, and Kristin Anne Switzer, 39, Bentonville

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